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  1. Hey is this game still happening if so Team: Birmingham Name: Arjun Jain Manager: Martin Keown Players wanted: Erick Torres, Fabio (not sure if realistic here with Man Utd and all), Pogba, Maceacharan, Joe Lewis
  2. so can i go and get myself villa
  3. haha sounds good. any word on when the season is likely to finish. im assuming i will be one of the teams already in the league but with inactive players.
  4. hey guys is there any room to join the game now. Thanks.
  5. Chairman manager 2011

    are we having 3 rounds of drafts again this time
  6. Chairman manager 2011

    i was wondering if we could get a list of players still available for the draft. i was also wondering if we could maybe get screenshots of our squads as well.
  7. Chairman manager 2011

    holy **** toon what are you paying dawei luo. i really thought 150k was enough to get him.
  8. Chairman manager 2011

    also how exactly do we draft someone, is it like bidding on a free agent.
  9. Chairman manager 2011

    im wondering what players were lost exactly in this crash dump, as wel as what happened exactly
  10. Chairman manager 2011

    the arsenal board would like to express their shock at somehow contriving to lose the title for the first time in forever after being a in a very comfortable position. however we will be back, and it is unlikely anything can stop us anytime in the future.
  11. Chairman manager 2011

    the arsenal board find themselves seriously questioning the source of aston villas funds. we are worried chairman rhys cartwright might overextend himself and leave villa bankrupt. arsenal are looking to help the club ease its debt by buying particular players from the squad.
  12. Chairman manager 2011

    could i get marc muniesa, stefan richter and aly cissokha back please
  13. Chairman manager 2011

    aw man i would very much have liked to keep luiz
  14. Chairman manager 2011

    The arsenal board would just like to remind the Aston Villa chairman to mind his language whilst talking about Arsenal Football Club. The board are also very eagerly looking forward to the conclusion of a thrilling title race.
  15. Chairman manager 2011

    im wondering when we get finances so that i can sign people based on how much money i have.