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  1. right now just started a new game with middlesbrough and its not going to well as ive been deducked 10 points and the season
  2. took me like two season to win the league with celtic was like tony mowbray all over again dont know how i never got the sack thought
  3. in my old save scott mcdonald 46 goals
  4. dont worry i allways lose or draw when dougie mcdonald is ref
  5. samaras from celtic got 37 goals in lik 42 appearances only if he could do that in real life
  6. ive never got past the first round of the champions league allways get real madrid to play
  7. i was celtic and needed a striker so i bought adriano thought he was going to be amzing but no he played about 30 games only scoreing 8 what a waste of 9.5 mil
  8. holland is a good place to manage
  9. 24 days at west ham only left because scotland left and i took over scotland
  10. go queens park but you will need to sell a few players for money and for the wages
  11. irl i think theres a woman who owns a scottish team
  12. you have barry ferguson nowonder
  13. allways wonted to do this
  14. or you can look who is his favor personel
  15. when ever i am celtic i allways get real madrid so i allways get put out of the first round