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  1. Just started a new game using pr0/fmtu update after window closed in most of Europe. United predicted to finish 5th and a team that needs a lot of work. 110M left in the transfer budget though. Let's see how this goes.
  2. Waiting for a good update pack, including some much needed ability changes, given how we performed last season.
  3. Depends on what you want. Juve and either Milan club are champions league level immediately and very rich. With teams like Sampdoria, Atalanta or Fiorentina you're below that level and have far less money, but you can challenge the bigger teams rather quickly. Personally I like Fiorentina (where I'm currently managing) due to okay-ish finances, nice youngsters and a lovely kit (and the city itself is pretty nice too).
  4. So I finally found time and energy to finish my fourth season in charge of Fiorentina. After finishing 2nd in season 3, I wanted to get rid of some deadwood, bring some youngsters through and find a signature signing to inspire a new tactic. I've found it very hard to get rid of players. Bennassi and Pezzela were in their last year of contract and demanding ridiculous wages for our level (since we're in the Champions League, everyone expects at least 120k/week) but there where no takers for them the entire summer. I wanted to get rid of Malcom also, but offering him for 15M (while his value was 40M+) only got me 1 party interested, whom he rejected. I might have made a mistake signing him (or at least the gamble didn't pay off) but that's another 5M euros in wages this season I should have spent differently. Thank god I managed to sell Otavio and Saponara, giving me some extra money on top of my budget. Main target for the new season was a good right back, since I only had Hugo Mallo there and his absence due to an injury was felt in the previous season. In the end I found Depaoli from Sampdoria to be a good candidate: he performed well in Serie A and didn't cost too much money. With some of the youngsters signed the years before coming through and Caio Cesar - who my scouts where very enthusiastic about - becoming available I made the decision to switch to a 4-2-3-1 formation and try something differently. Transfer dealings As for the competition, we used preseason and the first few matches to tweak somethings and then we went flying. The first half of the season was amazing, winning almost every game and conceding about 5 goals in total. After New Year we had a more difficult period, and I needed to tweak my tactics more and more. We didn't win the Coppa Italia this year, getting knocked out in the quaters by Lazio. In the Champions League we went top of our group, but found that Barcelona was too much for us in the Quarter Finals - still a good results, given where Fiorentina is coming from. The league was ours however, after a spell of losing and drawing in January, we turned it around and kept our distance from Milan, winning the league with 6 points more than them. Bonus was Fiete Arp becoming the league's top scorer with 24 goals. This win makes it 2 league titles in the last 3 years, so expectations for next year are set! League table As for next year, I'll be missing Pezzela, who accepted another team's offer and will go there an a free. I'll need to get replacement in for him. Also, with me snatching Vanderlei up when Arsenal started bidding on him, I have two great prospects for the AMC position and feel like these are the guys I need to build the team around. Hopefully this summer clearing out rest of the deadwood will be possible. With my current wage budget, I have a transfer budget of around 38M euros, so there isn't as much money to play around with as I'm used to in England. What's been very disappointing is that none of the big, rich English and Spanish clubs have been enquiring about my star players. They've been tearing up the league, but the game doesn't seem to generate interest in them. How does this work for everyone else? My two newgen AMCs
  5. @quee quite a thorough and eloquent write up of your season so far. Progress looks good. As for my save with Fiorentina, I'll be a bit shorter. After the great second season in charge, winning Serie A, Italian Cup and Europa League, it'd be very hard to get to the same level again in the 20/21 season. First order of business was to get rid of some deadwood, like Zekhini, Eysseric and Norgard. My main goals for this save are to become a force in Italy and the Champions League and becoming one of the richest clubs in the world. In order to do that, I want to earn a lot of money on player transfers and not spend large amounts on wages. So, this transfer window I had to let go of my major star after Barcelona came in for Federico Chiesa. But for 105M, I couldn't resist. Transfers in were done in two categories: getting players from the transfer list to fill in starting places, and young prospects found by my scouts who might be the stars of the future (and from which I can make a load of money hopefully). So Malcom came in from Barcelona to replace Chiesa, Paredes to strenghen the midfield and Diakhaby to get even better defensively (especially when one of my first choice center backs was injured in season 2, we had a huge problem). Later in the season, during the winter transfer window, I had the option to buy Tonali from Torino, where he didn't play much. I've seen a lot of people raving about him in this topic, so I couldn't pass up on him. Also, Fiete Arp was available, so I got him in to already have a replacement for when some bigger club might come in for Simeone. The results in the first half of the season were fine. We fought with Milan for 1st and 2nd place and held our own. In the Champions League we got out of a much easier group than the season before, but Manchester United were too good in the first knockout round (3-4 on aggregate). The amount of stars in their team was just unbelievable. But after the winter break we had a big slump in form in the Serie A, winning only four (drawing 5) of 11 matches, while AC Milan were still going strong and got a 10 point gap on us. I couldn't find a way to steady the ship, so we had to settle for a 2nd place finish this season, finishing 7 points behind Milan, but also 7 points ahead of third placed Roma. And I'm still proud that we had the least amount of goals conceded. By the way, we did win the Italian Cup again, for the third time in a row, beating AC Milan on penalties after a 1-1 game. For next season I want to sell some of the bigger names I bought before, like Otavia, Malcom and Moreno and see if I either reinvest in better, established players to get better at scoring goals (which I feel is our major issue). Or I put in some of the youth I acquired in these first 3 seasons and let them grow towards the stars they can become.
  6. Worse than I hoped, in this season he only managed 2 assists (no goals) in 14(10) games, rating 6.73. He's indeed the backup for both wing positions. I'll sell him at the end of season 3 to give youngsters some chances to impress. I'm playing FM Touch on my laptop, since I don't have time for all the extras the full game has nowadays. Every season I get a message about non-EU places, but it seems the game doesn't force this rule.
  7. Sure, for most of the season I played the 4-3-3 below. I tried a more possession heavy 4-2-3-1 at the start of the season, but the 4-3-3 suits my players, and myself, better. When I'm up against better opposition, or when I'm a goal in front, I did change the LB to WB/S, dropped the DL and went from shorter to default passing length, sometimes also combined with lowering the mentality to play more cautiously and on the counter. There are no PI's used. And I can already tell you that my third season isn't going as well as my second: scoring goals is getting harder and harder.
  8. One of the main reasons why I selected to buy him when scout reports told me he was available for do-able money. Sometimes just being very quick, agile and having okayish mental stats can be devestating.
  9. Second season syndrome Onwards to my second season with Fiorentina. Great to see @zlatanera also playing with La Viola. Exciting to see how s/he approaches things. In the summer we had - of course - an overhaul at the club. A lot of loanees returning to parent clubs and interest from major (richer) clubs for my star players. In the end, Milenkovic moved to ManUtd for 73M euros and Veretout to Huddersfield of all places for 33-39M depending on some clauses. I had accepted a huge bid for Chiesa also, but he rejected Tottenham and opted to stay with me! This funded my buying spree to find enough players to fill all the gaps and have enough depth to deal with playing in the Champions League. I only found one Bosman signing worthy: Moreno came from Liverpool. Other key signings where Kouamé as AML, Hugo Mallo as RB, Felipe Luiz from Lazio as CB to replace Milenkovic and Gagliardini to play DLP. We kept playing a 4-3-3, though we tried some different approaches the first few matches of the season. In the UCL we got a very though group with PSG, Arsenal and Leverkusen. I was happy to finish 3rd in that group to be honest. In the Serie A we played well, but not spectacularly. But none of the other teams was very good either. Especially Juventus had a torrid first half of the season. We kept on doing what we where good at, which is not conceding any goals. In the end, we only let in 13 goals for the entire season, finishing on 85 points. Which was incredibly enough to win us the league! With us finishing 3rd in the UCL, we got into the Europa League, where we had some easy matches against Anderlecht, Mainz, Dynamo Kiev and Galatasary to set up a final against Tottenham. We played to our strength and with one goals from my signing of the season, Kouamé, we did lift my first European silverware. In the Italian Cup, we also got to the final and beat Inter Milan in extra time to make it three cups in my second season in charge. Now, on the the third season. I'm feeling like I'll be loosing some more players. Everyone wants to renew his contract and get 3-5 times the wages they're currently on and there's no way for Fiorentina to pay that. So it'll be looking at players on the transfer list and high potential youngsters my scouts keep recommending.
