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  1. Hi guys, I am trying to play with 3 CD and no wingers and I am having some issues with it. I am trying to play high possession game with following instructions: Balanced Counter Shorter passing More Expressive Zonal Marking Press more Shouts that I have been using are as follows: Retain possession Push Higher Hassle Opponents Work Ball into a Box The idea behind all this was for DLP to get the ball from the back, all midfielders going between lines and doing short passes. Wingbacks would provide width and with striker being on the back of two opposition CD. Playing as Arsenal most of my players have attributes to play free flowing, short passing possession style of play and I also bought Isco from Malaga. The problem is that I am actually getting less then 50 % of possession per game and I am conceding lots of shots. I also find very hard to get in the possession of the ball even though I have been using Hassle Opponents all the time. It is harder for opponent to go through the middle due to the numbers of players present in my midfield and lots of those shots are long shots. In terms of results I have recently started season and my last two games were draws against Man U and Schalke 1 - 1 in both matches. Against Man U I was outplayed throughout the whole game and they had over 20 shots but lot of them long shots. In the last 15 minutes of the game I changed formation to common 4 - 1 - 2 - 2 -1 and scored goal pretty quickly to draw the game 1 - 1. I always played that formation and I am quite familiar with it and I am just trying to do something different with playing 3 central defenders and no wingers. I also find that lots of Teams tend to press quite high up and I cannot build the game from the back. I tried to counter attack that with Shout Play in Space but that just cause for lots of through passes to go straight to opposition. Obviously I am doing something wrong here and I am trying to work out what that is. Any help would be much appreciated and please let me know if any further info re my tactics is required. Sorry I am at work now and not able to provide any screenshots. *****************************GK********************************** ******************CD - D*********BPD - D***********CD - D********************* **WB - A********************DLP - S********DM - S*********************WB - A**** ************************AP - S*********AP - A**************************** *****************************P*********************************
  2. Wow, Cleon, thank you so much for your detailed response. I have been reading lot of your posts and finding inspiration out of them for the way how I play FM now.... My Team Instructions are quite similar to your except that my Team is encouraged to play more expressive football and Roaming is set to more roaming. The example that you mentioned above is pretty much what I am trying to achieve and on top of that to involve AML in hat short passing game in the middle, between midfield and opposition defense. From your screens it appears that you play Sinclair as IF-A and do you find him to drift to the center of the pitch a lot? Also what do you play Graham as TM or is it like on the screenshot above DLF? I will keep experimenting with this and I will be posting further on my progress, including some screenshots.
  3. Hi everyone, I have been reading these forums for a long time and finally decided to ask a question about something that I have been trying to implement in FM. I play as Arsenal and I am trying to get my player in left wing position to be on the left in his starting position and to drift in the middle just behind the main striker. Sort of what Silva plays for Man City when he drifts from the right in the center. Hi also does this for Spain I believe. I tried different roles and different wide play options. I tried playing as Adv Playmaker - Support with Cutting Inside wide play, IF - Attack and Support with Cutting Inside wide play. I even tried Defensive Winger with support role and the same wide play as above. Player still stays on the left and by looking his passes they all happen on the left. I don't have anyone in AMC role and my idea was for hime to move in centrally from left. I play 3-4-3 with two wingbacks, 1 DLP, 1 CM, player on the right is Winger and DLF. I recognize that there are so many things that influence what players do on the pitch, and I also allowed Roaming for that player and in general for the whole Team and more expressive style of play. I also watch games in Full. So, does anyone have any suggestion and if anyone had any luck with implementing this style of play for a player on the wing?
  4. How do you get forwards to track back?

    Or changing to Fluid Philosophy in order to get everyone involved in defending and attacking... By changing my Philosophy from Rigid to Fluid I have noticed my attacking players getting involved in defending phase much more...
  5. I might be wrong but I get feeling through the game that players respond better to play how I want the whole Team to play like by changing Philosophy which is a global setting.....
  6. Guys, is it okay to swap philosophies from one match to another? For instance play in one match Fluid and then in the next match Rigid Philosophy. I just find that depending on oposition that I am playing I would not mind changing it and sometimes even during the match. For instance, starting match with Rigid Philosophy and then if I want to defend my lead and get the whole team involved in defending, swaping to Fluid Philosophy....Any thoughts on this one?
  7. How does your 3-6-1 looks like, please?
  8. Grete inspiration, this thread and also the display by Bielsa's Team last Thursday.... One questions tough. You have Javi Martinez as Ball Winning Midfielder. I am not on my computer and cannot check his stats, is he a good tackler? Or is he more suited to a different role?