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  1. Thought you meant financial balance! As in "where does money come in useful?" lol
  2. One quick question - is this wage figure pre-tax?
  3. Was in my 11th season with Bath City on FM10 until a couple of months ago... my hard drive died
  4. So it depends on your youth as well? Because I've recently experienced this. So half of my first team are now struggling to fit in because most of my under 18s that have just come in are different to them?!?!
  5. Same here! I think the fact that 2 years on and tihs thread is more relevant than ever speaks for itself. The game feels very limp and lifeless in a long career save
  6. Crewe 5 - 2 Preston My goalkeeper scored the opening goal with a goal kick that bounced into the opposition penalty area and over their goalkeeper's head lol. Unfortunately, my DC captain performed terribly and was responsible for 3 of the 5 goals giving him a rating of 4.2! Was considering dropping him and selling him next transfer window as he's been poor all season. But I needn't bother... I've just been sacked!!!
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