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  1. No. I've been using him as a holding DM. If you're playing against weaker opposition, you might give him support duty and/or add get forward to his PI's. Since I couldn't keep Kondogbia, in my second season I'm using a less capable player, who's only good in holding position and destroying opponent's attacks. That the role I want there on the field.
  2. blue heron

    Valencia CF

    So, a quick update about the start of my second season. The transfer window started brilliantly, with us managing to get in Bernard from Shaktar on a free. He'll play the 'Guedes' role in my system, since I wasn't able to get him again on a loan deal. I got very frustrated by not being able to get certain players from England in on loan, since you can only make a loan bid during the transfer window. And while this was still closed in Spain, other teams in England were able to get in players from the big English clubs. For example, I'd have love to get Fosu-Mensah from ManUtd as replacement for Kondogbia. For the rest, I sold Cancelo and Santi Mina since they were surplus to requirements. I couldn't find any buyer for Nani, and given his wages I decided to give him a try in the first half of the season. Rodrigo kept throwing a fit about wanting to join Sevilla, so in the end I let him go. Getting somewhere between 25 and 35 M euros for him, which is money we can use. As replacement for Kondogbia I wanted a hard working, aggresive DM. After searching on certain attributes and scouting some candidates, Baumgartlinger from Leverkusen seemed like a good, cheap candidate to rotate with Coquelin. Given the departures I also wanted a striker and a new winger. Since we need to make money, buying your players in the hope to sell them with a good profit, I looked at all scouting reports and got in Justin Kluivert and Lautaro Martinez as young, hot prospects. In pre-season we played around a bit with our tactics, trying two strikers and flat midfield settings, but in the end I decided upon keeping the asymmetric 4411 we used in the first season. Montoya as a WB/S and the right midfielder will change between a WP/S, W/S or IW/S depending on the player. Also, when away from home or against strong opposition, we drop down the mentality ladder and play more balls in space, letting Vietto or one of the quick wingers run towards it. With this idea, we managed to win the Supercopa by beating Barca 2-0 at home (and losing 2-1 away). Now on towards the new La Liga season. First results are good, but we got a very, very though draw in the Champions League: PSG, Bayern Munich and Inter Milan. The only way we're going to survive that if is everybody takes points from everybody else and not having Bayern and PSG destroying the rest of us. Wish me luck!
  3. blue heron

    Valencia CF

    So, I finished my first season with Valencia. Playing mostly the tactic I've described before, and switching to a counter variant where we soak up pressure and play our luck going forward, we've managed to come 2nd! Barcelona was untouchable, but we were just a little bit better than the rest. In the cup we had great draws, only having to play Barcelona in the final. We rode out luck, got down to 10 men and finally lost on penalties. Heartbreaking, but to be honest, they were far better. Final table Transfers With the money coming in from Gaya, we got a transfer budget of about 25M euros. Maybe just enough to get Kondogbia in, but I don't think he's worth our entire budget. Let's spend a summer scouting options and think of we can match this next year, while also playing all those extra matches in Europe.
  4. blue heron

    Valencia CF

    How good are the players who come back from loan after the 1st season? I've just gotten Nani, Cancelo and Bakkali back, but they seem rather lacking in mental attributes, especially the first two. With Kondogbia and Guedes leaving (and Pereira also, but he didn't really play well) we have some gaping holes in our squad, and it'll be hard to put a team together who can match what we did in the first season (more on that in a later post).
  5. blue heron

    Valencia CF

    @Tunafishdon what was your transfer budget before the start of the 2nd season? Is there enough money to make transfers of Kondogbia and VIetto permanent?
  6. blue heron

