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  1. Reasonable answer Marc - but in reality my team has always the better legs and condition left (high stamina and strenght) compared to my opponents but you get that late goals all the time. Another interesting fact I observed is that opponent team players are just not tiring as much - As an example I realized early in a game that the other team had two players starting the game with condition 67 and 59%. Where all the teammates tired reasonably both midfielders (CM) went just down by 8% into the 75th minute. By the way the stamina values of both players have been 9 respectively 11? I will never understand it? Greetings from Australia Oliver
  2. Agree - Especially if you have just the top league level active it is actually barely impossible to loan out reasonably! I guess this has been mentioned a lot and hopefully there will be an improvement soon. Better would be if the reserve team players get virtual stats due to involvement in a fictive U23 team at lower level. Thank you
  3. enthon

    Please Marc!

    No answer - no improvement within the update. Should be not a big issue to trigger a bit the level for some minor national teams? Faroer just won 3:0 in France and Liechtenstein is going straight for the European Finals. Hmmm Thank you
  4. enthon


    No improvement within last update. Any check planned for FM2013? Thank you
  5. What means modern version? - 1997 the Champions League had already 4 groups with the top teams of Europe. Not that much B-Teams as to date.
  6. enthon

    Please Marc!

    Just to mention a couple of facts to show how unrealistic our beloved game is within this area: San Marino San Marino's international record was one of almost total failure, with famous draws against Turkey and Latvia being the only partial successes in an international career that contains over 70 defeats. However, on 29 April 2004, San Marino recorded their first ever win, with a 1-0 victory over Liechtenstein in an international friendly. Andy Selva scored the only goal in a close game that finally gave this tiny republic a footballing victory.On September 6, 2006, San Marino suffered their biggest ever defeat, losing 13-0 to world giants Germany in the Stadio Olimpico. It was also the largest goal margin defeat in European Championship Qualifying history. In the same competition on February 7, 2007, they came within 8 seconds of the best result in their history. They were level at 1-1 with the Republic of Ireland after 94 minutes when Stephen Ireland scored within 8 seconds of the final whistle. The goal scored by San Marino was their European Qualifying first goal since losing 4-1 to Austria in 1998. Just one win in 72+ games, one goal every 5 to 6 years and last spot in the FIFA World Ranking! Cyprus 298 matches with 57 wins, by the half of them against other giants in the football world like San Marino, Liechtenstein, Luxemburg, Faroer Islands and --- one against Spain. Surely not the worst team in the world but not seriously at least close to win a world cup qualification group with 8 wins.
  7. Can you do something against such outcome of a full qualification round for the World Cup. It happens all the time! Thank you in advance. Oliver
  8. enthon

    Scout reports

    I think we all realized a drop down in skill levels since FMH2012 after signing a player. Maybe this contributes to the drop down in star ratings too. I have seen that highly skilled players had approx. 2 points lower ratings after joining my team. Most of them recovered quickly within a couple of month.
  9. Just come across another problem concerning offering contracts to English Players: It was obviously not possible to offer contracts in January to players in an English Team with expiry date in June/July. I guess this is only possible in May or later? However, one player I was interested in got an offer from an Italian Club in January and the deal was confirmed. I had no option to offer a contract at the same time. Is this intended or just another bug? thank you Oliver
  10. Well I can confirm that such things happen all the time. An 18 year old young talent from 3rd league in Spain asked for a $120,000 contract, happens all the time, if you make an offer (Arsenal). Without any experience or proven quality this should not be the case. Another example: 26 year old good striker out of contract. I try to hire him for Sampdoria (Italian Cup Winner, 4th of actual ladder 6 weeks into the season, EURO Cup group phase) rejected my good offer and decided to join instead Alicante (2nd Spanish League ) for less money! And the guy was mentioned as AMBIGIOUS??? By the way he rejected my offer with the reason I cannot meet his demands? Maybe I should look for relegation? Generally I see the transfer and loan system, including the player content and distribution, as biggest weakness in the game and I would really be happy if you have a very good look into it for FY 2013! Thank you in advance!
  11. Just to mention this device too! But seriously I would enjoy FM on my Playstation? Any plans? (Edited by MV to remove misleading title)
  12. They are struggling generally with everything in my mind: Actual form and future potential. Finally they do not take into account what you really need, means suggesting Wingers as to be signed at all costs ignoring the fact that i do not play with Wingers or do not have any Winger at all in my team. Therefore it is easy to find 10 great winger as not required must sign! I think a lot of people recommended an option to define the position to be looked by a scout. The assistand coach has no value at all for me in the game as well as my Physio! Oliver
  13. Hi Marc At least I can follow your argument. Another issue is the annoying fact that former "old" star players or players not delivering as expected are causing bad mute too if you sell them. I guess FMH is not taken into account recent performance, actual star ratings or age? What triggers that my players are annoyed if a so called "star player" is leaving the team. To find out more, I checked very often the ratings of those players and realized that most of them will be still picked by my assistant coach or rated as key members of the team completely ignoring age, recent and annual performance or ability ratings (terrible sometimes) at all? I recommend to review this system diligently if possible for a new release. Thank you Oliver
  14. Just lost a young talented key player based on his BCRC! To make things worse all my players where unhappy afterwards with my decision to let him go? Was not my decision! Is this intended?
  15. Yes Marc, I do! Clicking is fine if you are able to get enough information on the screen (Ipad) but it might be terrible based on scrolling up and down all the time on the Iphone. And by the way, I assume that 90+ plus players using an Apple device! Will see! Oliver