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  1. Thanks Alex. Having the ability to affect personality change makes all the difference to me.
  2. For me, FMT18 Switch would have been great if there had been some control over the Tutoring of youngsters, and to a lesser extent, dedicated youth training. My save fizzled out after 20 months due to a massive lack of tutoring, so before I buy 19 I need to know if these areas of the game have been improved. Any info on how Tutoring and Youth Training are handled in FM Touch 2019 Switch would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. When I set "Allow rest day before or after match", does it: 1. Also apply to the ReservesX Sorted. 2. Apply to: a) the whole squad, or b) just those who played/are selected to play? Also, when selecting "Rest All Players" on the calendar, who exactly gets rested, and for how long? (or does clicking on "Rest All Players" give you further options? haven't tried it in case it does something I don't want) Thanks in advance.
  4. I used to think I knew this, but now I'm not sure. The reason: I have Amadou Diawara, just turned 21, with 3 star CA and 4 star PA with the fourth yellow star greyed out. He has been at the club for 15 months and has barely improved since joining aged 19.This greyed out yellow star has been there since the scout report (although he was rated much higher), so I naturally assumed it was due to uncertainty on the scout's part, and subsequently the coach's. Surely by now the coach should have a clearer idea of his potential, given how long he's been here, and the fact his CA has reached the 3 solid yellow stars of his perceived PA. What does that extra, greyed out yellow star now represent? A lot of his attributes dropped 0.2 three months after joining, which didn't bother me at the time as he had lots of potential, but many of those attributes haven't risen. Most months there's no growth at all, and when there is, it's just a few attributes, and focus on Positioning has realised 0.6 in over a year. He's Fairly Ambitious, 14 Determination, has an overall average of 7.4, never unhappy, morale nearly always very high (never seen it drop below Really Good), and always happy with training. The coach is my HoYD, Alex Inglethorpe, 4=*, JCA=16 JPA=18, and despite the full, greyed out yellow star on his report, believes he could improve by only a slight amount. *Short Version: What does the greyed out yellow star in PA, on the coach report of an established player with 3 solid yellow stars in both CA & PA, represent?
  5. Would he know he's retiring even though there has been no mention of it whatsoever in the game? As for the bug situation, it is late in the day, and I thought that would probably be the case. I'd feel a lot better knowing there was definitely going to be a Switch release of FM19 (with more tutoring ;)) Thanks for the reply. xxx
  6. When a player approaches me for an enhanced contract, I am given the option to point out he has ages left on his existing contract, and a new one won't be forthcoming. But when an agent tries the same thing my only option is to walk away - I haven't done that yet, but I'm guessing it won't improve our relationship. Just walking away is most unsatisfactory. And why are players even approaching me for improved contracts when they have agents? Also, are the massively inflated transfer fees due to the very small database available in this version? I've looked around, and players of quality, and/or with potential are costing at least double that paid in the full game, and others not for sale, when readily bought in the full game.
  7. I haven't been clear why the contract offer is greyed out because that's what I came here to find out! My DoF has done nothing - see the title of the thread. It was greyed out when I first went to offer him a new, player contract and has remained that way for 4 in game months. The only contract I was able to see when I clicked on 'contract offer', on the left side bar, was for Ass. Manager, but it was greyed out because Milner felt he wasn't experienced enough to become my Ass. Manager (check his agent's statement). I don't want Milner to be my Ass. Man. Why is there an Ass. Man Contract even there? I want to renew his player contract. There is no option to offer Milner any type of contract. The "1 year rolling contract" appeared on the greyed out Ass.Man. contract, as you would expect, but when I clicked on "Existing Contract" within that Ass. Man contract, (which shows Milner's current 'Player' contract), it was on that also, so something's messed up! Anyway, you answered my question in the second line of your post, so thanks. It doesn't solve my problem with the game not allowing me to offer one of my players a new contract though. I logged it as a bug last week, but there's been no response. Looks like my Vice Captain is going to walk.
