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  1. Just wondering, which attributes does this option bump when picked as the individual training focus? I'd expect it to push Reflexes and possibly One-On-Ones as these don't have their own category, but has this been confirmed? I guess it's similar to Quickness being responsible for both Pace and Acceleration, right? Or does it just bump some hidden Penalty Saving stat that I'm unaware of.
  2. Can you upload the save? Hastings are cool.
  3. Fair enough. *reloads*
  4. Would it be possible to boost the rep of a team so they got promoted, then immediately return it to the proper level? Or would that have some grave repercussions in the game like ridiculous expectations?
  5. Good stuff. Had a fun time with Hastings United last year, will probably take again them if they come up. Would love to manage Cirencester, but the years of reloading are more than I can take. If anyone happens to get a year where they come up, please upload it!
  6. The game was popular when all we had to look at for 90 minutes was a text box and a bar indicating attacking possession in the last 5 minutes. Kids today have no idea.
  7. I came here to say Napoli.
  8. This works pretty well at Real Madrid. Vargas to replace Marcelo would be nice, but the front 4 are devastating. Raul as DLF, Higuain/Benzema as Poacher, Ronaldo as Inside Forward and Kaka as Advanced Playmaker. Diarra and Alonso are Ball-Winner and DLP.
  9. This thread for FM09 still applies. There are very few 5 star coaches, though. Off the top of my head I can think of Renshaw, Meulensteen, Di Salvo, but there are obviously more than that. 4 stars and up is pretty much good enough, though.
  10. 3-5-2, eh? Never used it before, so could be interesting. I'll make a start once I finish off my season with Cheltenham (unless the new chairman sacks me first. Ungrateful sod.)
  11. Are there still places going for this? I'd like to take a stab at it if possible.
  12. Managed to grab promotion first season with 10.2 patch. Couple of loan signings from Southampton made the difference, plus the other odd free here and there. Resigned Scott Brown on a free to play as a deep-lying playmaker, too. Making a decent fist of League One now, certainly shouldn't be straight back down. I'm hoping for Champions League football in under 10 years.
  13. Depends on your team mentality, I'd have thought. edit: And yes, my Villa team can be lethal on the counter. Young and Agbonlahor or Delfouneso running at exposed centre backs is a lot of fun.
  14. Just keep him, he was excellent for me in the first season and looks good in the second so far. Of course, I did sell Carew...