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  1. FM15: Good Midfielders

    All aboard the David Pavelka bus. Cheap. Good complete CM. £1.5-2m. Solid.
  2. Defensive Midfielder

    Valon Behrami is an absolute animal.
  3. FM10: Lee Cattermole

    he's a tidy little midfielder, how did you get that photo of him?
  4. eto'o

    hes a ****
  5. im playing as barca and valdes is as useful as a cat flap in an elephant house, therefore in your opinion, who is the best goalkeeper on the game bar casillas, buffon and cech? any suggestions are welcome...
  6. How good is Ribery?

    i picked up the lad for just over 20mil at the end of my 1st season at barca and he took a 'massive' wage cut from 155 to 79 per week...hes not as good as messi (obv) but he does the job.
  7. Hamsik Vs Kacar

    tbh your a clown.
  8. Which of these "sick" centre mids would you reccomend for my dortmund team. 1st season? any opinions would be wonderful... Hamsik or Kacar?