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  1. Up your tempo so your players are a bit more decisive in and around the box. As for your midfield trio, try playing De Jong as DLP/S in DM, Fred as MEZ/A and Pogba as B2B next to him.
  2. Finally got around to finishing my first full season with United. And it has been a very productive season. Was on same points as Liverpool for majority of the season, but after around two thirds they started falling behind and never recovered. Won the Premier League easily and could play a lot of reserves in the last four matches. As for the cups: in the UCL I needed penalties in the semi's against Juve and we won with a single penalty in the final against Barça! Hard to say where I need to strengthen next season. My best player in the EPL on rating: Chris Smalling - the bedrock on which my defence was built. FM really is only a game :-) In the EPL we had 21 goals conceded (next best, Man CIty had 38) - but this is also due to De Gea of course.
  3. Just got offered 66M euros for Jesse Lingard during the first winter transfer window by Arsenal. Tempted to take this - he's rotation with Alexis, Martial and Mata for the AMR/L positions in my 4-3-3 and averages somewhere around a 6.8. It seems like a lot of money for a squad player, but of course there's sentimental value in having a home grown Englishman playing for my side. How did Jesse turn our in other's saves? Worth keeping around?
  4. Currently halfway through my first season with United. Had some troubles during pre-season with setting up a good tactic and all players still on holiday. I even lost our first friendly 0-7 against some Chinese side. Did finally play a 4-3-3 wide possession or a 4-2-3-1 deep (based on Cleon's segundo volante from last year) and am currently in 2nd place, level on points with Liverpool. No real surprises in the table other than Spurs being 9th and already having sacked Poch. As for transfers, first the staff: I hired Markus von Ahlen as my assistant manager (tried for Rui Faria, but he didn't want to come) and Matthias Sammer as DoF, both for some efficient German professionalism :-) On the player side, I got in Tierney as backup LB for 24M euros and Saúl Ñíguez for 60M (paid largely in installments) to strengthen the midfield. Managed to sell Darmian (15M) and Fellaini (20M) in the summer, and Young, Jones and Rojo will probably leave during the winter. The team has been effective, but should be scoring more goals. Lukaku was out for some time with an injury and the current top scorer in my team is Fred with 10 goals from 15(7) matches. Best player according to ratings is Chris Smalling of all people. He's keeping Bailly out of the team currently! I don't know if I need to strengthen my attack in the winter transfer window, or that I should have faith in Lingard and try to bring Chong and Greenwood through. Will probably depend which players will end up on the transfer list and are too good to pass up.
  5. I've gone with Matthias Sammer, unemployed but known for his time at FC Bayern.
  6. Have played around with the beta and enjoying live so far. Signed Bergkamp as Assistant - not because he's that good, but because he's Dutch, just like me. After around 20 matches we're first, only conceding 5 goals in the EPL - so our defenders are still overrated Will restart when the full game comes out of course, so more detailled updates will follow from then on.
  7. Have been playing FMT mostly with 17 and 18. Will start with full fledged fm19 again this year but see how far I go before I long back to the essence that is in FMT. The endless pressers and stupid interactions with your players in Full mode are major time sinks.
  8. As I was hoping and expecting. SI is a professional company and knows what they're doing. And otherwise your or Sega's legal department would have stepped in
  9. Ah, but is Personal Identifiable Information: it's very much apparent that your users will be putting in their real name, birth date, nationality and such. All PII according to GDPR. There is no reason to store this at any other place than locally on our machines. You need to make very sure you only transfer needed data (age gate might be one) to your systems. And you need to make sure you have a process for your users where we can ask you to provide us with all data you have about us, and ask you to delete it. The privacy policy on the footballmanager.com website links to sega. Apparently I can contact them via email address.
  10. No. I've been using him as a holding DM. If you're playing against weaker opposition, you might give him support duty and/or add get forward to his PI's. Since I couldn't keep Kondogbia, in my second season I'm using a less capable player, who's only good in holding position and destroying opponent's attacks. That the role I want there on the field.
  11. So, a quick update about the start of my second season. The transfer window started brilliantly, with us managing to get in Bernard from Shaktar on a free. He'll play the 'Guedes' role in my system, since I wasn't able to get him again on a loan deal. I got very frustrated by not being able to get certain players from England in on loan, since you can only make a loan bid during the transfer window. And while this was still closed in Spain, other teams in England were able to get in players from the big English clubs. For example, I'd have love to get Fosu-Mensah from ManUtd as replacement for Kondogbia. For the rest, I sold Cancelo and Santi Mina since they were surplus to requirements. I couldn't find any buyer for Nani, and given his wages I decided to give him a try in the first half of the season. Rodrigo kept throwing a fit about wanting to join Sevilla, so in the end I let him go. Getting somewhere between 25 and 35 M euros for him, which is money we can use. As replacement for Kondogbia I wanted a hard working, aggresive DM. After searching on certain attributes and scouting some candidates, Baumgartlinger from Leverkusen seemed like a good, cheap candidate to rotate with Coquelin. Given the departures I also wanted a striker and a new winger. Since we need to make money, buying your players in the hope to sell them with a good profit, I looked at all scouting reports and got in Justin Kluivert and Lautaro Martinez as young, hot prospects. In pre-season we played around a bit with our tactics, trying two strikers and flat midfield settings, but in the end I decided upon keeping the asymmetric 4411 we used in the first season. Montoya as a WB/S and the right midfielder will change between a WP/S, W/S or IW/S depending on the player. Also, when away from home or against strong opposition, we drop down the mentality ladder and play more balls in space, letting Vietto or one of the quick wingers run towards it. With this idea, we managed to win the Supercopa by beating Barca 2-0 at home (and losing 2-1 away). Now on towards the new La Liga season. First results are good, but we got a very, very though draw in the Champions League: PSG, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. The only way we're going to survive that if is everybody takes points from everybody else and not having Bayern and PSG destroying the rest of us. Wish me luck!
  12. So, I finished my first season with Valencia. Playing mostly the tactic I've described before, and switching to a counter variant where we soak up pressure and play our luck going forward, we've managed to come 2nd! Barcelona was untouchable, but we were just a little bit better than the rest. In the cup we had great draws, only having to play Barcelona in the final. We rode out luck, got down to 10 men and finally lost on penalties. Heartbreaking, but to be honest, they were far better. Final table Transfers With the money coming in from Gaya, we got a transfer budget of about 25M euros. Maybe just enough to get Kondogbia in, but I don't think he's worth our entire budget. Let's spend a summer scouting options and think of we can match this next year, while also playing all those extra matches in Europe.
  13. How good are the players who come back from loan after the 1st season? I've just gotten Nani, Cancelo and Bakkali back, but they seem rather lacking in mental attributes, especially the first two. With Kondogbia and Guedes leaving (and Pereira also, but he didn't really play well) we have some gaping holes in our squad, and it'll be hard to put a team together who can match what we did in the first season (more on that in a later post).
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