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  1. Thanks for bringing back the squad personality (dressing room) in scout reports. Edit: and you've given me my touchline team talks. (next step: the option to customise their names)
  2. Checked my computer's resolution settings = 1920 x 1080(native), 60Hz, 32 bit, so I changed FM14's settings to Full Screen>1920 x 1080, 60 Hz. It showed 5* Graphics Capability and I selected "Recommended for this computer" - "Very High" was selected. I went to the match tutorial and my computer went into hyperspace ie the processor usage (4) maxed out and the fans went ape. The jerkiness was back just as it was before. I have no problem with manually setting the Graphics Quality to medium to get rid of the jerkiness because the match looks fine, but I would like to ask a couple of questions: 1) Is there a reason why 1920 x 1080, 59Hz appears at the very top of the game's full screen resolution list and the 60 Hz & 50 Hz 1920 x1080's are both at the very bottom of that list? It kinda suggests it is more significant. (as it proved to be in my case) 2) Is my computer setting of 60 Hz wrong? 3) How come matching the game's setting to my computer's sent it mental whereas 59 Hz didn't? 4) Do I have to change my computer setting to 59 Hz to match the game? 5)As it stands, with my computer set to 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz and the game set to 1920 x 1080, 59 Hz, and a manual setting of "Medium" graphics quality, the match looks fine - is this causing problems I can't see? I have very limited knowledge of the technical side of computers and even though I'm in the "go with what works" camp, I would still like to know what settings are recommended by yourselves. Cheers xxx
  3. My post was in response to a reply to my original question which wasn't about how it worked. I asked: What's happened to the shout "Pass To Feet", as in, it doesn't appear in the "Team Instruction" list. As I said, I have yet to press continue on the demo yet (lots of new stuff to learn first), but I didn't see any "Touchline Shouts" in the match tutorial so I assumed that, along with the old tactical system, they have been superceded by Team & Player Instructions. Did I miss something? Does the shout "Pass To Feet" become available when playing a match?
  4. I wouldn't know about that, I have yet to press continue on the demo (or does your understanding come from an official source?). My experience with the "Pass To Feet" shout is all FM10. I don't know what went on under the hood, but, with my team playing "More Direct", the main visible effect was to cut down thru' balls from both fullbacks, three midfielders and a striker, the rest of team were already set to minimum - I don't recall any changes to passing instructions. When I noticed too many passes going astray or not being collected/met, usually in bad conditions, it seemed logical to tell them to "Pass To Feet". Now, I do understand the difference between real life and a set of game instructions with the title "Pass To Feet", but it did the job. As far as FM14 goes I would imagine that some, if not all, "Shouts" have had their instructions altered before becoming "Team Instructions", if it is now as you say, shouldn't there be a conflict with "Pass Into Space" when selecting "Shorter Passing"?
  5. It is a clear instruction to, well, pass to feet, as opposed to pass into space. A quite significant instruction in my book and very useful in boggy/wet conditions. The only reasons I can think of for excluding it is if it wasn't doing what it was intended to, or was difficult to implement in this version. I highly doubt it. The default must be "mixed" or "no instruction". Having one of two extremes as default and the other as the only alternative is very limiting and makes no sense. (to me anyway) So does having "mixed" and only one extreme option, hence the first of my questions to SI.
  6. A couple of things for SI: What was the thinking behind the "Pass To Feet" option not making it from Touchline Shouts to Team Instructions? & I am very disappointed that the Team Personality Comparison, that appeared on the personality section of Scout & Coach reports prior to FM13 has not found it's way back into the game. The decision to remove this information was down to design, and making the screen look nice meant less space for information. The thing I don't understand is why you removed the important "Team Personality Comparison" information (highlighted) and kept the useless "Squad Personality Description" which is already available at any time on the Club>Information screen. Any chance this extremely useful info will return one day?
  7. I'd be very interested to hear the reasoning behind Determination rising with age. Have you ever seen/heard an explanation from SI why this mechanism exists within the game when it is not noted as a consequence of real life aging? Edit: just spotted this:- so forget the above question.Cheers xxx
  8. Well, you (I) learn something new every day. I always put it down to tutoring because I don't remember ever seeing an older player's (25+) Determination improve. Thanks.
  9. Sorry, I misread your last reply. (You are wrong about the outcome though. )
  10. Sorry for the double post, but just spotted your reply that Determination rises with age. I've never heard of this before is it at a set amount over a given period of time or dependant on certain criteria eg personality, game time, ingame events etc? Are there any other attributes that now improve this way?
  11. Okay, we're still at cross purposes I think. In FM10 I can set one player to tutor any number of tutees and each tutee has the chance of a successful outcome. This is not now possible in FM14?
  12. When I say multi-tutoring I mean One tutor and Many tutees. I've never heard of it being done the other way round, it would be a waste of precious tutors.
  13. I'm sure it is a bug, but I can assure you that every player gets tutored. There is a second type of multi-tutoring where a player being tutored was also able to tutor another player, in this scenario no one gets tutored.
  14. Is it possible to set up multi-tutoring inFM14?