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  1. pigfacemonkeyman

    FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    Sorry for the consecutive posts (could do with a stupid questions thread). I noticed a post from Alex Pitt stating that you can watch the Full Match on the Switch version, but there's no option above Comprehensive on the highlight list - was it removed? Also, (totally unrelated) when I start a new topic, my last topic is still in the typing space, I don't remember it being like this, am I doing something wrong? (apart from posting all over this thread that is) xxx On the off chance that somebody searches this, turns out you can watch the full match on the Switch. However, for reasons unknown, the option isn't available in the "highlights" list under "Preferences". I eventually found it during a match under "Options", along with a host of other camera choices. "Options" can be accessed from a left side bar, triggered with the "Left" shoulder button, during a match.
  2. pigfacemonkeyman

    FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    Playing on the Switch using just a pro controller. I keep hitting the "Continue" button when I don't want to! Many times, without thinking, I hit ZR to get back to the page I just left using LR, it just feels natural. It even happens sometimes as I put the controller down! Is it just me, or something other players have experienced, but eventually got used to? Can't see any remapping facility, or any way to remove "Continue" from the "ZR" button, so would it be possible in future versions to move "Continue" to a less convenient button, or add a disable function? xxx
  3. As title really. Whilst getting to grips with the controls I created several custom copies of Squad views. The one I want is now way down the list, so can I remove some of them? Cheers xxx
  4. pigfacemonkeyman

    FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    Thanks Lucas
  5. pigfacemonkeyman

    Agent Fee £0 - is that unusual?

    I thought there must be a good reason. I've already been skinned by another agent!
  6. I had an offer accepted by Ajax for a young DC. The contract appeared, full of clauses, but the Agent Fee was set to zero, and greyed out. Is this normal practice when dealing with younger players, I mean, he was already on a professional contract? I don't get it, but then I am totally new to FM Touch on the Switch, and just started my first save. The Agent was Elin Martina by the way. (no relationship to me, and regarded as a very impatient negotiator) The introduction of agents was one of the reasons I stopped playing the full game - if I'd known it would be this easy...
  7. pigfacemonkeyman

    FM Touch 2018 Official Feedback Thread

    I can't find "Home Grown Status" to add to a custom view of Selection Info. Has it been renamed, or removed from the Switch version? Any help appreciated. xxx
  8. pigfacemonkeyman

    FMT Wishlist Thread

    Add me to the list in favour of these: 1) Editor (It could be a separate application, with a fair price) 2) Full control in tutoring players 3) Change the nation limit to a division limit. xxx
  9. Thanks for bringing back the squad personality (dressing room) in scout reports. Edit: and you've given me my touchline team talks. (next step: the option to customise their names)
  10. pigfacemonkeyman

    2014 Commonwealth Games

    I don't disagree, it's her amateurish, by numbers technique coupled with the tone of her voice, it just gets on my nerves.
  11. pigfacemonkeyman

    2014 Commonwealth Games

    I thought it might be, thanks. I wish there was coverage without commentary.
  12. pigfacemonkeyman

    2014 Commonwealth Games

    That's the main channel, on the red button it's total athletics coverage with unseen (but sadly not unheard) commentators. I thought I had found sanctuary from all that chat and interview crap that pretends to be T&F coverage, but this woman's voice is really annoying. Anyone know who she is?
  13. pigfacemonkeyman

    2014 Commonwealth Games

    Can someone please tell me the name of the awful female commentator covering the athletics on the red button. I need to put a face to the voice that's giving me a headache. cheers xxx
  14. pigfacemonkeyman

    Who are you listening to RIGHT THIS SECOND?!

    Start A Riot - Jetta
  15. Checked my computer's resolution settings = 1920 x 1080(native), 60Hz, 32 bit, so I changed FM14's settings to Full Screen>1920 x 1080, 60 Hz. It showed 5* Graphics Capability and I selected "Recommended for this computer" - "Very High" was selected. I went to the match tutorial and my computer went into hyperspace ie the processor usage (4) maxed out and the fans went ape. The jerkiness was back just as it was before. I have no problem with manually setting the Graphics Quality to medium to get rid of the jerkiness because the match looks fine, but I would like to ask a couple of questions: 1) Is there a reason why 1920 x 1080, 59Hz appears at the very top of the game's full screen resolution list and the 60 Hz & 50 Hz 1920 x1080's are both at the very bottom of that list? It kinda suggests it is more significant. (as it proved to be in my case) 2) Is my computer setting of 60 Hz wrong? 3) How come matching the game's setting to my computer's sent it mental whereas 59 Hz didn't? 4) Do I have to change my computer setting to 59 Hz to match the game? 5)As it stands, with my computer set to 1920 x 1080, 60 Hz and the game set to 1920 x 1080, 59 Hz, and a manual setting of "Medium" graphics quality, the match looks fine - is this causing problems I can't see? I have very limited knowledge of the technical side of computers and even though I'm in the "go with what works" camp, I would still like to know what settings are recommended by yourselves. Cheers xxx