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  1. His location says he is from Texas, so I would imagine that is why he is using the American English option
  2. Not that I would ever accuse someone of lying But could you post up a screenie of Germany's stats for that game please?
  3. He was probably subbed off before the goal was conceded. If not, then it's a weird bug :confused:
  4. What website? I thought this was a dating chat room On my journey through the Wiki, I have found a few pages I can, hopefully, improve, including the Bristol City one, so I will get started on doing that in some spare time over the next few weeks No, thank God, live about a mile or so uptown. Can still hear the noise if there is a concert or something on though
  5. Brean? There aint no Butlin's there, I do live down the coast from there though Me too actually. Great to see word of an endeavour from here being spread around EDIT: Need to type faster
  6. Thank you for being so gracious TBH, they are both rubbish IMO. Live in a town with a Butlin's in it and a Haven just up the coast so I see a lot of the riffraff they attract
  7. I'd like to see you try Alan I'll have a look through the Wiki now and make a note of anywhere I feel I can contribute and get on it when I next have some free time. That good enough for you sir?
  8. Oop, sorry about contributing to the off-topicness, convo got interesting and had to join in. FWIW, I did mean to be involved in doing the Wiki, but I have had a lot of real life work to do that has eaten into the time I would have used to do this
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