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  1. Maybe it needs to be renamed to 'Take Speculative Shots'. I feel there is a 'highlights bias' effect on a lot of FM players though - they see the wasteful shots, but they don't see the attacking players pass the ball around meaninglessly in the attacking third, because there's a 'work ball into box' instruction that's leading to wasting possession and ignoring scoring opportunities.
  2. I've seen my match cohesion improve significantly by focusing training both on team cohesion and on teamwork for match preparation. I suspect, but haven't confirmed, that playing footballers together who are in 'partnerships' (complementary positions and both good at their rules) probably builds it faster - I have struggled to do that. Like you I'm still coming to grips with the game but I think I'll figure it out.
  3. I love the idea, and I hope women's football continues to grow around the world to the point where it's feasible and commercially viable for them to include it. I don't expect to see it for a long time yet. I don't think complaining by people who are struggling to deal with social change is going to stop them, nor should it.
  4. I haven't found any of the advice that bad although sometimes I find the team selections look odd, and sometimes your assistant manager will give you advice that doesn't relate to the kind of football you have been training your team to play. I think about it this way - your assistant manager is a simulated human and he has a vision of how he thinks the game should be played, and he's going to make that suggestion to you. If you don't have the players to suit, you probably need to get them signed, and it probably is going to be the smoothest experience if your assistant manager, your director of football (if you are using one), and yourself all have similar tactical ideas. In an ideal world. Of course the assistant manager AI might just be a bit mad as well, that's a thing.
  5. Nice, I can actually use this feature now in lower leagues It was just a little bank-busting before (certainly for average clubs in the division). Really happy they paid attention to the feedback.
  6. I'm not even trying to scout in lower league after seeing just how much it costs for even small local operations. I'm just inviting EVERY player who approaches me to sign up for a trial. It'll probably be unfeasible a division or two higher though if I get up there.
  7. I'm a bit daunted by it. I'm playing in the lower half of the Conference North (I love trying to build up from a low base) but since I started scouting, even without buying any packages (I can't even afford the lowest one), just scouting a handful of English players each week with one part time scout is really creating a substantial cost, and it's not that easy to find players who could improve my poor Guiseley FC who want to come to it. I'm not sure how I *should* be doing it. I'm obviously not interested in guides which say 'get this specific player, that specific player' because it breaks the spirit of how I like to play, and isn't viable once regens come into the game. I'm sure there's an affordable and effective, and hopefully immersive way to find the right kinds of players though. Just need to figure out what it is.
  8. It's not in their interests to formally announce it if they're not ready to start marketing it and announcing features. The dates of which are entirely up to them.
  9. I personally wouldn't play a traditional wing-back with a traditional winger, although I don't think there's a law against any tactical decision if you can find a reason that it works. A wing-back would definite operate well with an inside forward - many modern attacking sides play this way (one or both full-backs are operating as wing-backs in practice, even when part of a back 4 with wide players ahead). I'm never quite sure about the wide midfielder role, it probably depends on the player and what he likes to do in the position.
  10. I think just because a player has that physical ability doesn't mean they give a proverbial about using it all the time I know there are FM players who hate this aspect of the game, but getting your players to give that proverbial is a big part of the challenge.
  11. I knew virtually nothing about football before I started playing FM. I mean, sure, get the goal into the back of the net - but I didn't really understand how goals were constructed, and the various ways a team could defend, transition, and attack, on the pitch. A few thousand hours of playing FM, and a few hundred watched football matches, and I've come a long way.
  12. Post a screenshot of your finances screen and particularly the salaries page?
  13. A Georgian regen striker did this for me, when I was managing Vindjbart in the Norwegian top division, in FM13. He was actually very inconsistent most of the time, that one game basically doubled his goal tally for the season.
  14. Do I enjoy Press Conferences? Like real managers, most of the time I dead bat questions. Sometimes, I'm either fired up and angry, or extremely happy, and I respond accordingly. That feeling immerses me in the game. So yes, I like having them in, it really adds to the experience of the game for me.
  15. That's funny, I've played seven competitive matches and have had a few hit, all significant ones. Two three or four months, one out for the season, and a couple which are just three to four weeks. I'd guess that it's just luck and should even itself out - either way
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