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  1. FM15: Chorley FC - The Flight of The Magpies

    Congrats on making it to the Premiership man!
  2. FM15: Chorley FC - The Flight of The Magpies

    I believe the national A is the same price
  3. FM15: Chorley FC - The Flight of The Magpies

    I'm working on my national A right now with Hyde in league 2. Surprisingly I've been lucky in that aspect.
  4. [FM 15] Around the World

    Nice career so far! I enjoyed reading up on it!
  5. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    I'll probably take the offer, they're in the middle of the Caribbean tournament right now so it could be a quick boost.
  6. FM15: Chorley FC - The Flight of The Magpies

    Currently they're in the relegation spots in league 1. I was actually the favorite to take over when their boss was fired. I'd expect them in league 2 with me next year
  7. FM15: Chorley FC - The Flight of The Magpies

    Bolton is really struggling in your save
  8. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    Thoughts? Keep in mind im currently managing Hyde, in the Sky Bet League 2.
  9. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    September 2015/2016 This month had plenty of up's and down's for us. We had some quality wins over a few good teams, as well as slouched to a draw and a lose against teams near the bottom of the table. Overall it was a pleasing month for us, it seems like I may be fighting for a playoff spot this year even though we are predicted to finish in 21st. I think an automatic promotion is out of the question this year with Wrexham playing as well as they are. It will take an absolute collapse to see us or anyone else catch up to them. This month featured many nervous games for me with us winning each one by only one goal. The loss to Whitehawk was particularly very disappointing with us dominating all the way up to the 75th minute and then collapsed and saw 3 goals put up on us. We are going to need more consistent performances from the squad this month if we are to continue the pace we are on, I particularly need to see more goals out of Reece Gray, he has been very quiet this season. I find that we seem to dominate the other team but have trouble converting that into goals!
  10. FM15: Chorley FC - The Flight of The Magpies

    Nice career man! I'm trying to work Hyde up right now. I'm currently in my second season being promoted in the first one.
  11. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    August 2015/2016 The Braintree result was a disappointing one. We was barely favored heading into the match, they pegged us first making us play from behind, I must say I think we was the better team on the night but we had to settle for draw for our efforts. Against Bristol we was very lucky to get on the board first, Almond had a long goal hit off the crossbar and bounce off the goalkeeper resulting into an own goal. It ended up being a match that we dominated, having 56 percent of possession. I was proud of the lads against Alfreton, they dominated the match from the start. We ended up with a comfortable victory even though we had less time of possession. We was dominated from the start by Exeter, I wasn’t expecting much from this game so I wasn’t really disappointed with the result. We was lucky to get the full result against Southport, even though we dominated the whole match. We ended up having Said sent off for a second yellow in the 70th minute. A very disappointing result against Wrexham, we was 5 minutes away from securing a draw against one of the best teams in the league. This month has showed me that we may be able to mount a playoff challenge this season. We have already played three top teams this month so I’m happy overall with how the month has went.
  12. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    He did a very good job with Brackley, they caught fire late in the season to move up the table.
  13. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    2015/2016 Key Players Goalkeeper – Jordan Smith Defender – Luke Waterfall Midfielder – Manny Panther Winger– Louis Almond Forward – Reece Gray Board Expectations Vanarama Conference: Stay Clear Of Relegation FA Cup: Reach First Round FA Trophy: Reach Second Round Budgets Transfer: 34,000 dollars Wages: 583,000 dollars Transfers Abdul Said Abdul provides our side with much need depth in the midfield. Getting him on a non-contract saves the side flexibility. Connor Johnson Connor was signed as a future prospect, with no financial commitment required I find it worth taking a chance. Dan Preston I decided to spend 18k on Dan, he provides the side with an immediate upgrade at the second center back spot. Eric Grimes Eric was signed to provide a solid backup at goalkeeper this season, he has some future upside to offer as well. Jordan Smith Jordan was signed to be our starting goalkeeper this season with Billy O'Brien returning to man city after last season. I'm hoping that he will be able to provide consistent performances this season. Joseph Moulden Moulden was purely signed with the future in mind, with him being on a non-contract I figured it was certainly a good opportunity to take a chance for the future. If he grows like he has the potential to be could be a very important figure to the club in the future. Lewis Probert Probert was another youngster signed with the intentions of the future. He will provide some depth should a few injures pop up. Luke O'Brien Luke was signed to give us some cover at left back. I have a feeling we will be losing our second choice left back soon so he should come in handy this season. Luke Waterfall Luke Waterfall has an excellent signing for us, he will be the first choice center back this season. I was able to snag him on a free transfer for the club. Matteo Capitani Matteo will provide us cover at striker, he will be the second choice striker this season to give Reece Gray opportunities for rest as the season goes on. Matty Hughes Matty Hughes will be our first choice option at right winger this season. I was very happy to add him on a non-contract. Tom Davies Tom gives us third choice depth as well as a future star in the making. I was anxious to sign him up when I saw he was available for nothing. Wayne Brooksby Wayne will be fighting with Matty Hughes for the starting spot throughout the season out on the right wing. He will rovide excellent cover should Matty come down with an injury or underperform. The Squad For The Season Preseason Results
  14. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    A Well Deserved Award My Success Here Comes Another Year Sneak Peak Of Our Transfers
  15. [FM15] A Young Journeyman's Career

    2014/2015 With season 1 already being in the book for me I will just post an overview of what happened. In the future I will post frequent updates on how the season is going for my squad. This season the only team that provided me any competition was Harrogate. Early in the season they had a 7 point lead on me. I thought at this time that my only realistic chance of promotion would be via playoffs. However as the season progressed my team caught fire and was able to turn that deficient into a 5 point for myself. My lead stayed around this number throughout the season, I noticed that my squad was very streaky we would string together a run of games and then we would have some defeats in a row. What I noticed was that my team seemed destined to not settle for draws, we either would win the game or lose it usually. Reece Gray was a very streaky striker for us, at the beginning of the season he was on absolute fire winning us tons of games. As the year went on his effectiveness dawned, until the end of the season when he popped back up again. Gray finished with 30 league goals. Louis Almond was the anchor who held this team together, he had 23 goals with 13 assists. Manny Panther held the midfield down for the team, he finished with the highest average rating in the league at 7.64.