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  1. If you don't want to alter the data files (the Ross Ingersoll Method), the only other thing you can do if you have a specific club in mind is to change the chairman status from whatever number it is (1-10,000) to 1. This will make him want to sell the club as soon as possible and will trigger the takeover process. The problem with this is, the odds of the club then being bought by a tycoon is very low - there is no telling how long it might take you. What I do is set up the game with no major changes to the database, load all of the leagues I find I might be interesting to manage in, and then sim five years. I check FMRTE and see what tycoons there are, if any. Oftentimes a takeover will fail, so I have a one month rolling save (new file for each save) and alter my subscriptions to only include takeovers. Then I load every four or five months and search the inbox for the keyword "tycoon". It's inefficient, but I don't want to alter the files like Ross has suggested. If you've got the time, you can run through five years fairly quickly; there's a lot of deleting save files and trying again, but I've got the free time to let it run for hours on end while I do crap around the house.
  2. I downloaded FMRTE and use it to search clubs; it has a drop down option that makes it possible to search for only foreground sugar daddy owners. After looking at the list a few time, I've got the pre-existing tycoons memorized and can tell when there's a new one.
  3. My computer runs circles around this game and I never load more than 60k players. I don't really get what value one would receive from loading every single player in at the start of the game. By season three you'd have close to a million. I always figured it was more a "cuz I can" sort of deal, really; but would love to be enlightened as well.
  4. Here's what I do (I'm nobody special, just a guy with a lot of time on his hands): 1. Go into preferences and have the game create a unique save file every month. This is the most important part and gives you the best chance to find tycoons on takeover date. It isn't foolproof, as you'll see below; but it does work fairly well. 2. Holiday a new save out to July of 2017. This date can be any that you choose, it's completely up to you. Personally, I don't like getting into a save that goes much further into the future, I find it hard to jump in and get into a game if it's much further out. This usually takes around 2 to 3 hours, depending upon how many leagues I loaded each time. 3. If you don't have it, download the real time editor that is not sold by SI; I believe there is a free version. I don't know if will get in trouble for naming it, but it's the one that is an acronym(fmrte). It allows you to search clubs based on a host of different parameters. Fix the drop down owner type to "Foregrond" and search. It will bring up a list of all of the Foreground sugar daddy clubs in the game. There are some that start out with a sugar daddy; after a few times of looking at this list you'll be able to quickly spot new entries. 4. Go into your game and find any clubs that have new foreground tycoon owners, and go to the History-Landmarks page to check the date. Make a note of it. 5. Go to load a save, and search back through the long list of monthly saves that you'll now have (if you leave it 'Untitled' they will all say 'Untitled - Date of save') and open the one either right before or right after the takeover. Which one you choose is really up to you, I like to find them on the day they happen, but this can get tedious. Open the save and straight away add a new manager. If you select the club that has the potential tycoon, in the box that lists the how much the owner loves the club it will read "In the process of a board takeover. Cancel the new manager and then end your holiday. 6. From there, you're golden. If the takeover is yet to occur, add that club as a favorite and move forward one day at a time. Sometimes, the takeover will collapse; if so, just reload and step through again. I've got tons of files saved as "Potential" takeovers, I should go through and move them forward, then upload a "megapack" (lol) for you guys to browse through... If I'm able to get caught up on freelance work soon, I'll do just that. Some of the recent ones I've gotten are West Ham, Ternana, Milan, Doncaster, and I think there's a few more on this latest patch. I inadvertently deleted a few files over the weekend or I'd have much more. That's just how I do it; like I said, I've got free time during the day to load a new save, holiday ahead, then check for tycoons. If you don't, or are a busy person, this might not be the method for you. Please note, it is rare to get them, lots of times you'll have in effect wasted the last two hours. I've noticed too, that certain clubs are more likely to get them; I have three separate Doncaster tycoon saves right now, and could have had two more had I not said enough is enough and deleted them. It seems like it's all random, but there is definitely something that causes certain clubs to be marked for it. The way I do it does not alter the game in any way, I'm not changing the owner's status or anything; I just holiday lots and lots of saves.
  5. Here's another one: Club: Preston North End - League 1 (note: their squad looks really thin at first glance) Date of Takeover: 26th September 2016 Current Date: Same as above Budgets: Nothing is listed yes -- window closed until January https://mega.co.nz/#!84wGmJ6a!ZEFjpyRkYhMTqLgbESnS-u01z8ei3bWUtbiKFnez_a0 Leagues: Argentina (Premier Division), Brazil (First Division), England (League 2 and above), Spain (Second Division B and above), France (National and above), Germany (First Division), Italy (Serie B and above), and Israel (National League and above).
  6. I've just got one I don't recall ever seeing before. Club: Bolton Wanderers Date of Takeover: 26 September 2015 Game Date: 27 September 2015 Club Value: $55 Million (but still holding dat debt) Budgets: Nothing has been announced yet. https://mega.co.nz/#!IsginDQD!rIYi_2AM7Cv73UcpAsRQTVn9pz5MugEklIHeU1j9k8s Leagues: Argentina (Premier Division), Brazil (First Division), England (League 2 and above), Spain (Second Division B and above), France (National and above), Germany (First Division), Italy (Serie B and above), and Israel (National League and above). Let me know if that link doesn't work, this is my first time using this particular site.
  7. I was testing a custom database that activated the Moroccan leagues when I noticed Millwall had a tycoon snooping around. It's the end of March, 2014 and the new owner has just taken over. It's a fairly small file as I was really just simming the first few seasons to make sure Morocco didn't crash the game-I've made it 20 years without a crash so the game should be safe. http://www.mediafire.com/download/sfea0ews8wjamle/Millwall+Potential.fm
  8. Go ahead and upload it, vale; I'd love something different. Thanks!
  9. Ty, I'd love to give the Almeria save a shot if you are able to upload. This could be my first foray into Spanish football!
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