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  1. Unless they have made massive changes to how dynamism works, it's simply not possible to do significantly well with only Welsh players. I was several years down the road and still couldn't produce more than one or two Welsh players who could crack my first team at the time I was within reach of winning the CL with Prestatyn. Of course, if anyone could do it, you could, dafuge!
  2. Great to see this career is still going!! This sort of slog up the English pyramid seems to me a harder ask than my contemporaneous Welsh effort, which ended in frustration after the '33-'34 season. You are on the cusp of promoting to the PL; I'd wager it won't be more than 5 seasons before you're in Europe by PL place.
  3. Ah, a Welsh career. Well do I remember the joys of doing this! My Prestatyn effort was with FM 11; I can't find the thread but as I recall, got about 30 seasons in or so and gave up after having lost the CL final for the second time in four seasons. The main issue was two-fold: never was able to get a new stadium and never was able to get significantly improved youth signings. Hopefully, you'll get better results out of FM 14! PS: Just loaded up my last save, which was at the start of the '34-'35 season; the prior year we had lost in the CL final, which we also did in '31. I expect you will have more perseverance. Edited to add: I also got pissed off that the Welsh federation wouldn't hire me to be national team coach, that being part of the challenge I was doing at the time ("Mission Impossible in Wales" FM11). Got tired of watching Robbie Savage get all the plaudits.
  4. Ah, thanks! I missed the importance (or failed to understand what I was seeing) of the link.
  5. It's been a while since I've done this challenge (FM 11, IIRC). dafuge's initial post notes that the database has to be extended to include the 7th level of the English pyramid for this challenge, but unlike his initiating posts of olden days, he doesn't have a link to a database that does this. I see hints that the relevant data are available in the game itself, and only need to be unlocked. Can someone let me know how to accomplish the addition of the relevant teams? Thanks in advance!
  6. Confidence low? I find that, in this version more than before, if morale starts to sap, it's almost imperative to use some form of a parked bus to get a positive result or two to break the chain. Since the defense is having trouble keeping possession, you might try shifting that inside forward back into a fifth center-back, and play 5-2-2-1, allowing your fullbacks to be more aggressive, and making it tough for the opposition to get through you, even if possession remains a difficult task.
  7. Yes, you aren't supposed to tamper with players in your home country, but it's prefectly fine to do so with them when they are in some foreign place.
  8. I'm looking for a re-calculation in the next patch.
  9. As the game progresses, it keeps track of an increasingly intricate database of information. That slows the game down with time. A machine that is over-matched with the requirements of a mature FM13 game will start out fine. However, game speed will deteriorate with time. Given that your graphics card is deemed to be marginal at best, and your processing power is only average, it's not too shocking that your game experience is getting frustrating. And I will note that my laptop, which ran FM11 just fine, ran FM12's demo version reasonably well (though obviously not past 6 months! ), is noticeably more likely to take its time with FM13.Having said that, it's always possible that the problem is something external to the game, like malware or other unwanted processes going on in the background.
  10. I never have had trouble with Steam. The game shows on time, downloads behind the scenes, pops up when I ask, etc. Pretty seamless.
  11. You need to change what the game shows you, and what it replays for you. You can have the game show you anything from the whole game, to nothing at all (only commentary in words at the bottom of the screen). You can have the replays show you goals, goal action, highlights, or nothing at all. The settings button for this just to the right of the play/pause button during the game.
  12. As most know, Rochdale Association Football Club managed to earn its first EVER promotion in 90 years of League play two seasons ago. But, sadly, after two seasons in the rareified air of League One, Rochdale AFC has returned to the Rochdale Division. I'm not letting that be the final word.
  13. I can't believe this game is still going! I've been gone for over half a year! You are a dedicated man.
  14. Just read this thread. I'm chuckling as I read it, because so much of what you experience, I've gone through with my FM11 Prestatyn Town FC save. Though I admit I didn't have the joy of your excellent one-off UCL result that first year! But the players wanting to move on, the inability to build a new stadium, the drudgery of going through meaningless domestic efforts just for the joy of the European footie, the money you have that you can't really spend to good effect because the players who you could buy with it don't want to come be with you, etc., they are all familiar ground. You, however, will take this far beyond where I will take Prestatyn, so it will be interesting to see if your persistence will reap enough benefit down the road to overcome all these obstacles. Good Luck!
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