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  1. Try high CF and long shots often on your player perhaps. Not 100% but I think it may have an effect.
  2. Here's a useful code by Jenko_EFC of what areas are affected by training. The number in brackets represent the number of attributes and then the attributes they affect.
  3. That's nothing whatsoever to do with training. It's to do with where he's playing and I guess he has been playing on the right wing and got better with his right or worse with his left.
  4. Hi all, I have some fairly stupid questions but they could be useful to me if I'm correct . Do you feel you've accounted for all attributes in this very impressive theory? Maybe, just maybe there may be a few more you've not accounted for that are not on the training screen like composure wasn't I think before 10.3, or perhaps some arent actually trainable like you thought flair was? Also, are the un-trainable attributes worth 0 CA?
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