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  1. Thanks for fixing this (again... ). It says in the update message that the fixes are save game compatible. Is that true also for this point? Will it be fixed when a new season starts or how will it work? The reason I'm asking is last time this bug was reported we were told it was a data issue so we needed to start a new game after the update.
  2. Can confirm this in Sweden as well. Didn't play a game in Sweden before 14.1.4 because of the issue with reserves so can't say if this was something new with the latest update or if it's been here from the start. Other than this, and clubs making the same bid 10 times during a transfer window I'm really liking the newest update.
  3. Something fishy going on here... In the table after the game we both got one point each. Otherwise I really like the game this year. Some things bother me but they have been listed here before so I won't bring them up again. Having been away from the game for a few year there's a lot of new thing to learn. Still a little confused about the new training but loving the new tactics. The 3d engine bugged me a little bit so I switched to 2D and the nostalgia is flooding over me. Having played 10-15 games in 2D now I must say the games feel much more realistic watching them this way.
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