    Valencia CF

    I've also started a new game, this time as Valencia. With them finishing 12th two years in a row but seeming to do much better now IRL, I wanted to try them again. I've also been writing about them in this tactic thread. As for transfers, Man City came in for Gaya. Not a player I'd really want to sell, but I also need some money to replace the loan players at the end of the season, so I waited until they would match his release clause of 40M euros. For a replacement I didn't want to spend much money, and finally settled for Jordan Lukaku, who joined from Lazio for 9M where he was a backup. He can fight with Lato for the left back slot. In the january transfer window I found that I haven't been playing Ruben Vezo at all, and that his contract was almost up. So I sold him to Deportivo La Coruna for 2.5M euros. Halfway through the season, I'm current third, but the top five is close together. I'm also still in the Copa del Rey, since I've had the luck of not drawing Barcelona, Real Madrid or Atletico.
  7. @moolochicken it seems to be better now, but I've also added close down less to my DLP in MCL position. I still sometimes see the DM and MCL going after the same man, but my CD's seem to understand that if one of them starts closing down an opponent, the other doesn't. Maybe this has to do with the narrowness TI I've added: the fullbacks (or the wide midfielders in the midfield strata) are also nearby, so there are already two team members closing down. The pressing of opponents is also one of the reasons I've gone for a DMC-MCL-AMCR combination: they all start on a different vertical line when pressing, so it's harder for opponents to pass through them and they are all triggered differently on when to start pressing.
  8. I've been trying this with Valencia. A very interesting club to play as: last two years they've finished 12th, while expectations were far higher. According to FM, they should aspire to finish 5th this year, but they don't have much money and they have 5 players in on loan, of which two are key players (Guedes and Kondogbia) and at least one is an important first teamer. They play in La Liga, where two elite teams (Real Madrid and Barcelona) will be very hard to beat for everyone, and Atletico Madrid is also a notch above everyone, with a lot of world-class talent.So finishing fourth would be a good start to my career at Valencia. The team is set up for a 4-4-2 and in real live, they play a narrow, direct 4-4-2. I've tried some different setups to implement this in FM. First, I want to have a compact team, so I wanted to go fluid or very fluid. Directness means higher risk taking, higher tempo and quick vertical balls. So the mentality will be something higher than standard. Given the quality (or lack thereof, compared to the top 3 teams) I'm very hesitant to go above Control, so that where we'll start. The pros of this is that we get higher settings for tempo, defensive line and closing down. On the other hand, by default this also means a higher width, which I don't want. So my first team instruction to add is play much narrower. In the first friendlies I set up the team as Valencia play in real life: default back four (FB-CD-CD-FB), a midfield four with Guedes as Inverted Winger, Parejo as playmaker, Kondogbia as defensive screen and Soler on the right as wide midfielder or wide playmaker, and finally two strikers (DLF-AF). Immediately, two things were happening which I needed to remedy. Firstly, in FM I find the positioning without the ball and the closing down of opponents when using two strikers to be very frustrating. They stay on top of the two centre backs and don't contribute much to getting the ball back. So, I've moved one striker back to AMC as shadow striker. With the PI shoot less often, because he was taking too many shots from distance. The other thing happening was that the two central midfielders were on top of each other too much, almost holding hands during the game and continuously closing down the same side of play, leaving a gaping hole on the other side. Also, I wanted Kondogbia to be a screen in front of the defence to enable Parejo to be the main playmaker with a little bit less defensive responsibility. So Kondogbia was moved to DMC. See the final tactic below - I also play with the TI to push higher up, since I do want my players to close down earlier when losing possession. During the friendlies and the first couple of games, I added some PI's when I saw things happening that I didn't like: the ML has shoot less often, Parejo has more direct passes as I want him to be ambitious in his passing and the goalkeeper has take short kicks as I don't want to lose possession from goal kicks the entire time. If SI finally comes with an instruction to tell keepers to never, ever boot the ball upfield I'd be so happy. For now I see some good football from my team - we can play patiently around teams sitting deep, and we can be devastating on the counter, playing a quick long ball forward and setting up a team mate with a sideways pass or cross. For now, after half a season we're in third place, but it's still tight at the top. As you can see from my fixture list, I lost two matches at the beginning of the season when I was still working on the tactic, and when I lose, it's away from home. So I'm also making some tweaks to play a bit differently away from home.
  9. I'll try to join - time permitting of course. Wanted some inspiration to start a new save, so I'll start up FM Touch and try to make a 442 counter with Valencia, while also trying to be very prudent financially.
  10. Just finished my second season in charge. Managed to win the Premier League again, but far more clearly this year. Was hoping to get to the 100-point and 100-goals mark, but didn't manage to. So that'll be my goal for next year. Was lucky to convince Alexis to not renew his contract at Arsenal, but sign for me. Together with Zivkovic, they ruled the wings for me. Allan was a great addition to the DMC strata, forming the engine room together with Ander. This meant that Pogba could play further forward, using his stengths there. My big signing this season was Varane, as I felt more high quality was needed at the back. Got the to Champions League final, but was defeated by Chelsea. Also had to play them in the League Cup, where I did manage to defeat them. Would have liked for it to be the other way around :-) For next year, I'll add a high profile signing to the attack and try to keep my players - some of them have their head turned by PSG, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Monaco, et al. Might be loosing Bailly, Gaya and Lukaku...
  11. My first season was such a weird one. Have been tinkering with tactics, and had trouble until finally arriving on a 4-4-1-1 that kinda works. Whole season was playing catch-up to Chelsea, while Liverpool where lingering in the bottom half of the table for a long time. In the end, Chelsea lost their last two games of the season, while we won, so we became champions. But it didn't feel that good. And if you take a look at the points total, we really need to do better next year. As for transfers, I brought in Mario and Gaya as new fullbacks, while Darmian left. In the january window, Fellaini, Jones and Valencia left as they all felt they didn't play enough games. The only incoming transfer was Andrija Zivkovic, this time for real. This summer will be another clear out and trying to get some real quality players in. Hoping to get Alexis Sanchez, since he doesn't want to renew his contract at Arsenal.
  12. I always skipped them, so I set my ass man to handle them automatically in the end. Other question: how is Fosu-Mensah doing for everyone?
  13. blue heron

    Stupid press question

    Just got this question about Southampton's play against Chelsea just after they defeated them, handing me the title. So I should be very happy with their play!
  14. I have been playing around with tactics in my first season, and Mata has been played both as MR in a 4-4-1-1 and an AMR in 4-3-3. His ratings: AMR (as IF) - 22 played, 7.25 avg MR (as WP) - 14 played, 7.61 avg
  15. Also having far more trouble than with previous versions of the game. Has taught myself to save after every match.