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  1. no bryan. No one said that. In fact, messi was always cited as an example of a player who shouldn't be sold no matter the offer because barcelona simply didn't need the money.
  2. [FM11][RELEASED] Singular .RV Skin

    maybe, I'm not sure. i thought all logos were supposed to be the same size.
  3. Ahlafors Information Ahlafors facilities Ahlafors new signings : Dragan Kapcevic Anton Wede Alen Hardafa El Laham Future signings: Dahlberg Svensson Burda Let's see how my new venture goes...
  4. ok. After a while I realized I needed a few more players so I bought some new signings. Unfortunately, despite a very promising start of the season, we ended up at eighth place, exactly what the media had predicted: League Table ... which I thought was pretty disappointing. I wasn't expecting to win the league or anything like that, but I definitely thought I would be at the top half at end, considering the new signings. Here's the league graph. We would often score first but we would constantly allowed the other teams to turn around the game. This may have been caused by the tactics I was using which was the exact same tactic I used in fm2010 : 4-1-2-3. In order to be successful with this tactic you probably need a very sturdy defense and midfield. Anyway as you can see in the team stats the new signings played pretty well. Jusufi and Karlson score 8 and 11 goals and Dan Burlin was a bit of creative force. However, they just didn't make that big of an impact in the grand scheme of things. Despite having performed just like the media predicted the board was disappointed with me and after a bad start in the second season they fired me. I was pretty bummed out, I haven't been fired in fm in years ! And, I had a project for this team. But after a while, I said, screw it! I'm gonna manage another club and I'll sooner or later, I'll get revenge against Vallentuna. And so, I was hired by Ahlafors. A club from the second Swedish division as well who hasn't won a competition ever just like VallenTuna. The team was already doing very badly when they hired me. They're in the last place and there's only a few games left.
  5. [FM11][RELEASED] Singular .RV Skin

    kinda works. In my game the club symbol looks much bigger then that and looks a bit cut off:
  6. [FM11][RELEASED] Singular .RV Skin

    Put simply, this is the best skin I've seen so far. Amazing.
  7. [Released] Netbook2011 Skin

    Can you describe what you did step by step? But if I was able to get other skins to work, it must be something about this skin in particular and not something I'm doing...
  8. I actually think this is a good feature. but it can also be a bitch, specially if you're managing a REALLY weak and UTTERLY crap team like I am.
  9. yea but there's a lot of small things that are so obvious. For instance, the player interaction thing...that feature is actually not so small but it's SO poorly done and it's so obvious how crappy it is... I don't understand why they didn't work harder on that. They also said they were gonna revamp completely the press stuff...yeah right. I still love the game, and it's by far the best out there but I can't help but be annoyed but certain things, specially when there's clearly a lack of effort.
  10. what does that have to do with anything? I was talking about the order of the words. about the way the sentence was phrased. You tend to look at the first name and the first name unfortunately is the agent's name and not the player's name.
  11. I agree with the op and as much as I appreciate the game I can not understand how si get this small things wrong considering they have people testing and what not...
  12. Game in 2032

    I don't get this...fm 2009 ? 2032? why would someone wanna see that? I went until 2075 or something like that in fm 2010...now that's something worth seeing.
  13. [Released] Netbook2011 Skin

    I can't make it work either . I'm on a mac but I don't think that has anything to do with it since I've managed to successfully use other fm11 skins. When I select the skin it screws the game completely, it all goes to black and there's the following message "processing"...
  14. I'm playing on a macbook aluminium and the game runs REALLY smoothly.