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  1. The league cup is a low prestige competition that most of the big clubs don't care about. They use it as a chance to blood youngsters and keep reserves fresh. So playing all your starting 11 in an early round match when you have to worry about the league, the Champions League and FA cup is an unnecessary risk of injury and jadedness.
  2. Yeah I'm currently playing Man U and they are playing their full first 11 in the 4th round, including a number of players who should probably be given a rest.
  3. Except during that time Ronaldo was awesome. When a player is unhappy in FM, like my guy, they generally play like garbage and get hurt all the time. My guy had 31 goals in 30 league matches the year before he became unhappy, then dropped to 17 in 29 once he became unhappy.
  4. Please don't jump to conclusions. I don't own an editor that actually lets me edit, it only lets me view.
  5. My star player, a world class striker, has been unhappy for over a year because I wouldn't sell him to PSG. In his 'dynamics' it says '(Complaining to team-mates) Disappointed to not be able to join Paris PSG.' Since then they haven't made another offer, I even transfer listed him for awhile and PSG didn't make an offer, though they still have him shortlisted. I checked in the editor and his 'jadedness' is hovering around -300. I can't talk to him, and any effort by getting a captain to talk to him goes nowhere. My frustration is that this feels like a bug. It seems ridic
  6. We all know there are hidden attributes for each player, but did you know their are hidden PPMs too? Finally an explanation for so much that happens on the pitch! Using my elite hacking skills, I've managed to uncover these but I'm sure there are more: Crosses into defender Heads to opposition Plays under hit through balls Overthrows throw-ins Shoots with gentleness Takes long kicks always Shoots directly at keeper in one on ones Clogs opposition area Avoids off-ball movement Ignores Instructions
  7. I've thought about this and I think people make great points. I think the disconnect comes in more how FM presents information than how it actually models this mechanically. Namely, I know EXACTLY how good a player is at any given time because I can see his attributes. In real life you might know his strengths and weaknesses, its a fuzzy thing judging a player's anticipation or off the ball movement, especially as a prospect. Plus, I have pretty good idea of that player's potential after a period of time. Ignoring the editor, there will be a time around when this guy hits 18-19 th
  8. I'm a top 5 side. He'll never be better than a backup for me. Young (English) strikers of his PA or better are typically available for under 15M. At best he'll help my homegrown qualification for continental football. Again, my point is, you don't have EPL ready players appear at age 16 and then cease to improve, despite not suffering injuries or having a drug problem or something. This happens WAY too often in FM. As someone else mentioned, I'd prefer to see a much higher max PA cap but make it more random as to whether you'll ever reach it.
  9. I agree %100. PAs should be higher, but it should be a LOT harder to get to it.
  10. One of my least favorite things in the FM series is the CA/PA system. I feel like defining PA at creation of a player, rather than letting it be variable, results in strange and unnatural player development. The worst example is the regen who is nearly EPL ready at creation, 16 years old, but has a relatively low PA. Yes the real world is full of players who never reached their potential. But typically either the player has an attitude issue or more common, chronic injury problems. Attached is 'Exhibit A'. You can imagine my excitement when I had this player come through my A
  11. Well I have never really bothered to look at the initial database. So it looks like there was a stretch where high PA talent was over-generated, and then it stopped. If I widen the net, and search just on players with a PA over 160, and filter by 4 year intervals the total number declines as the player pool gets younger. There are 220 players 15-19 over 160, but nearly 320 20-24, and nearly 400 25-29...
  12. I feel like this has happened in previous versions, just wanted to confirm. In my current game, where I'm playing with a LOT of leagues selected (all the major euro leagues plus argentina/brazil), 10 years from now, there isn't a single player in the world under age of 20 with a PA over 190, while there are 10 over the age of 20. The world has just stopped producing potential MBappe's. This kind of kills the thrill of a long save, since you will never be able to recruit and develop a world beating talent. Thoughts? Is there something I could have done to avoid this? I
  13. I appreciate the comments. I will go back and reread the tiki taka thread. Wbich Cleon thread would people recommend?
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