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  1. Is it just me or does the match engine seem to generate a lot more blatant goalie errors than it used to? I am not claiming a lack of realism per se. After all, I am a Southampton fan, but it does seem strange.
  2. Jaded

    I must be missing the obvious but I do not see it. Can you be more specific about where I put the mouse pointer once I get to the squad screen Nevermind I found it under view club
  3. Jaded

    How do I deal with players who are jaded and in need of a rest. Last year I sent them out on leaves of absence but I can't find that option anywhere this year? Any suggestions?
  4. Of course, it is not yet certain that these deals will actually pass muster under FFP--although I expect that they will do so in FM 2014. Maybe not in FM 2015.
  5. Why do all my young players seem to think they need to go on loan for first team football. I am running an English Premier League Team in the Level 1 youth competition but nearly all my young players want to go out on loan. Is this really what happens in the real world? I live in the US so I can't really keep track of the detailed inner workings of football teams on such issues but in my frequent internet reading about my real world team (Southampton) they seem to be able to keep their young players home where they can control their development. I would like the same opportunity. Or should I just ignore their complaints? Or are they right and playing first team football in the lower divisions is better for their development?
  6. parachute payments

    I think I need an option to talk to the board and tell them that I am sorry we are projected to be 5.5 million pounds over the financial fair play limit but it is only because the bpl didn't pony up their parachute payment as promised. I am scheduling international day friendlies against big teams to reduce the deficit. Somehow this doesn't seem realistic.
  7. parachute payments

    I checked back at my saves. It definitely did not happen for Wolves on the 2014-2015 season update day. There was no big income item that suddenly appeared and no big jump in the cash balance.
  8. parachute payments

    I thought that might be what happened with respect to the 2013-2014 payments. However, I have not received the 2014-2015 payment yet--although it is just the beginning of August 2014. Should I expect it when the season officially starts?
  9. FM14: new intake of youth players

    Besides, he may have been experimenting to see what would happen. I often save my game after I get the new players and then reload several time before going to back to the original "real" ones. Somewhat more responsive to the original question--I have noticed that the stars you see when you first get the new intake is not the same as the real stars you get after a while. In my first Wolves intake I got a 4.5 and two 3.0 star potentials. After a a few weeks they were all four stars. After four months the are now 4.5, 4.0. and 3.5 stars. Sometime in the past couple of years I think they made the initial judgment of regens much less reliable.
  10. parachute payments

    It's not happening. I have no line for TV payments from the premier league and, as I indicated above, no single item of income large enough to be those parachute payments. My total TV income for the 2013-2014 season was 732,716 pounds. Is there any chance that the comparatively large cash balance I stated with reflects all four years of payments. Did management sell off the future income for a lump sum?
  11. Small but annoying issue

    Its what you deserve for taking advantage of a flaw in the games AI and buying Ward-Prowse.
  12. parachute payments

    What is it called? In my first season, the second season after the Wolves were relegated no single income item for the season totaled anywhere near what I think the parachute payments would be.
  13. When do teams that have been relegated from the BPL receive their parachute payments? I am into the second year of playing a Wolves save and I have yet to see any sudden influx of money that is labeled as such.
  14. I did this but it sure looks like most, if not all, of the file transfers failed. Either the directory could not be created or permission is denied. I tried copying the folder and changing its name but that didn't seem to work either. In any case, I will let the process run its course the folder should be hamed Sports Interactive-Redbyrd Later: It doesn't seem to be working. sorry.