  8. As the title really.The reason I'm asking is something (a bug?) is locking me out of offering James Milner a new, player contract. Under 'Current Offer', there is a greyed out contract for Assistant Manager, with a statement from his agent, "My client isn't currently interested in entering into contract negotiations with your club. Liverpool's James Milner has revealed that he is reluctant to join Liverpool as he feels the standard may be too high for this stage of his career." He has staff attributes, but there has been no mention of him retiring at all. Under 'Contract Offer' I can look at his 'Existing Contract' (4 years, due to end in 9 months) and weirdly it says "1 year rolling contract" beneath the Contract Length end date! There is no mention of this in his Contract info, so I took it to be part of the bug. My only option is to Exit Talks. Milner's almost 33, but he's Professional with 17 Determination, and I'd like to keep him around in the hope that he may, one day, actually "organically" tutor someone!! My fear is that the DoF will give him a 3/4 year deal with a weekly wage even higher than the £140k he's on now. Any help on this would be much appreciated.
  9. Of course, thanks. I got one in my first youth intake 5* with 12 for Free Kicks
  10. Is there a way to see a GK's Technical Attributes on the Switch, other than hoping your HoYD provides a Training Report? I can't see anything obvious on the player's profile page. Thanks.
  11. Less "Organic" Tutoring. My original wish was just to know that tutoring was taking place, now I'd like a simplified way of initiating tutoring myself (think FM10ish), OR more, "more organic" tutoring with a notice that tutoring is taking place. There's not nearly enough tutoring for me. 15 months into a save and only 5 tutoring sessions done, involving only 3 youngsters and 3 tutors. My Captain, Jordan Henderson (Professional, Determination 18) hasn't tutored anyone. Milner (VC) & Lallana (both Professional with 17 Determination) haven't tutored anyone. Is this working as intended? Only two Strikers and one GK tutored? Playing FMT Switch.
  12. While I'm here. Every time I press 'A' on the pro controller to select a player on a scouted list, the player is not selected and the list jumps down - as if snapping into a set position - you can then select the player. It also happens on the opposition instructions list just before a match, and the same thing happens when trying to select other items on those lists. The same thing happens on every other list when tooltips are on in my game including the senior squad page. (Tooltips come and go as they please in my game! see "Tooltips not working as intended" bug report). ~Liverpool ~England, Holland, Spain ~No particular date ~Go to list of scouted players, place cursor over player's name and press 'A' on pro controller. ~Game stored on SD Card I only play the game docked, using a pro controller. Thanks.
  13. Hello again, Almost every time I switch to a different tactic all the players I set have gone from all of the set piece takers lists. The 'almost' part is quite baffling, it seems as though it happens when I load a saved tactic that is no longer on the drop down list, but it has definitely happened more than once when selecting one of my tactics that is still on that list. It can't be working as intended because sometimes the lists are as I set them when I saved the tactic (again, mostly when the tactic is still on the drop list) At one point I thought I'd sussed it out. I cleared enough of the tactic drop down list so that the tactics I was most likely to use remained on the list, and the three I cycled through all kept their set piece takers. However, eventually one of those tactics lost it's set piece takers! I change every set piece, and fill every set piece takers list with all the capable players who may be called upon depending on selection/substitutions. It's super tedious refilling twelve set piece takers lists, especially when trialling tactics at the start of the game. (I also spent many hours re-setting all set pieces that had disappeared from tactics I had saved before discovering that the set pieces don't save with the tactic unless they themselves are saved separately - maybe a note for new users, I can't be the only idiot out there) Despite a few niggles, I love the game - this issue though is becoming a pain. ~Liverpool ~England, Holland, Spain ~No particular date ~Load a saved Tactic that has personalised set pieces and set piece takers set, that's not on the drop down menu list. ~Game stored on SD Card Edit: I only play the game docked using a pro controller.
  14. So this isn't a bug? Then could you at least tell me why it's like this. There is absolutely no indication in the game as to why the above situation exists.
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