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  1. Hi, I want to buy the unlockables, but there isn't a price for them. Can anyone advise how much it costs - specifically the in game editor. The prices are very visible in the in-game store. Thanks
  2. Hi, This sounds wonderful. Is there any idea of any new leagues that maybe in the game - MLS perhaps?
  3. mshakir

    Loan Market

    In FMH13 I did manage a couple of loan deals as a precursor to buying a player if he is good enough. As Arsenal, I signed a regen called Joseph Barton - who was excellent. It weird Liverpool let him go as an 18 year old. He is still playing for me 15 years later! Also a few loan signings from abroad in January if I have injuries and don't want to make a permanent signing to increase squad numbers. It does work, I just find I have to offer to pay a high percentage or full wages.
  4. The issue is that the squad is whittled down before the friendlies in June rather than after the friendlies and before the start of the tournament.
  5. Not really. Before an international tournament the manager picks a squad for friendlies - then after the friendlies picks a squad of 23. This process happens before the friendlies in FMH.
  6. Hi, I have a question about selecting a squad for tournaments in the iOS version of the game. I am managing England. When it a tournament comes round, it is usually bundled with a couple of friendlies before the tournament. So you select a 26 man squad for that. Then two days before the first friendly, you have to select the 23 man squad for the tournament. I find this unfair as I have had players get injured in the friendlies, who are then unable to play in the World Cup or European Championship. Surely you should be able to change the squad before a tournament due to injury. It is frustrating. Anyway - good to vent that out!
  7. I think the game size would get bigger and bigger. Lets see - they maybe able to compress it, but it does seem like a lot data for an app to handle.
  8. Hi, I am probably being too cautious, but have you experienced any problems with FMH 2012 on iOS6? AS I am sure you are aware, it is released tonight in the UK. Thanks.
  9. So one of the players in my Woking save had to retire early. I got £7 million compensation for that! Very cool little easter egg - although he was an immense play when he was fit. Got a fitting testimonial!
  10. Wow. I guess the handheld version is more in depth than I thought. A young unprofessional - well I never!
  11. Hi fellas, I am currently in a game with Woking in the year 2019. Got them to the Premiership and all is going well - top of the league, 4 points clear of Liverpool. I have a fairly injury prone but highly talented defender who always starts when he is fit. He is a beast of a defender who can read the game and has constant 7/8 ratings. He would like a new contract at almost a double his £30,000 per week salary which will eat into my fairly sizeable wage budget. I would however like some more leeway in contract negotiations - such pay per play contracts or being able to decide the size of the bonuses for players. I know it would stretch the simplicity of the game, it is just that this player only plays a maximum of 20 games per season and despite how good he is I want to keep my wage budget from spiralling. Any thoughts?
  12. mshakir

    Red Cards

    Thanks for the response mate
  13. mshakir

    Red Cards

    Tackling is set to normal. This is the only player that has received red cards this season. It is frustrating because he is my best left back - a solid 7/8 rating. It is just his discipline that lets him down.