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  1. ftg87

    The all new Doctor Who thread. - Geronimo!

    Was Clara with the Doctor when the TARDIS grave opened? If so, surely she now knows his name, seeing as she was the only one (bar the Doctor) to be able to see and hear River
  2. People getting annoyed that Taker won at WM Was thinking that myself. If he stays in that shape and if his surgeries has gone well, it's possible he could do a bit more than just the one match a year
  3. That ending was ****ed up, looked like they did that on the fly because Jericho missed the Lionsault
  4. Whoops, no I didn't There is a caffeine free version too tbf Having googled a tad, it seems that Punk does enjoy Red Bull, so how straight edge is he really?
  5. Plus CM Punk wouldn't drink full fat Pepsi, it having caffeine and him being Straight Edge and all [/pedantry]
  6. You must have missed this the other day then: https://twitter.com/TheRealXPac/status/309703762656759808
  7. Right, I'm back again lol. Been crazy busy lately so not had the time or a decent connection to get online. You guys still about on the game?
  8. I think the exact opposite tbh, putting the X Division title on him was a waste of time imo. He's past it in my mind and every single one of his matches is the same. That said I'm glad they aren't throwing the World Title at him anymore, hated him as TNA Champion. Awful booking imo. He has put Kenny King over now though, so the X Division is back to how it should be
  9. Yeah, the members of Aces and Eights are not exactly huge megastars, but to me it doesn't really matter too much, other than the announcers going "OMG! That's former WWE star Mike Knox!" etc. which is obviously fecking stupid. The point of the stable is that they have big numbers and because of this they can do pretty much whatever they want with few repercussions. Who makes up the numbers, to my mind anyway, is fairly secondary. The obvious storyline is that TNA are being overrun by these people and, especially now with D'Lo who is a fairly big deal backstage, they can get away with it. The TNA lockerroom will eventually "overcome" these invaders but the fact that right now they are pretty helpless is fairly interesting to watch imo. Tbh though, it has dragged on a bit and, yes the members are not big enough names to have a huge impact, but it's definitely one of the better stables and storylines that I have seen for a while
  10. ftg87

    Very bad people want to kill me

    Lend me your login for five minutes and I'll sort this all out now
  11. ftg87

    Ctrl + V

  12. ftg87

    Very bad people want to kill me

    Where has this DMX lunatic come from all of a sudden? Whether he is on a troll or serious, he is unhinged. Top stuff mind lads, KUTGW
  13. How have you come to the conclusion that that guy is the leader?