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  1. Creative Freedom

    Probably. He will attempt them, if done successfully consistently you have a hell of a player on your hands but, like most players, may look an absolute idiot. If you set CF to 1 he will play to flair 1 which would be better for not so good players.
  2. Creative Freedom

    Creative Freedom is a flair (the attribute) modifier, I think there may be an official answer somewhere but I'm positive it is. It doesn't affect roaming or movement at all. Wideplay, Roaming instructions etc do this.
  3. Better teams in your group? Higher proflie teams will have more TV stations showing their games probably. Although I am not sure it seems quite odd.
  4. Where would you play him?

    Can't play as trequartista as he has 5 for flair. I'd play him as a poacher because of his anticipation, off the ball, first touch etc with intensive aerobic training. How on Earth a 17 year old has that good mentals though is absolutely mad!
  5. No more TT&F

    They wouldn't have ever charged for TT&F because SI endorse it. They'd have to change the name and all kinds however I agree that the general concept of charging for guides are 'wrong'. Personally, I don't download anything but figure stuff out by experimenting on the game before going into a real game. The first few months I get FM is spent heavily experimenting and messing about with new features which is how I learn.
  6. No more TT&F

    TT&F was free...
  7. Creativity and Flair.

    SFraser, do you use Anderson much? You mention him a few times and I see in one of your screenshots you still have him but I was doing something similar to this and played him as a hard-working deep-lying playmaker and he just played an outrageous through ball to Rooney which we won 1-0. He has attributes such as: Dribbling 15; First Touch 16; Passing 15; Technique 17; Creativity 14; Flair 14; Anticipation 13; Off-The-Ball 13; Teamwork 15 and, bar jumping, some if the best physical attributes on the game. I'm training him intensively on tactics to try and improve his mentals but he is capable of some superb play. Also, I often use Scholes and Giggs but I was astonsihed to see, as from the beginning of the game, Scholes has flair 10 whilst Giggs has 17, Giggs regularly outshines him on FM and has more assists and apps consequently. At the start of the game, how did you get the best from Scholes? At the moment, Giggs is a key player and usually a must in the starting XI whereas I find myself leaving Scholes out unfortunately. Later on, if it's okay with you of course, I'll show some screenshots of some of the play in my games because it's outstanding at the moment following some of the principles in this thread!
  8. A notes function for tactics

    I am similar to the OP who changes tactic every game. However, it is not a matching formation game like many believe, I examine every player on the opposition until I find weaknesses which I exploit rigorously. I scout the entire opposition team so I also know their weaknesses and if they're a threat from there also. I don't take notes otherwise I might as well upload 19 tactics that you change depending who I played in the PL. Every game is different.
  9. Creativity and Flair.

    I don't disagree with any of those two quotes but Carrick with high flair would be an Xavi-like player imo. He's certainly good enough techniclly to pull off those passes and can see them but decides not to execute them. With attacking/normal mentality, you'll see him have high pass completion and the occassional assist but you won't see a quarter (he has 5 flair) of what he is capable of. If he had 20 flair, you could limit him to what he is now with low CF. You can't however, make him play with 20 flair whereas of he had 20 flair you could make him play at 5 flair.
  10. Creativity and Flair.

    Answered your own question there I imagine
  11. Football Manager 2011 official announcement

    The main thing I want is to be able to play Barca-esque where Busquets drops into defense and Puyol and Pique spread wide to be possible in the ME and the Manchester United-esque way where they have their fullback become part of the defence and not contribute to attack at all possible.
  12. Try high CF and long shots often on your player perhaps. Not 100% but I think it may have an effect.
  13. Here's a useful code by Jenko_EFC of what areas are affected by training. The number in brackets represent the number of attributes and then the attributes they affect.
  14. Creativity and Flair.

    Thanks for answering SFraser Please keep us updated and provide PKM's as much as possible When I get my laptop back I can't wait to watch them. Sandro as a centre-back would be very effective I presume and will provide creative football all over the park. Evans kind of plays like an advanced defensive player then? He wins the ball and lays it off with his good decisions he can choose the best player to pass to, and he advances up the pitch moving into the right spaces and making the right choices. Carrick's flair is disappointing and when I first got the game I played as United due to me supporting them and Carrick was my deep-lying playmaker for most games, I wanted him to sit deep and make varied passes and spread the play and watching him very closely is (unfortunately) the best way to find out what flair does. If anyone wants to see what flair does in action, I'd reccommend going into the editor and putting Xavi into United/Carrick at Barca and play Xavi one game then Carrick the next and you'll see exactly what I mean. In Xavi you'll see the Hollywood passes and one-touch over-the-top through balls, in Carrick you'll see patient passes going sideways and simple balls to the fullback(s).