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  1. When does your current contract expire?
  2. The real problem is with the definition of clear cut chance. I was playing in the FA cup, against Newcastle I believe, watching extended highlights. At one point, I glanced up at the stats - 20 minutes played, and I was surprised to see that it had me down as having had 3 clear cut chances. I certainly hadn't noticed anything I'd consider to be a CCC from watching the extended footage, and chances I had created the strikers were under pressure or the angle was so horrid the ball wasn't going to go anywhere. So I wasn't at all surprised that I hadn't scored for any of the three supposed clear cut chances. On the other hand, there are a whole raft of what I'd consider to be a clear cut chance, that even a 3 month old baby would be able to score from, that just go horrendously wrong. I know it happens in real life at times, and howlers end up on youtube for everyone to laugh at, but the frequency of it happening in FM does seem absurd at times. But then I guess the frequency of my strikers being 3 meters away from an open goal in FM is also absurd, compared to real life
  3. FM10 patch 3 or fm11 patch 2

    I'm on 10.3, it just seems a smoother, more complete, game.
  4. Beating the missus

    Scouting a few players and deciding which one to buy based on how good looking they are is frequent.
  5. What happens if you bid on a player the AI doesn't really want to seel in FM11? Do they come back with asking prices of a bajillion pounds again? Or a more reasonable but still high price? Does it say not for sale?
  6. On this point, one of my biggest gripes in this game is the way the board react when you're offered a job elsewhere. Several times I've had clubs approach to sign me, offering a contract. At that point, it's natural to approach the board of your current club to see whether they are willing to renegotiate your contract to the same or better terms as you've just been offered, or at least, make up some of the difference. The boards in this game don't seem to even consider entertaining a negotiation unless you're right at the end of your current contract, no matter what's going on outside. Bit disappointing really. Ok, so as mentioned, it doesn't actually matter what salary you get, but to me, it does.
  7. I generally only appeal if in the post match commentary I get a message along the lines of "Mr Brown could be heavily criticised for his performance in refereeing today's match, favouring the visitors on a number of occasions", and when the ref is given a rating of 2 or something on that match. In my opinion, that is the only time when you should even consider appealing.
  8. Tax seems very high

    Yes, and quite right too. If it is a gift, then then increases income, which therefore increases profit, which therefore increases tax payable. If it's a loan, then cost of repayment = income, so both income and cost increase, no change on profit, therefore tax liability doesn't change.
  9. Good luck, and let us know how you get on
  10. Last paragraph, I mention paying attention to the personality part of the scout report, as this is the only way you can learn about some of the hidden attributes (unless you cheat ) such as professionalism, sportsmanship, etc. A lot of the scout reports you have to take with a pinch of salt, particularly LLM, but they do get the personalities right, at least.
  11. Your problem seems to be that you're doing some serious squad maintenance every season. It takes time for a new squad to gel and play well together. If you get rid of half the team because their dead wood and bring a whole bunch of new people in, they are not going to play well together, your players will be fearing for their jobs so morale will be low, and there will be no squad harmony. The secret to a long term LLM game is patience. Replace only a few players each season to keep morale and hormony high, work your way up the league slowly (ie, first season avoid releagation, second season aim for midtable, third season aim for top half, fourth season at a club look for promotion). Or, if you do feel it's necessary to get rid and replace a large number of players, then accept that your first season after this will pretty much be a write off. Try to avoid relegation. That's it. Then the following seasons, once your players have learned to work with each other, you may be able to make an impact on the league. One thing I've particularly noticed at LLM is the importance of matching squad personalities. If your team is generally determined, signing a good non-determined player will actually be worse for your team than signing a moderate determined player. Pay attention to your scout reports on personalities and only make moves for the ones that best fit into your squad.
  12. Devastated!!

    Fan confidence is an immediate reaction to the match. Any fan would be devastated at missing out a spot in the World Cup Finals, having got so close, regardless of where they're from. It's only later that fan confidence changes to reflect the more appropriate reality, and I think that's the part where the game could use some tweakage - fan confidence of any given match should change retrospectively with time and with subsequent results.
  13. The commenatries don't seem to distinguish between types of matches. I've had comments like "Fred runs over and celebrates with the fans!" when I've been playing an inernal training match against my reserves and the stands are empty. Though to be honest, I'd rather SI concentrated on other parts of the game rather than setting up three or four different commentary sets depending on the type of match you're playing.
  14. I simply can't win

    The first thing I do when setting up new tactics it so set everybody to take long shots rarely. Even with that, about 20% of the shots my team take will be long shots. Any higher than rarely and it seems that as soon as we get the ball into the opponents half, someone will kick it in the general direction of the goal, and because it's from so far out, it'll either be off target, or the keeper will have plenty of time to watch the flight of the ball and make a comfortable save. So that wuld be my number 1 tip. But I'm sure there are other people who like making lots of long shots. Different tactics work for different teams, you just have to watch what your people are doing and adjust accordingly. Oh, and don't put too much emphasis on the *'s on the assistant reports screen. I used to pick my first team based on those when I first started, but learned through experience that sometimes high rated players doesn't always translate into better performances on the pitch. Look at key attributes and personalities to make sure you have a well rounded team.