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  1. Just finished my second season in charge. Managed to win the Premier League again, but far more clearly this year. Was hoping to get to the 100-point and 100-goals mark, but didn't manage to. So that'll be my goal for next year. Was lucky to convince Alexis to not renew his contract at Arsenal, but sign for me. Together with Zivkovic, they ruled the wings for me. Allan was a great addition to the DMC strata, forming the engine room together with Ander. This meant that Pogba could play further forward, using his stengths there. My big signing this season was Varane, as I felt more high quality was needed at the back. Got the to Champions League final, but was defeated by Chelsea. Also had to play them in the League Cup, where I did manage to defeat them. Would have liked for it to be the other way around :-) For next year, I'll add a high profile signing to the attack and try to keep my players - some of them have their head turned by PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Monaco, et al. Might be loosing Bailly, Gaya and Lukaku...
  2. My first season was such a weird one. Have been tinkering with tactics, and had trouble until finally arriving on a 4-4-1-1 that kinda works. Whole season was playing catch-up to Chelsea, while Liverpool where lingering in the bottom half of the table for a long time. In the end, Chelsea lost their last two games of the season, while we won, so we became champions. But it didn't feel that good. And if you take a look at the points total, we really need to do better next year. As for transfers, I brought in Mario and Gaya as new fullbacks, while Darmian left. In the january window, Fellaini, Jones and Valencia left as they all felt they didn't play enough games. The only incoming transfer was Andrija Zivkovic, this time for real. This summer will be another clear out and trying to get some real quality players in. Hoping to get Alexis Sanchez, since he doesn't want to renew his contract at Arsenal.
  3. I always skipped them, so I set my ass man to handle them automatically in the end. Other question: how is Fosu-Mensah doing for everyone?
  4. Stupid press question

    Just got this question about Southampton's play against Chelsea just after they defeated them, handing me the title. So I should be very happy with their play!
  5. I have been playing around with tactics in my first season, and Mata has been played both as MR in a 4-4-1-1 and an AMR in 4-3-3. His ratings: AMR (as IF) - 22 played, 7.25 avg MR (as WP) - 14 played, 7.61 avg
  6. Also having far more trouble than with previous versions of the game. Has taught myself to save after every match.
  7. AP/A with more forwards runs on from the MC position
  8. Ander as CAR/S Blind or Matic as DLP/D Pogba or Mata as AP/A - but Mata was first choice on AMR position
  9. Playing a 4-3-3 with a flat 3 midfield, an AMR and AML and ST. The midfield combination is CAR/S - DLP/D - AP/A (with forward runs) so I have enough runners from midfield. Gives a bit more defensive stability.
  10. Just started my long term save this weekend after playing a bit on the beta. Sold Darmian but couldn't get any takers for Young as I'd hoped for. Brought in Jose Gaya and Mario (from Villarreal), for 17M euros apiece, as new full backs to rotate with Valencia and Shaw. They're doing quite alright at the moment. Fellaini is already complaining that he isn't playing enough, and it's just somewhere in September!
  11. I just tried. Got permission errors (550) from the ftp server when starting upload of file. Any idea why?
  12. I'm also having the same problem on Aug 15th. Confirmed by SI yet or do we need to send savefiles? And by continuously pressing "auto select" I can select quite a team, but not everyone I'd like. So I have the situation where an influential member of my squad is kicking up a fuss and the dressing room agrees.
  13. Player positioning at goal kick

    I'm thinking the positioning of the outfield players when the GK is taking a goalkick is a bit off. Take a look at the screenshots provided of a 4-3-1-2 tactic I'm using: the MC-AMC-FC lines are far too close to each other and leaving an enormous gap between defenders and midfield. Also, the way these six players are standing on each other toes do not really relate to the position in the formation.
  14. FM 18 Beta Retina

    Dutch doesn't bother me, I can read that too. It doesn't look as bad as I feared. Thanks for showing us all.
  15. Clear and thank you for answering. I was hoping that this was the case and that I was too negatively inclined.