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  1. FM17 Announced

    It's not in their interests to formally announce it if they're not ready to start marketing it and announcing features. The dates of which are entirely up to them.
  2. I personally wouldn't play a traditional wing-back with a traditional winger, although I don't think there's a law against any tactical decision if you can find a reason that it works. A wing-back would definite operate well with an inside forward - many modern attacking sides play this way (one or both full-backs are operating as wing-backs in practice, even when part of a back 4 with wide players ahead). I'm never quite sure about the wide midfielder role, it probably depends on the player and what he likes to do in the position.
  3. Regarding attributes

    I think just because a player has that physical ability doesn't mean they give a proverbial about using it all the time I know there are FM players who hate this aspect of the game, but getting your players to give that proverbial is a big part of the challenge.
  4. I knew virtually nothing about football before I started playing FM. I mean, sure, get the goal into the back of the net - but I didn't really understand how goals were constructed, and the various ways a team could defend, transition, and attack, on the pitch. A few thousand hours of playing FM, and a few hundred watched football matches, and I've come a long way.
  5. Post a screenshot of your finances screen and particularly the salaries page?
  6. double hatrick achievement

    A Georgian regen striker did this for me, when I was managing Vindjbart in the Norwegian top division, in FM13. He was actually very inconsistent most of the time, that one game basically doubled his goal tally for the season.
  7. Do I enjoy Press Conferences? Like real managers, most of the time I dead bat questions. Sometimes, I'm either fired up and angry, or extremely happy, and I respond accordingly. That feeling immerses me in the game. So yes, I like having them in, it really adds to the experience of the game for me.
  8. That's funny, I've played seven competitive matches and have had a few hit, all significant ones. Two three or four months, one out for the season, and a couple which are just three to four weeks. I'd guess that it's just luck and should even itself out - either way
  9. Only 289 hours officially, but the real number's probably a few hundred hours higher than that, I played a lot of it offline.
  10. Tycoon Takeover in League 1?

    I saw that happen in Norway as well, in FM12 I think it was. A wealthy tycoon took over one of the bottom teams in the top division, the manager signed a lot of players who didn't seem to gel, and the performances were pretty ordinary - the club avoided relegation, but didn't come close to challenging for honours despite having the second biggest wage budget after Rosenborg. It'd make more sense for the AI to invest in facilities, and improve the squad incrementally. But it doesn't seem to be able to think strategically like that
  11. Same games, particularly the ones loosely known as 'roguelikes' (FTL, Binding of Isaac) are really interesting to watch because of the random and unusual nature of the events that happen in the game, and the various strategies that players use - and the lengths of games are quite short. Football Manager, not sure how it would work. I think it comes down to the fact that the features are in the game, it's up to players to make use of them on social media, some people may find creative and interesting ways to use them, most people won't. That's OK by me.
  12. FM15 Complexity

    I've always ignored PPMs, because players mostly do what I want them to do anyway. Sometimes their decision making fails but that's OK, they're (simulated) human. On the main point of the thread, I think there was an obsession with older FMs with finding the 'perfect tactics' because, in those games, there were ways to exploit the match engine, if you got things just right, and that would lead to you winning everything with no true demonstration of skill. FM14? Not so much. There are many ways you can set up, they are all viable ways to play the game, you just have to keep mindful, know that sometimes your own tactic may need adjusting for a particular opponent, and understand that you won't always win everything. And you do have to pay attention to morale and similar factors - it's not difficult to do or time-consuming, but you can't ignore them completely. On the whole I consider the experience to be a more rewarding one.
  13. FM15 Complexity

    The game doesn't explain this very well. But I'm absolutely certain that the 'recommended best role' is best ignored. It can give you some ideas about how certain players might be used, but I don't believe it is ever the best way to use them. For example, the game recommends that every one of my full backs be a 'limited full back' - with one exception, one of the players is recommended as a 'complete wing back'. That's pretty much bonkers. I want my full backs to be involved both defensively and offensively as the situation demands it, and I also want them to work in tandem with a winger. So the assistant manager crunches some numbers and tells me that a player is optimal for a particular specialist role? It doesn't matter. I can place him in a generic role, with full confidence that he will bring his individual strengths to that role, and most importantly, balance the team so that it defends solidly, attacks cohesively, and can transition rapidly. I do use two or three 'specialist' roles in my tactic, but they're particular roles that ensure the team has the right shape on the pitch, and sometimes I put a player who's not entirely suited into a particular position. Not ideal, but it's still better him doing that role than something that leaves the team unbalanced. E.G. I have two fit strikers that are best suited to be a 'poacher'. Am I going to play two poachers up front? No way. One of them's going to be the deep lying forward to help win the ball and create in the midfield, and the other one's going to be the advanced forward who leads the line.
  14. FM15 Complexity

    FM14 has a learning curve - it took a while for me to really understand what's going on. I was making the same mistake that I think a lot of players make - I was overmanaging in response to what was happening on the pitch, by changing the match strategy constantly. I didn't appreciate that less is more - the players will do what they need to do themselves, so long as the team duties are balanced, and there aren't any basic issues e.g. where your defenses are overloaded, or your attackers are isolated, due to a particular tactic that you're facing. And player roles and duties are more flexible than you might think - a defending full back will still get forward and add width if he's up to it and the match situation demands it. So I've been 'easing off' on the levers, only using team instructions when there's a genuine need to do so, and I'm getting dividends from it. What I think FM15 actually does need is an advanced tutorial system - not just showing players around the interface, but setting up scenarios where they have a team, a standard formation, and are facing an AI that has a particular counter to it. Teach the player what they need to change, that would make a difference on the pitch. A "FM Tactics 101" in game. I think it would really make a difference for some players.
  15. I never go into a match without a sub keeper. You don't need them often, you might go season after season without needing them, but when you do, you don't want to be caught without it. I did tear up once - I had a young striker win the Golden Boot for my Weston-super-Mare side in Skrill South. Before the start of the next season in the Conference Premier, he broke his leg in a friendly, out for around 9 months and was never the same player.