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  1. Useful threads have already been pointed out but in my first season I signed Ivan Perisic for about £6m. He was excellent but you have more money than me so you might want to buy a better player rather than make multiple signings.
  2. I saw someone post that having scouts of a different nationality helps. I don't know if that's true myself but might be worth trying unless someone can say it's not true.
  3. Yep, I don't think many would be awfully surprised with a USA win tonight.
  4. Lost his balance, it makes sense. The number of times it's happened to others and the fact there's no videos or a previous record shows that he's not lying
  5. Not had much time to play what with the World Cup and all. Currently in November 2018 in first place though. I've noticed that Thiago and Lamela at PSG are both up for sale for a combined £40m because they want CL football. I know I can't sign them, but I want to!
  6. Couldn't he just not repeatedly bite people? It's Liverpool's problem for signing him and they should blame him, not Fifa.
  7. Wouldn't people have said that this time last year?
  8. England are out of the world cup?! I can't believe no-one mentioned it!
  9. You really are, though. Numerous countries can make up one state, not the other way around. A state is sovereign and independent while a country refers to nationality.
  10. You're confusing 'state' and 'country'. Don't be ridiculous. Nation and country are well known to be interchangeable. England is quite clearly a nation.
  11. A country can be defined as a territorial entity with a generally distinct population.
  12. He's completely wrong, though.
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