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  1. AFAIK there is no way you can control the finances in FM apart from reducing the wage bill or selling players. It's been a serious issue for me personally and I've been complaining about the lack of any form of financial control ever since the first FM. The FM purists will disagree with me though, explaining that 'managers in real life have nothing to say about club finances'. To this I usually say 'Football Manager is a game. Not real life.' Essentially, the economic welfare of your club is in the hands of the board and AI.
  2. I haven't touched FM12 since November. No particular reason, was preoccupied with other 'duties' (BF3, Steam sales etc:D). I'd like to start a new game, but decided to wait till the new patch is released. Every single year it's pretty much the same, which makes me wonder if there is any point in buying the game on the release day - this time I will probably wait till Feb 2013 before I buy the new FM.
  3. I'm probably going to give Wimbledon a try, or whoever just got promoted to BSN / BSS. In terms of higher leagues I cannot wait to lay my hands on Norwich in the Prem.
  4. Riffraff

    Falling out of love with the game

    I feel pretty much the same as op about the FM series. Years ago I would spend at least a couple of hours each week playing FM. Nowadays I have to take breaks (just finished a 3-month one) because the game becomes very repetitive and tedious after a while. I am increasingly feeling that the only interesting and entertaining part of the game is the summer transfer window. I always run FM in a windowed mode, so that I can have some sort of a movie playing in the background - I simply cannot imagine 'just' playing FM and doing nothing else, I'd probably die of boredom. For me, it's a positive thing, because the game does not absorb me that much, and I can watch/read/listen/multitask at the same time. I am however pretty sure that this FM 'feature' was not intended by the developers.
  5. I never managed to retain a player as a coach. Not in Fm11, Fm10, Fm09, Fm08, Fm07.... It's probably because I am reluctant to keep 35 year olds as players / coaches on £30k a week. I've seen players retire and become coaches but they rarely were interested in signing a coaching contract with me. It's either that, or they demanded unjustly huge salaries - I'm talking about sums of money as high as the wages of some of my first team players.
  6. This is what I managed to dig up so far. Players from the following nations do not need work permits to play in the EU: • Andorra • Austria • Belgium • Cyprus • Denmark • England • Estonia • Finland • France • Germany • Greece • Guadeloupe • French Guiana • Hungary • Ireland • Iceland • Italy • Latvia • Liechtenstein • Lithuania • Luxembourg • Malta • Martinique • Monaco • Norway • Northern Ireland • New Caledonia • Poland • Portugal • Czech republic • San Marino • Scotland • Slovakia • Slovenia • Spain • Sweden • Wales Apart from the obvious countries, there are a few territories that are not members states of the EU. My guess would be that players from Guiana fore example get dual citizenship (French) immediately when they are generated.
  7. I'm interested how do people set their databases up for a long term save. What database size do you use? What nations do you select? Do you load any additional nations, leagues or 'players with x reputation from y'? I haven't played FM for a few months and would like a long term save with one of English teams from a low league. BPS will probably be my choice - I'm thinking about Wrexham (I know, technically not English but...). I know some people tend to load minor nations from outside of EU, such as some of the former colonies, that do not require a work permit to join an English team. By the way, is there some sort of an up to date list of such nations? I've found one that was written for FM07 and it's got some interesting nations such as Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique but I know it's incomplete, because Antilles are missing. I'm aiming to load no more than 50.000 players. I probably will just pick one team and stick with it for several years, unless I get sacked that is. What I would like is see a bit more diversity in terms of player nationalities after a couple of years into the game. With the 'default' setup I usually see all leagues dominated by regens from Spain. At the moment I've got: England down to BSP France down to National Germany down to Third Division Custom database with: Players with national reputation from Africa, Asia, North America, Oceania, South America Players from top clubs from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, South America
  8. When it comes to players, the most important factor is their favourite club. If it's the club they are playing for, then there's a much higher chance the player will become (and remain) a favourite. This is just my observation and it seems it's been like this for the past 4 or so years of Football Manager. In other words, fans mostly like the players who like the club In all honesty, during my 5 years of playing FM I've only seen about 3 players become icons - and they all had the club listed as a favourite. Another example - while managing Norwich I had a quality regen join the club. He had no 'favourites' listed in his profile. After a couple of months of star performances he became a favourite with Norwich fans, and remained a favourite for severals years, without becoming an icon or a legend. Furthermore, when he aged and stopped performing he disappeared from the club favourites. Makes me think the Norwich fans are an ungrateful lot In case of managers, it's not so simple. My guess is, when you declare an interest or apply for other jobs then you harm your chances of becoming a favourite considerably. Also, having the club as favourite (set when you start the game) could help you become a club icon.
  9. Riffraff

    Games for 11.3?

    I'll start in BSN/BSS or BSP. Not sure what team though - will have to look at the team information screens when the new patch is released. I'll look for a team in a resonable financial condition, with a decent stadium and fan base.
  10. It is possible but takes some patience and luck. All depends on your transfers and how well you run the club. I think that taking a team from BSN / BSS to Prem and qualifying for Europe will realistically take at least 10 seasons if lucky, and about 15 - 20 on average.
  11. It's about half a season to ask for a new parent / feeder club, so I assume it's similar with any other requests.
  12. Keep in mind though, that you will probably want to use that Mac for at least the next couple of years. With new software and games being released you might find your Mac to be too slow to run these. I'm pretty sure you could emulate Apple software on a PC without much problem. I've never tried it but my guess would be it's possible. I can see advantages in simplicity - I use an iPhone because I want something that works straight out of the box. With a PC however, I like to have more freedom in customising the system and using any software I can imagine. These issues are purely down to the user. You make it sound like it's a fundamental flaw with the system. Come on, even a Linux user (who knows what he is doing) has more choice in terms of gaming than a Mac owner. One example of the popular titles you speak of is GTA III Vice City - released on Macs about 6 months ago and released on PC some 10 uears ago. When it comes to modern games, only a fraction is available on both Macs and PCs Not a prob - you have several makes and models to chose from with a PC.
  13. Riffraff

    SI - Sort Out Your Mods

    * thread closed *
  14. Don't go for a Mac. You get a nice design and lots of eye candy, but you loose out on the performance, which is what really matters when it comes to computers. For the price of a Mac you could get a twice as powerful PC. You will be able to play the latest games, use all mainstream applications and view websites without having to worry about compatibility. Obviously it all depends on what you use a computer for - if it's work or school, then you might struggle with software compatibility. If it's only for reading emails and browsing the internet ocasionally then I guess a Mac will suffice. You can however forget about playing FM12 on it - it might work, but will be really sluggish. Buying a Mac is like willingly agreeing to becoming a handicapped person in the world of computing Flame war on Edit: Just quickly looked at the price of your mac. If I'm correct it should be somewhere in the region of £1300? I built a PC in September last year - the total cost was around £1000. What I got: Core i5 overclocked to 4 GHz (only went for i5 because of stability and overclocking potential) 8GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM ATi Radeon HD 5970 (the most powerful GPU at the time and still probably one of the top 5) 64GB SSD for the operating system 1 x Samsung Spinpoint 1TB disk 1 x WD Black Caviar 1TB disk Blu-ray reader DVD reader / writer
  15. I for one believe patches should be released in a reverse order. Let FM2012 serve as an example. If the game is released in November, patch 12.3 should be available straight away. Then before Christmas - patch 12.2. Finally, mid February - 12.1. Everyone knows nothing attract moaning users more than the prospect of .3 patch - or better yet - the patch being released later than the previous year. If SI start releasing .3 patches right after the game there will be no need for moaning.