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  1. I was 2-0 up in the 75th minute, I went into tactics because I noticed that a change I had made to who should be taking set pieces was not being followed, I was also about to make a couple of substitutes. I'm taking a look at the set pieces menu and the change I made had been saved but for some reason not being followed when I tried to go into overview to make some substitutes, it lagged for a couple of seconds and then it went into overview and the game was over, they had pulled two back. Both goals coming in quick succession around the 90th minute. There was nothing at all I could do to stop this! Does this happen to anyone else? Is there anything I can do or is it just a glitch in the game?
  2. Tactics need a massive overhaul, I want a lot more freedom then we have now I want not only to be able to tell players to run forwards during an attack, but in what direction and what position to be in defence. Also I want to be able to experiment with a pivoting triangle three man midfield that porto used last year and arsenal are using this year. Players take ages to learn new preferred moves and most of the time they fail. I've got a player with 19 passing 19 creativity and 17 anticipation that I want to use as a playmaker but he plays short simple passes so Ive got to first stop him doing that and then tell him to try killer balls takes ages and I want my players to play how want to play ASAP.
  3. I don't think you should be able to see PA as it is now. Maybe not CA either maybe just the scout's reports and the players statistics such as percentage of passes completed, shots on target, etc...
  4. I understood what you meant by footballing intelligence that's why I made a distinction between it and technique. What I meant was that what you originally stated implied that you felt that if Modric were to play his first game of football at the age of 24 he would have the same anticipation, positioning attributes etc. as he does now "football intelligence can't be trained it's either there or it's not" to quote you loosely as I can't be bothered to retrieve the exact quote. It's not skyrim as you have no control of which of your players abilities improve your players performance is assessed by the video game and his attributes calculated.
  5. Why don't clubs then not bother with any other types of training other then physical. So if Luka Modric hadn't kicked a ball until the age of 24 and then plays a game of football would he have the football intelligence he has now and no technical and possibly no physical ability I doubt it.
  6. I agree with what you have to say about PA. I'd just like to clarify by the sound of your post I think I've made something too ambiguous, the players attributes should not be judged to go up or down as a whole based on form, I propose a system where irrelevant of the players current form the players attributes are based on how he's played in say the last 20 games so all the statistics are recorded such as passes made, passes attempted shots on target all of these statistics compiled to form the players CA.
  7. By they'll perform the same I assume you mean if they recover their form? I like your proposed system I think it would be more realistic then the current system and would have some advantages over the one I propose. I still think it fails to account for players who improve significantly quite a way in to their career such as Drogba. If he were to have the PA required to achieve his level of ability he would have never spent so long in the french second division. If a player of potential ability equivalent to that of Drogba were scouted in FM they would be snapped up at a young age.I agree with you on Torres I think he is having a confidence crisis but he doesn't play how he use to either he's not as far forward as he use to be whether that's up to the manager or his own doing I don't know. But I'm sure that if you were to put your mind to it you could think of players who have had their abilities decrease over time Patrick Kluivert perhaps? If you are of the opinion that form is temporary, class is permanent is it not logically inconsistent to negatively alter player attributes for each game if Torres were to continue to play like this would you not alter his attributes in next years game to reflect how he plays?
  8. It shouldn't be measure over the space of two games read the previous posts and you will see that I have said this. "Form is temporary; Class is permanent." Yes it's been said many a time but this just a very general platitude, players abilities change over time if you go by this saying hen every players attributes should be reflective of when this player was playing at almost their best so you would have the attributes of the 2005 Gerrard in the present game and have him with worse form?
  9. Any chance of something like this or what I'm proposing to be implemented it could be optional so as to appease anyone who didn't approve. This could also work but I think that my system would allow for the increase in ability seen in players from lower leagues such as Drogba or Lescott.
  10. To your first point I've cited numerous examples as to how the current system doesn't model real life well the previous poster also provides a good example of lower league players playing amazingly but attracting no interest from bigger clubs because his attributes don't justify it. This does not occur in real life lower league players playing well are snapped up look at phil jagielka when he was at sheffield united or joleon lescott again at wolves. I think that training should be a part of the dynamic CA system.To your second point it might not quickly adjust current attributes could be decided based on his performances in the last 30 games. I think that someone from the lower leagues becoming great should be possible I remember there were players at Hull who had been with the side since they were in League 2 who were playing in the premiership a couple of seasons ago it should be possible but hard to do. These factors you mention have possibly contributed to degeneration of his current attributes. If torres continues along the same vein he will be reflected as so in the next FM game in his current attributes, but you want his current attributes in this game to stay constant? Why do you have no problems with this inconsistency? Either a dynamic CA system should be employed or once a player has hit his top form his stats should be the same in the every following game with the exception of their failing physical attributes due to age. Because as you say these players attributes haven't changed. First point, This should be possible but difficult to implement players should play in a match as a combination of their attributes and morale etc... if he's lousy he should play lousy unless you the manager can motivate him into putting in big performances consistently his attributes should not change.Second point my system would reflect that if you can get Torres to play well consistently again his stats will increase to reflect how he's playing. This
  11. How so? I would argue that a player's ability is evaluated on his current form?
  12. I think that the game would be more realistic if SI were to do away with PA and instead have every player were to have infinite PA, CA should be much more dynamic and reflect the players current form. For instance in the current system if in my game save a player such as Lionel Messi were to start playing badly then I think his attributes should alter accordingly, if his passes become more erratic then his passing attribute should change from a 19 to 16 for example. To give another example if I were to motivate a championship player to work his socks off and get good then his stats should reflect his form for instance if you had started a game save on a previous football manager while Joleon Lescott was with Wolves in the championship there would have been no chance for him to become the top defender he is today. However with my proposed system of dynamic player attributes if Lescott were to start playing well in the Wolves game save then his attributes would improve and his form can be maintained he may develop much further then he would have in the current system. Every new iteration in football manager has differences in player attributes based on form why do we still have an outdated system where player attributes are so rigid in each game if I can get Lescott to play amazingly why don't his attributes change to reflect how hes playing? and if Lionel Messi plays badly for two seasons in a row why are his attributes still so godly? DISCUSSING THIS HERE: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/293900-Dynamic-player-attributes-based-on-form.
  13. I think the concept of potential ability in real life is fallacious scouts can't tell how a good player might be all they can tell is how good he is now, look for instance at the cases of Neymar and Drogba, Drogba was pants when he was younger he played in the french second division for a while however he got amazing at Marseille and was a beast at Chelsea clearly he had amazing potential ability and lousy current ability in FM terminology in his younger days. If scouts were as good at predicting PA why didn't a big club make a move for him while he was young and loan him out for ages until he got good? All scouts can see is how good a player is now look at Neymar the kid is amazing and so it's assumed that the player will have ridiculous PA. Isn't it the more physically able youngsters who get given the shots first? Maybe you're right maybe infinite PA is a bad idea but as said in the previous post a more dynamic CA system would be better. And scouts should not be able to report on PA. As for the 2nd criticism if a manager can maintain Heskey's form as you suggested I see no problem with this. It should be as it is now difficult to maintain a player's good form. Making exponential improvement rare.
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