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  1. I'm chelsea manager on a decent weekly wage (37k a week) and have won the CL 3 times in a row and the league once. I got bored so thought I'd manage the team I support (Newcastle) who were a mid table nothing team (like now in real life in fact). The job came up and I applied, however to my surprise I was turned down and Paul Ince got the job A bug or was it that i was too good to be their manager, was very surprising nonetheless
  2. I think this thread would be alot more benifical in the tactics forum. Some quality tacticians there who could help you out alot
  3. A hotfix would be nice as there's so many problems which I will complain about but not do anything to solve
  4. I've decided to try to win the WC then after make Newcastle the greatest team in the world and then to make Luton Town the greatest team in the world and then fill the club with youth players
  5. In 2022 and having started unemployed I've played with Napoli and Chelsea where I've won everything and getting slightly bored. I was thinking about trying to win the WC and then joining the team I support (Newcastle) but is there anything else interesting I can do. Don't really fancy travelling all over the world to manage so was thinking to only make youth team players in my squad and not sign more than 1 player a season Anyone got any ideas to keep my game alive ?
  6. 4. When you are playing a match, after 15 mins your team will have about 6 shots on target but not be able to score, the opposing team gets their first shot, it's on target, it's a goal. Happens too often to me for my liking. This.
  7. I also get alot. Patrick roberts was out for 2 months and the very same day he came back to training he was out for another 8 weeks. Also since the new patch
  8. See how many passes my teams completed in the course of a match? Checking each individual players stats is too time consuming imo. Sorry if it's obvios as this is the first FM I've played in a couple of years Cheers
  9. Thanks for the help but it says no previous version available. Seems like getting Newcastle to the champions league will be consigned to the history books. Will have to take your advice if I play again
  10. Hi I tried loading my game and FM has said 'Game could not be loaded' . Was playing fine yesterday and did the same thing I usually do closing the game and shutting the laptop down. Done a system restore but no luck atm. Any help would be appreciated as I really don't want to be starting all over again:(
  11. Hhehe a classic case of 'my tactics are rubbish so I'll blame the match engine'
  12. As a Newcastle fan, I can assure you he doesn't look that good I wouldn't pay 21 mil for him
  13. It's up to him on how he decides to play, he paid for it afterall. I'd sell gundogan and Bale if I was you
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