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  1. Fabinho has been ace for me too. My go-to right back when I have lots of cash. Otherwise Hugo Mallo is very solid.
  2. Has the FM touch for android app ever been discounted? Recently I've bought a tablet which is compatible with FMT (Galaxy Tab A) and I wanted to try out FMT. Found out it costs another €20, even at this time of year. The full FM is discounted 66% in steam, so will the android version get the same discount anytime soon or has this version ever been discounted?
  3. FM17: Everton - Nil Satis Nisi Optimum

    Just took over an Everton side that had just escaped relegation at the end of season 1. Both Lukaku and Barkley want to leave. I'll probably cash in on Romelu, but how good will Barkley become? His contract is expiring in 1 year, so I won't be able to get much cash for him.
  4. Trying to re-create Milan

    Maybe try this as a basis to start from:
  5. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    I wanted to keep him too since he was the bedrock of my defense. But after Man City came in for him at the end of season 2, he threw a fit and spread a lot of unhappiness in my team. So I had to make a painful decision. Didn't get much money for him either (3M euros).
  6. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    With the new patch out, I'm torn wether I should continu my current save or start a new one. And maybe with another team too; AC Milan seem like a fun option. Good youngsters and a giant that has kind of fallen.
  7. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    @DannyFM87 the gate receipts are up. Right now after 26 Liga games, I'm totalling 18.8 M euros compared to 20M total last season. But compared to income from TV money and UCL prize money, the extra income doesn't really impact the financial situation.
  8. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    This weekend I finally had some time to play FM again. A quick update on my fourth season - the first one in Nuevo Mestalla. We're playing the same 4-3-3 tactic as the third season, but the roles of the front three are changed depending on who's playing there (and in relation to each other, e.g. if I don't play Vietto at FC, my AML becomes a IF instead of a AP so there's still enough penetration in the box). So far the results are quite good. In La Liga, we're currently 7 points clear after 23 matches. But I still have to play Barcelona, Real Madrid and Atletico away. In the Copa del Rey, we lost against Tenerife in the last 16 (I believe). But I only play reserves here to try and keep them match fit. So I'm not too worried there. In the UCL we navigated a though group, finishing first (above Chelsea) setting up a last 16 tie with PSG. So, that's going to be a very hard battle. They have been stockpiling talent and have just bought Griezman in the winter for around 85M euros. They really are in a different league financially. As for transfers, I was hoping to build on youth as I described earlier. My wonderkid striker hasn't been as good as I'd hoped (7 goals in 12(20) matches) but he's just turned 20. A change in tactics, partnering him with another striker might bring out more, but I'm still only playing with this idea in my head. My midfield trio of Llorente, Ander and Klaassen has been very good so far. After injuries to Oliver and Vargas I did found myself to be a bit light on the wings (Santi isn't really doing anything for me) so I went looking around for another player in the winter window. Lucas Moura and Iheanacho were transfer listed, but would cost a lot (40M euros). Memphis Depay was also available, for under 10M euros. Not my most favourite player (a bit low on the mental attributes) but economically the best choice. So we got him in, taking the total of ex-Man Utd players in my squad to three. La Liga Table Tactic (and preferred 11)
  9. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Just keep on going. Clear out more deadwood and high earners and start giving youth a change. I've been using Soler, Lato and Villalba a lot together with a regen from the academy. And if a top club comes in with a large bid for one of your players, just sell him - even if it's a key player. You'll need to money. On a sidenote: are you placed in the EL after not making FFP or are you thrown out of all European competitions?
  10. Hi all - and especially @Jambo98: real life has been interfering with my playing time far too much. I haven't been able to play at all the last two weeks, so please give my formation to someone else (4-1-3-1-1).
  11. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    @DannyFM87 there are no rules; only to enjoy yourself. I was just curious. And pr0's updates are very good indeed.
  12. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    I'm seeing Zaza and Orellana in your screenshot. Are you playing with a data update (and with which one if so)?
  13. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Hi @DannyFM87, Belotti is a very, very good buy. I only whish I was able to acquire him. And it'll be very interesting to see how Santi is doing in the raumdeuter role. I should try to play further in my 4th season, but real life has been getting in the way of FM far too much!
  14. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    I believe there is a maximum amount of money the owner can inject into the club to pass the FFP; somewhere around 25M euros, but I might be wrong. As for Nani, I've played him as false 9 in my first season in a strike partnership. Nothing spectacular, but better than nothing.
  15. FM 17 - Valencia CF

    Belotti is a very good buy. A very good player by himself and someone on who you'll make a very good profit!