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  1. I'm currently in season 2 of a save I started recently - so with latest update. Odegaard isn't doing too bad for me. So I don't think the consistency is that noticeable.
  2. Started out on 20.4 last week and got around to finish my 1st season. Did try and start with a 4-4-2 but had a hard time getting it to work consistently. After January window shifted back to my favorite 4-3-3 style and got the team playing far better. You can say that we're overrated in FM20 still (or that others are underrated maybe). I 'only' make one purchase, in January, which was Lautaro Martinez from Inter to have a better finisher and focus point in attack. Matic didn't perform so he was shipped out and Andreas also wasn't up to much so he moved on loan. Transfers Tactics We had a fight with Chelsea for the title for the longest time, and managed to be far more consistent than they were, delivering us the title with a 6 point gap. We didn't score that many, but we also conceded only a few. The main man, just as IRL, is Bruno Fernandes running the show from midfield and from set pieces. Missing Pogba for a longer period of time due to injury wasn't a problem at all due to him! Competitions The Europa League was easy, with us defeating Frankfurt in the finals. The other cup competitions I'd rather forget - these were lost while I was still struggling trying to get a 442 to work. Now for the next season, let's see how much deadwood I can actually shift, and how I can get a new forward/winger and some extra defensive solidity added to the team!
  3. With the newest update (20.4) it seems - at least for me - that this doesn't work any more. When trying to start negotiations with him, he want around 600k euro p/wk
  4. Ah, didn't see that in the post. Will be patient in that case.
  5. Is the new beta match engine also available in FMT 2020 for Mac/PC? I can change Steam to the public beta version, but I don't see a download happening and version change.
  6. Never seems to work for FMT the way it works for FM though. Still have Zebre instead of Juventus and Real San Sebastian instead of Real Sociedad in Spain for example.
  7. Totally agree. FM Touch on a laptop is much better than fat FM. The only irritating thing is the non-licensed names of teams and competitions which you can't change in FMT
  8. By default, it's under your Library folder in your user's home directory. If you can't see this in Finder, you can use the "Go" menu, see screenshot below: By default you should look in Library / Application Support / Sports Interactive / Football Manager 2020
  9. Yesterday I had to reinstall after the 20.0.2 update - I couldn't select another location. But it works again now,
  10. Definitely an issue in my game. Especially irritating when this happens just after a player has won the ball himself.
  11. I've changed the location setting ("choose the location to save all your files to") to a new FM20 folder I created in my Documents folder. Put all graphics there (in a subfolder) just as with FM19 and before. That way you don't have to search deep in the Library folder.
  12. Just started a new game using pr0/fmtu update after window closed in most of Europe. United predicted to finish 5th and a team that needs a lot of work. 110M left in the transfer budget though. Let's see how this goes.
  13. Waiting for a good update pack, including some much needed ability changes, given how we performed last season.
  14. Depends on what you want. Juve and either Milan club are champions league level immediately and very rich. With teams like Sampdoria, Atalanta or Fiorentina you're below that level and have far less money, but you can challenge the bigger teams rather quickly. Personally I like Fiorentina (where I'm currently managing) due to okay-ish finances, nice youngsters and a lovely kit (and the city itself is pretty nice too).
  15. So I finally found time and energy to finish my fourth season in charge of Fiorentina. After finishing 2nd in season 3, I wanted to get rid of some deadwood, bring some youngsters through and find a signature signing to inspire a new tactic. I've found it very hard to get rid of players. Bennassi and Pezzela were in their last year of contract and demanding ridiculous wages for our level (since we're in the Champions League, everyone expects at least 120k/week) but there where no takers for them the entire summer. I wanted to get rid of Malcom also, but offering him for 15M (while his value was 40M+) only got me 1 party interested, whom he rejected. I might have made a mistake signing him (or at least the gamble didn't pay off) but that's another 5M euros in wages this season I should have spent differently. Thank god I managed to sell Otavio and Saponara, giving me some extra money on top of my budget. Main target for the new season was a good right back, since I only had Hugo Mallo there and his absence due to an injury was felt in the previous season. In the end I found Depaoli from Sampdoria to be a good candidate: he performed well in Serie A and didn't cost too much money. With some of the youngsters signed the years before coming through and Caio Cesar - who my scouts where very enthusiastic about - becoming available I made the decision to switch to a 4-2-3-1 formation and try something differently. Transfer dealings As for the competition, we used preseason and the first few matches to tweak somethings and then we went flying. The first half of the season was amazing, winning almost every game and conceding about 5 goals in total. After New Year we had a more difficult period, and I needed to tweak my tactics more and more. We didn't win the Coppa Italia this year, getting knocked out in the quaters by Lazio. In the Champions League we went top of our group, but found that Barcelona was too much for us in the Quarter Finals - still a good results, given where Fiorentina is coming from. The league was ours however, after a spell of losing and drawing in January, we turned it around and kept our distance from Milan, winning the league with 6 points more than them. Bonus was Fiete Arp becoming the league's top scorer with 24 goals. This win makes it 2 league titles in the last 3 years, so expectations for next year are set! League table As for next year, I'll be missing Pezzela, who accepted another team's offer and will go there an a free. I'll need to get replacement in for him. Also, with me snatching Vanderlei up when Arsenal started bidding on him, I have two great prospects for the AMC position and feel like these are the guys I need to build the team around. Hopefully this summer clearing out rest of the deadwood will be possible. With my current wage budget, I have a transfer budget of around 38M euros, so there isn't as much money to play around with as I'm used to in England. What's been very disappointing is that none of the big, rich English and Spanish clubs have been enquiring about my star players. They've been tearing up the league, but the game doesn't seem to generate interest in them. How does this work for everyone else? My two newgen AMCs
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