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  1. det 14. It may be screaming into the void, but obviously player development should not be done at 22. He's a winger, and the game itself says players shouldn't peak for several more years.
  2. I acquired a player at early age 22, 170 CA / 200 PA He has an 11 ambition and 14 professionalism. I have world class facilities, every coach gives 4.5 stars in their category. In two years he's now a 169 CA. He's had a handful of slight to moderate injuries, never missing more than 3 weeks. This last season he played 37 matches, 12 goals, 12 assists, 5 POM awards 7.16. I just won the EPL for for the first time and won the Champions League Last year and quarter final this year so he's had top notch competition. Club rep is worldwide. Why isn't he improving? Is 11 ambition so l
  3. The tester was great thank you. The one thing I've noticed about it is its REALLY hard to make a 'perfect' tactic where all the minimum numbers for support, penetration and solidity are met. Solidity especially is very difficult. It basically seems essential that you have a DM to get close to 15.5 But still definitely makes you think through the details.
  4. Any advice on how to get DLP to more effectively impact play? I have a few elite to world class DLP but whether they are at DM or CM, they are always getting pressed like crazy, meaning they will either get skipped over by my players or they'll play a quick back pass when they receive the ball. The result is they are often my player with the lowest match rating, with minimal assists. Support or defensive doesn't seem to matter and I've tried several different formations. Also does a BPD attract the ball the same way a playmaker does? If together do they tend to just
  5. I've been running Vertical Tiki Taka and for the most part it works quite well, except... I'll have some matches where my Gx will be excellent, but I'll fail to score. What is happening is that I end up with 3-4 players and accompanying defenders stacked up right in front of the goal in the box. They are then shooting when they get the ball, and sometimes multiple rebounds, but since the box is so congested, it just ends up in block after block. These register as good Gx shots, but they really aren't, because there's a wall of defenders (and their teammates) in front of the goal.
  6. Yes the 2 DM formations are very common. But then, how do I use him in that case? My question is less 'why isn't this working' but 'how can I make something that does.'
  7. There seem to be a lot of small strikers in my save. I've acquired an elite one who is good at pretty much everything except being tall. Any advice on how to use him in a 433? I have naturally inverted wingers. I've tried playing him as a DLP(A) and (S), F9, and Treq. Despite a 19 off the ball, he still seems to crowd deep into the box with the two IWs set on support and my Mezzala(A), resulting in a lack of space which with his stats he clearly needs since he's not going to out-jump or out-muscle defenders. I thought with the DLP, F9 and T roles, he'd back off and find spa
  8. ok, well if this is not a common problem then I'll assume I got lucky and take it from here
  9. I haven't played FM since 2019. I picked it up as part of XBox game pass on my PC. Decided to start as Fulham, since I wanted the challenge of building a side up. First season, took a default tactic (fluid counterattacking), mostly used autopick for my squad, made no significant signings, and finished 6th. I finished 2nd with only 30 goals allowed. Is the AI broken, or did I just get lucky? Gx allowed was 39. Also, the whole season there were a total of like 2 penalties and maybe 1 DFK goal in my matches (both sides combined). I beat Liverpool twice. I made some in-match adjustments a
  10. The league cup is a low prestige competition that most of the big clubs don't care about. They use it as a chance to blood youngsters and keep reserves fresh. So playing all your starting 11 in an early round match when you have to worry about the league, the Champions League and FA cup is an unnecessary risk of injury and jadedness.
  11. Yeah I'm currently playing Man U and they are playing their full first 11 in the 4th round, including a number of players who should probably be given a rest.
  12. Except during that time Ronaldo was awesome. When a player is unhappy in FM, like my guy, they generally play like garbage and get hurt all the time. My guy had 31 goals in 30 league matches the year before he became unhappy, then dropped to 17 in 29 once he became unhappy.
  13. Please don't jump to conclusions. I don't own an editor that actually lets me edit, it only lets me view.
  14. My star player, a world class striker, has been unhappy for over a year because I wouldn't sell him to PSG. In his 'dynamics' it says '(Complaining to team-mates) Disappointed to not be able to join Paris PSG.' Since then they haven't made another offer, I even transfer listed him for awhile and PSG didn't make an offer, though they still have him shortlisted. I checked in the editor and his 'jadedness' is hovering around -300. I can't talk to him, and any effort by getting a captain to talk to him goes nowhere. My frustration is that this feels like a bug. It seems ridic
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