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  1. Not too fussed about squads, was interested in program updates, if there are any
  2. Right, I'm new to playing FM Handheld, just picked up 2011 for the PSP and was wondering if there are patches available like with the PC version? Not noticed any bugs as such, but would like to be playing the most up to date version if possible
  3. Or just use a USB memory stick
  4. That being the operative word tbh
  5. Request: FAO Mods

    You shouldn't need your email addy. IIRC, you just put in your username to log in
  6. Posting a picture

    Needs to be uploaded to a site like photobucket first though. Then you paste the resultant link
  7. Sure there's a sub forum for discussing things a bit like this somewhere......TOF? OFT? FOT? Something like that..
  8. You should be able to just deselect Youth in the filters menu
  9. Check the Records Thread in CSE
  10. What does CA/PA mean?

    CA = Current Ability PA = Potential Ability They are essentially a number that tells you overall how good a player is at the current time (CA) and how good he could become with the right training, tutoring atc (PA) The only way to see them is to use an external tool, such as the editor that comes with the game, or a 3rd party piece of software such as Genie Scout of FMRTE
  11. How are SI supposed to tell when this one is working without it being on the board?
  12. Due to the league editor now included with the game, it seems fairly unlikely that any new leagues will be added for the time being.
  13. I think a lot of people who know you have too
  14. Searching your name eh? That's one step from starting a thread about the greatness that is NepentheZ
  15. Yet again, big shocker that Nep turns up in this thread......