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  1. Thank you so much for this post. I've been looking for a guide to hand hold me into the new training system. I've decided i'm going to start with using the pre-set training and tactical schedules and then tweak here and there. I've noticed the ass man is selecting match tactics as the default match prep every week even though my tactic is 100% fluid (excluding the Position/Role/Duty bar). Does the ass man every change to defensive positioning/attacking movement etc. ? If not, I take it that once the tactic is fluid there is no reason not to intervene and select a more suitable preparation option?
  2. Good to see someone else using Knap's tactics on the full game. What match prep and scheduling notch do you set?
  3. I guess it's sensible to start with the 4213 and move onto the 22213 if i see the potential for more goals. Is the MU test with the ALLCUPSNOLOSS or the 18.3 p101 version?
  4. Ahh i really thought this one would be high scoring due to the 3 players in the attacking strata. Either way still a good option to have - cheers knap!
  5. Oh I would love this or a 442 diamond. They used to work so well back during fm08/09/10. Also knap where do you rank your 2323?
  6. Hey knap! You give a lot of suggestions based on what you feel is the best or based on what others have come back with. I'd love to hear how you personally play the game, whether that be FMT or full fat? Do you have a typical home and away set, or do you just use one tactic and make tweaks as you go? Perhaps you just purely plug and play and never change a thing?
  7. Good question, which version are people finding better?
  8. Knap, did you use this 433 both home and away? Also, what did you do when you were playing on neutral ground in cup games?
  9. Knap, what do you do for team talks? I've been thinking i might start doing them myself lately as im sure it'll bring better results and a little more fun being slightly more involved
  10. Knap, what's your best tactic with wingers and strikers? (preferably in the attacking strata rather than shadow strikers)
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