  10. Fiorentina (Season 1) So, looking for a new challenge I decided to start a game in Serie A with Fiorentina. A nice team from a beautiful city, aiming to stay in top half of the table and trying to get into the European competitions, but struggling very much in real life (finished 16th this year, fighting off relegation). A team with some young potential, but not very much of squad depth. Not knowing the quad very well, I decided against selling anyone and gave my scouts orders to look for hot prospects. My long term goal is to close the financial gap with the top teams in Italy, for which two things are important: selling players on with (high) profit margins and playing in European competitions. So in the first year, I only bought two youngsters. As for tactics, I tried playing posession, not conceding much changes and hoping that mainly Chiesa and Luis Muriel could give us a goal at the other end. When playing against better opposition we tried to play on the counter, quickly transitioning the ball forward into space. Big surprises where the defenders, especially Pezzella and Milenkovic, who really gave us a rock solid base to build from. In midfield Veretout and Edimilson also held their own quite well. As you can see below, we finished 3rd in the table, a long way behind the leaders, but better than I'd expected when starting this challenge. And the icing on the cake was our success in the Cup: after managing to defeat Napoli on penalties in the quarter finals after keeping them to a 0-0 score, we had an easy semi against Atalanta setting up a final with Inter Milan. By setting up a defensive counter tactic, we totally destroyed them, winning 3-0 and making sure we got silverware in my first season in charge! Now at the end of the season, I see that a load of loans are over, and a lot of teams are interested in my best players. So it's going to be an interesting summer.
  11. Have started a new game with Fiorentina last week. Love the challenge in Serie A. Juventus are of course far better than anyone else, but there are a lot of teams behind them who challenge for the European places: Inter, Roma, Milan, Napoli and a little behind them teams like Torino, Lazio, Atalanta and Fiorentina. With some great young players and a lot of loanees, Fiorentina is both a great and a scary place to be. There's a lot of potential but about half of your first team squad is loaned in, and you don't have the funds to replace them after the first season ends. I believe there were 50 loans (in and out) ending for me at the end of the season. Welcome to Italy... I'll do a more thorough write up a bit later, but I already finished my first season, getting a UCL spot. But first, let's see how the transfer window goes and if I can get through it without losing all my major stars.
  12. Just make sure you try to sign some high profile, but 2nd choice (for you) players and let PSG get them (they seem to be triggered by your moves). Then, sign the player you actually want. Ruben Dias might be a good signing for you btw.
  13. My 4-3-3 is a AMR-AML-FC setup, not three center forwards.
  14. @Rasmus currently in the off season between 1st and 2nd season and PSG have also been unsettling Pogba and De Gea. So far, I've rejected bids by asking for more money, which PSG declined. With De Gea a small conversation helped ("why would you want to leave"). Pogba however, is still unhappy and I did have to do a squad meeting because a lot of his colleagues were angry that I didn't give him a dream move. Telling them that this would weaken our squad got them around very quickly (players are apparently very very dumb according to SI). So far I've seen PSG buying a lot of other players, so I hope their money will run out and they won't come back in for mine. Can you also tell a bit more about your 4-4-1-1 setup? I'm looking at this as an alternative for the 4-3-3 I've been playing first season but haven't been very succesfull in pre season yet.
  15. Started a new game with the Winter Update and just finished my first season. You can really see that Lukaku and Alexis have been downgraded. Lukaku only managed 6 goals in the Premier League (17 in all competitions) so I feel like I need to sell him. I'm being quoted absurd prices for replacements though, so don't know if this is feasible. In the end, we finished third (level on points with Liverpool) after battling it out with City for most of the season (1-2 points between us for most of the season). In the end, we really came up short. However, we did win the Champions League by beating Spurs in the finals! Now onto rebuilding for the 2nd season!
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