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  1. Most likely because he's already encouraged to do so by default.
  2. Thank you D0bi for the suggestions. I'm going to have a look at those. I surely will. But I'm not starting a long-term save in the demo, so I might play around with other teams to try tactics that the initial Hamburg squad isn't really capable of.
  3. Division: top in their country Other: I'm looking for a team with a very versatile squad to test some different tactics in the beta. Shouldn't be so good that you win most fixtures regardless of tactics though, so no Man City etc.
  4. Anyone else finding it annoying that even at extended highlights players running up to take the corner kick and standing there for 15 seconds before hitting the ball isn't cut out? It's even worse when the ball gets cleared for another corner at the other side and you have to watch the taker walking over there. This is taking ages. I can accept those scenes being shown when watching the match in full but in any other highlight mode there is no reason for them to exist whatsoever.
  5. Congratulations on your successful season, JensenS! Hopefully you can knock Bayern off that first place next season. You might want to keep an eye on Dominik Masek. But apart from that, no. Yeah, definitely a lesson learnt. Merkel and Maher are indeed two quality players, though. By the way, Maher joined Bayern in my save. Considering van der Vaart, I decided to keep him as well. Partly because of a lack of interest, but also because I didn't want to force him out as he is still very popular in the squad and I am sure the players wouldn't have been too happy if I sold him. I am curious about his wage demands, should I decide to offer him a contract extension.
  6. All reasonable transfers, especially Aogo for that price. And Jansen is indeed very injury prone. Who do you plan to use as a back-up for Masilela now that Jansen and Aogo are gone? Hi Koko44, I personally take screenshots by pressing "print" on my keyboard and than paste the copied picture into an image editing program like paint. You can then save the file and upload it to a site like imageshack or photobucket and then post a link or the screenshot itself by using the "link" and "image" buttons, respectively. You might also want to have a look at this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/308240-How-Do-I-Upload-Screenshot-to-Here?highlight=upload Hope that helps you.
  7. Welcome on board, JensenS. Masilela really is a quality player for that price and Hoarau will be a good addition to the strike force as well. The statistics you've listed speak volumes. Some good transfers you did there and it looks like a good starting XI for your first season. Good luck and please keep us updated! Out of curiosity, who have you sold exactly?
  8. Congratulations on another league win. What about Adryan joining Wolfsburg on a free transfer? That one is obviously catching my attention. And shame about Ter Stegen. I plan to keep Adler until he retires and then - if I even get that far in this save - replace him with a Regen, as I got some promising goalkeepers in the youth team.
  9. Hello guys, I just want to give a quick update on my current pre-season 2014/15. The board provided me with a healthy transfer budget of 13M and quite some room in the wage budget as well. As Badelj's contract would have run out at the end of the season, I tried to extend it but couldn't agree to his wage demands. Consequently, I put him on the tranfer list and sold him to Spurs for 22.5M. Additionally, I notably sold Aogo to Fiorentina for 2.4M, Rudnevs to Bremen (who got relgated) for 4.7M as well as Arslan to Köln for 1.8M. Sala left the club on a free transfer as his contract expired. On the incoming side, Tongo Doumbia joined us from Rennes on a free transfer to add some depth to central midfield. With the same intention we also signed Inter's Lorenzo Crisetig for 5M. And as I was looking for a talented back-up to Jansen and Masilela at the left wing back position, I signed Bremen's Florian Hartherz for 5M, who I hope will soon become somewhat of a left-footed Diekmeier. Additionally, I signed some reasonably priced and talented regens for the youth team and now still have a remaining transfer budget of ~30M. The start of the season looks promising, as we thrashed Düsseldorf and Frankfurt 7-1 and 5-1, respectively.
  10. Thank you. Well I guess that's the drawback of random attributes and negative potentials. You got to be extremely lucky to get a quality player. As for the next season, I really consider selling Badelj. His value sky-rocketed to 11M and his contract will expire at the end of the season. I had a quick look at his demands and I certainly won't pay him a weekly 80k!
  11. What a thrilling end to a very successful second season! We were chasing Bayern for most of the time during the second half of the season. Near the end, we had the chance to overtake them by winning against bottom-placed Bremen but lost 1-3. Fortunately, a few match days later Bayern drew 4-4 against Dortmund and we finally took our chance to make it to the top of the table. Being two points ahead, we played our last game in Fürth and knew we would have to win depending on how Bayern performed against Hoffenheim. Bayern did everything in their power and thrashed them 5-0 but we won 3-1 as well and thus have become league champions! One goal by Son and two by Badelj secured our last win of the season. Some league stats where our players are involved: And thanks to some very kind draws in the cup we had a rather easy time there and thus managed to do the double! Considering the CL performance, we survived the 1st knock-out round against Lille because of the away goal rule. But we had no chance in the quarter finals against ManCity, losing 1-7 on aggregate. Top Scorers: 18 - Denis Stracqualursi (I can finally write his name without looking it up) 11 - Rafael van der Vaart 10 - Son Heung-Min 8 - Andreas Cornelius Most Assists: 14 - Dennis Diekmeier 11 - Tsepo Masilela 10 - Oskar Hiljemark 7 - Denis Stracqualursi And for those interested, here are screenshots of some players after two years of development: Michael Mancienne Slobodan Rajkovic Heung-Min Son Oskar Hiljemark Adryan Levin Öztunali How is Öztunali developing in your saves? I just recently noticed that he developed nicely as I browsed through the squads in search for a useful player to sit on the bench during a minor injury crisis. He seems to have a lot of potential and I'll definitely monitor his development more closely now. For those who don't know, this guy is the grandson of HSV legend Uwe Seeler!
  12. Yeah, good job indeed on the league win Walk On Considering Beister, playing him as a striker and not on the wing really might be my problem, but as I use a wingerless formation I have no other choice and I don't plan to change my system only because of him. In my second season, I also noticed what you guys said about Badelj. Indeed, he always seems to have slightly lower morale than his team-mates for no apparent reason. I guess there could be huge bids coming in in summer as PSG and Arsenal are both monitoring him. There certainly will be decisions to make in summer as it will also be the last time to make a decent profit by selling van der Vaart.
  13. Are you guys also having problems with Beister constantly shooting from distance? I feel he is trying to shoot from the weirdest angles and positions and most of those shots are off target. I asked him to delern the PPM and he tried but failed unfortunately. He is currently my 5th striker behind Stracqualursi, Cornelius, Son and even Rudnevs, which is a shame as he is German and home-grown. But I feel it's just a waste playing him this way. Apart from Boyata, I also signed Matthias Ginter for 4.7M in winter while I sold Jiracek for 3.2M. I plan to use Ginter as a DM because I was looking for someone stronger and better in the air for this position. I also just got my second youth intake but unfortunately there seems to be noone who could make it to the first team.
  14. I am actually rather pleased with the latest patch, especially as SI brought it to us during Christmas. There are still some issues like to many potent dribbling, slightly too many long shots and shots overall and - like someone said - a lack of creativity (through balls) from central midfielders. I feel the latter also causes strikers to mostly score from crosses. There still seem to be slightly too many high scoring games as well. But overall I get realistic results and I certainly cannot see any game-breaking bugs whatsoever. I actually enjoy watching the football my team plays again since 13.2.1.
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