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  1. Just make sure you try to sign some high profile, but 2nd choice (for you) players and let PSG get them (they seem to be triggered by your moves). Then, sign the player you actually want. Ruben Dias might be a good signing for you btw.
  2. My 4-3-3 is a AMR-AML-FC setup, not three center forwards.
  3. @Rasmus currently in the off season between 1st and 2nd season and PSG have also been unsettling Pogba and De Gea. So far, I've rejected bids by asking for more money, which PSG declined. With De Gea a small conversation helped ("why would you want to leave"). Pogba however, is still unhappy and I did have to do a squad meeting because a lot of his colleagues were angry that I didn't give him a dream move. Telling them that this would weaken our squad got them around very quickly (players are apparently very very dumb according to SI). So far I've seen PSG buying a lot of other players, so I hope their money will run out and they won't come back in for mine. Can you also tell a bit more about your 4-4-1-1 setup? I'm looking at this as an alternative for the 4-3-3 I've been playing first season but haven't been very succesfull in pre season yet.
  4. Started a new game with the Winter Update and just finished my first season. You can really see that Lukaku and Alexis have been downgraded. Lukaku only managed 6 goals in the Premier League (17 in all competitions) so I feel like I need to sell him. I'm being quoted absurd prices for replacements though, so don't know if this is feasible. In the end, we finished third (level on points with Liverpool) after battling it out with City for most of the season (1-2 points between us for most of the season). In the end, we really came up short. However, we did win the Champions League by beating Spurs in the finals! Now onto rebuilding for the 2nd season!
  5. If you take over ManUtd, Phelan is not there, as he (and Ole) are on iterim contracts. Phelan also doesn't want to join you at United. So you'll have to look for another assistant manager.
  6. Up your tempo so your players are a bit more decisive in and around the box. As for your midfield trio, try playing De Jong as DLP/S in DM, Fred as MEZ/A and Pogba as B2B next to him.
  7. Finally got around to finishing my first full season with United. And it has been a very productive season. Was on same points as Liverpool for majority of the season, but after around two thirds they started falling behind and never recovered. Won the Premier League easily and could play a lot of reserves in the last four matches. As for the cups: in the UCL I needed penalties in the semi's against Juve and we won with a single penalty in the final against Barça! Hard to say where I need to strengthen next season. My best player in the EPL on rating: Chris Smalling - the bedrock on which my defence was built. FM really is only a game :-) In the EPL we had 21 goals conceded (next best, Man CIty had 38) - but this is also due to De Gea of course.
  8. Just got offered 66M euros for Jesse Lingard during the first winter transfer window by Arsenal. Tempted to take this - he's rotation with Alexis, Martial and Mata for the AMR/L positions in my 4-3-3 and averages somewhere around a 6.8. It seems like a lot of money for a squad player, but of course there's sentimental value in having a home grown Englishman playing for my side. How did Jesse turn our in other's saves? Worth keeping around?
  9. Currently halfway through my first season with United. Had some troubles during pre-season with setting up a good tactic and all players still on holiday. I even lost our first friendly 0-7 against some Chinese side. Did finally play a 4-3-3 wide possession or a 4-2-3-1 deep (based on Cleon's segundo volante from last year) and am currently in 2nd place, level on points with Liverpool. No real surprises in the table other than Spurs being 9th and already having sacked Poch. As for transfers, first the staff: I hired Markus von Ahlen as my assistant manager (tried for Rui Faria, but he didn't want to come) and Matthias Sammer as DoF, both for some efficient German professionalism :-) On the player side, I got in Tierney as backup LB for 24M euros and Saúl Ñíguez for 60M (paid largely in installments) to strengthen the midfield. Managed to sell Darmian (15M) and Fellaini (20M) in the summer, and Young, Jones and Rojo will probably leave during the winter. The team has been effective, but should be scoring more goals. Lukaku was out for some time with an injury and the current top scorer in my team is Fred with 10 goals from 15(7) matches. Best player according to ratings is Chris Smalling of all people. He's keeping Bailly out of the team currently! I don't know if I need to strengthen my attack in the winter transfer window, or that I should have faith in Lingard and try to bring Chong and Greenwood through. Will probably depend which players will end up on the transfer list and are too good to pass up.
  10. I've gone with Matthias Sammer, unemployed but known for his time at FC Bayern.
  11. Have played around with the beta and enjoying live so far. Signed Bergkamp as Assistant - not because he's that good, but because he's Dutch, just like me. After around 20 matches we're first, only conceding 5 goals in the EPL - so our defenders are still overrated Will restart when the full game comes out of course, so more detailled updates will follow from then on.
  12. Have been playing FMT mostly with 17 and 18. Will start with full fledged fm19 again this year but see how far I go before I long back to the essence that is in FMT. The endless pressers and stupid interactions with your players in Full mode are major time sinks.
  13. As I was hoping and expecting. SI is a professional company and knows what they're doing. And otherwise your or Sega's legal department would have stepped in
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