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  1. It's only difficult because it doesn't work not because of the challenges. For me, I think 13 might be the best as far as matches go but even that wasn't great.
  2. I've not played any for a couple of months, mainly because I grew sick and tired of the awful football in 14. I have now finally started to play 13 again and carried on an old save I had on that, it's still not great but much better than 14.
  3. I thought that the AI teams were not able to do anything that we, ourselves can't do..... So what's this new defensive formation they're all doing now for corners? 5 or 6 players lined up across the six yard box and no way of getting anyone to run through them. Where is our tactic for setting up this move please?
  4. I've started a new save DD and so far I've had something like 8 or 9 in 11 matches.... I did post saying so earlier on.
  5. I'm now seeing a crazy amount of penalties, must easily be something like 8 in the last 11 games and in my last match two penalties seconds after each other, first one was saved and straight after the save my centre half ran in to the taker.... yep, another penalty was awarded... Don't know about the AI teams of course but my lot are not set up to play hard or aggressive, just pretty standard instructions really.
  6. No wait... sorry Wil, I've re-booted editor and this time it's allowed me to add Hinckley and the test was fine so I must of overlooked something the first time dude.
  7. I'll check again for sure what it says, I've come out of editor now... it says something like 'too many clubs for FA CUP - 24'.
  8. Sorry dude, I'm just not getting this... I've added Hinckley United but when I test rules I just keep getting a warning saying too many teams for FA Cup ??
  9. Will..... I can't get your data to run when trying to start a new save in the latest update, does this mean I'll have to go through editor again and then reinstall it in to FM ? My current save game still works fine but I can only start a new save with 14.3 0r default data.... Thanks... Jon T.
  10. Oh I see, so I'll have to re-edit and then load back in to FM ? Or maybe it will work if I verify cache again in Steam?
  11. Is there a way to get my edited data to run in the new upgrade please anyone? I can carry on my old save without a problem but when I try to start a new save it will only allow the default or 14.3 data... Any ideas?
  12. Who said penalties are unstoppable in FM14 ? [video=youtube;vpgXP8EzvQo] No they're not....haha Only thing is, that's now 5 penalties in 6 games ?
  13. after messing about with instructions and tactics, my back four are playing a whole lot better than they ever had, they're a little slow off the mark sometimes but generally I'd say big improvement mate.
  14. I've only played five matches so far because of my 'full match' fetish, my thoughts so far... To start with, I've just watched the best three matches I've ever seen played out in any version of FM that I've had. The player movement, passing, first touch and control are a massive improvement and this now looks very believable and it's actually very entertaining to watch, in fact the second to last game I played was a totally nail biting, end to end 1-0 win (possibly the best game I've ever witnessed). The wing play is much, much better, more flowing, better crossing and with just the right amount of 'some get through, some don't', my full backs are finally overlapping properly and sending in some decent crosses from deep, I've also seen both of them down in the corner flag area a few times too, that's very pleasing. The two centre mids are finally playing together a lot more and I've not seen them get in each others way once so far, the build up play through the middle is terrific and also much more flowing than before. The defenders still seemed to be a bit wooden and static and were still getting caught out far too often with those long balls over the top, I've messed around with the tactics and instructions for the back four, to try and compensate for the new upgrade and they are getting much better. The horrible 'hundreds of goals from corners' seems to have gone, only seen two goals from a corner in five matches so far. There does seem to be a lot of penalties creeping in, unless I'm just going through a bad patch, four in five games. Also I'm seeing an awful lot of wayward shots from all kinds of ranges, not too bothered about this, at least it helps to keep the score at a reasonable level, although I'm not sure I'll see it that way when I'm losing 1-0 with five minutes to go...haha This is now a bloody good game and I love it, this patch has been well worth the long wait... Well done Devs.... this is what I wanted! P.S. I forgot all about the keeper..... Since my back four have joined in the game he's not really had a great deal to do but what I've seen of him he looks an awful lot more capable now than he did.
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