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  1. this tactic work on 12.0.2 ? because i dont see good results....i'm using AsRoma maybe i'm doing something wrong
  2. i've got asroma now and i want replace vucinic maybe i buy dzeko ....what about Hulk or Lukaku ?
  3. this tactic is amazing in attack but sometimes create a hole in midfield and take easy-goals on counterattack if u take a striker and put him in trequarti (centre) and u work on defence u will create the best 4-2-3-1 on fm 2010 i will try but i'm not good as u
  4. i have got problems against top teams..i dunno what to do
  5. good tactic must improve defence . attack is great i think that u can use this tactic for a 4-2-3-1 too c'mon mr.hough we w8 you
  6. i'm using complete dominance from a year (more or less) and is amazing...i win all in every country against every team now i'll use this 4-1-2-3 unbeaten final version mr. hough we wait you in fm 2011 ...you have done an amazing job in fm 2010
  7. i'm using "goalsstorm final version" and is amazing...is better than v3 for me clap clap Vu Duc Tu
  8. hi all this is my first post this is the best tact for fm 2010 really gz
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