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  1. On the one hand, I don't blame them. If they have already accepted the 35m offer then why not ask for more on the off-chance that you'll say yes? I've done this a few times with selling to the CPU, if other clubs come in after I accept an offer I'll increase his price, hope they accept and hope the player chooses them. In the past I've had 5 offers on one player, all with increasing prices.
  2. Overly Sentimental

    Absolutely. I never buy them back, but will always try to sign long-term players as coaches. Even if their stats are rubbish I'll still have them around.
  3. It's a nice side-project once my main team is established and doing well. Plus I only stick to smaller amounts, giving them 10M instantly would be pretty game-breaking. Whereas smaller amounts each season makes it interesting to see how it's invested and who they sign. Plus the youth player can take advantage of my better facilities
  4. In the past few versions of FM, I've usually done a LLM save. After making it into the Prem and having some spare cash, just to make things more interesting I 'adopt' a team in the BSN/BSS. Basically, I loan one of their youth players for a fee of 500k/1M (depending on my own finances) each season and then keep track of how they do. My record so far is funding one team into the Championship. Interestingly though, due to the reputation, some clubs just never spend the money. Anyone else ever bothered with something similar?
  5. What's your worst loss

    A recent one was my Havant & Waterlooville team getting destroyed 7-0 by Man City in the Carling Cup. (At this point I'm in 2027, finished 4th in the PL last season and qualified for the Champs League) I blame my back-up keeper personally, he wanted game time so I let him have a run out and look what happened
  6. Dynamic rivalries! - This is particularly needed for LLM games. When I (eventually) get my BSS team into the Prem, I still want the excitement of rival matches. Adding in a points system based on number of times played in cup finals etc. would help create dynamic rivals and add a bit of extra spice to those of us who like taking a small team into the big leagues.
  7. Apologies if it's been posted before, I had a quick search but couldn't find anything. I get this cropping up a lot, and I'm not sure how to set them to adjust this. Is it a specific attribute, or is it just working on his role? Cheers!
  8. Bad Run of Results

    I'm guessing that getting them into the Prem would have made his job pretty damn secure. I was relegated from the Prem in my first season in my Newport game but wasn't fired.
  9. I had it on FM10 with Newport. Got them all the way to the Prem and into Europe, then we get a board takeover and I was to be replaced but that never happened as I carried on winning games. The other side of it was in FM11 where I was managing Northwich in the BSS and had a takeover, I was doing quite poorly (just outside relegation zone) however my job status was secure. After the takeover was completed I was replaced by some regen manager who went on to get them relegated. I moved on to Salisbury City and got them promoted, now I'm in the play-off positions for the BSP and we are getting taken over. The same message has come through about getting a new manager but I hope with my better success rate I'll be able to keep my job this time!
  10. CPU Usage 100%

    This, great little program to get FM running smoothly on my older laptop.
  11. Blue Square Prem help!

    I don't know exact names, but when in lower leagues I always check out the transfer rumours for the league above me. That way you sign League 2 (or 1) quality players and give yourself a great crack at promotion.
  12. Club/League Rep might play a part, but it's also down to contract length and CA I reckon.
  13. I only ever have one physio at a club I'm managing. No point in having more really as it just increases wage costs. If he gets poached from me then I'll just search for another free agent that day and sign him instead, means I'm without a physio for a couple of days at most which isn't a big deal really.
  14. So far it's getting Salisbury promoted into the BSP through the play-offs having only just scraped the last spot on the final day. This was in my second season, having taken over halfway through the previous year when they were in the relegation zone. (Before that I was fired twice from Droylsden and Northwich, but I am trying to forget them!)
  15. Coaching badges would be a good idea. Instead of any old player just walking into a coaching job, you could perhaps suggest that a player thinks about taking his badges for a future role. If they don't then they wouldn't be allowed to be offered the job.