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  1. ive played si manager games since championship manager 2000/01 up to the latest. and think the games are really good. and i do think the real version of the new fm 08 will be much better than its slightly dissapointing demo. a few things which would be good could be the following - when u ask for a team report this time round it gives u the best 11 an the best youth 11 which is good. but would be better if it showed the best 11 then the 2nd best 11 and the best youth team so we'd have the three. also like last year when it had the best 3 players and the 3 weakest players. maybe that could be added aswell? plus i think there should be an option to make the pictures smaller like the same size as the previous version. and yes like many other football manager fans were used to the old version an like that an it seems like maybe were going to have to try and get used to the game in this layout. also with the feeder/parent clubs there should be an option where you could review the partnership lets say your a prem team and have a partnership with sporting lisbon and all you have is the first option of players there, like if u could re asses and make loans availible to them or friendlys. plus another good idea maybe would be if you could make annual friendly tourments each year like some premierteams do like arsenal with the emirates cup and with a cup history for it. and wouldnt it be good if u could have the option of even lower league teams in the isthmian league and dr martins. i feel like u have to do more now to get to certain screens like when u have a match before it was jus team talk squad selection then the match simple. now u have to go through loads of screens yes the new match analysis before the game is a good idea. okay ive said enough whats everyone else views on this??????????
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