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  1. I don't know if this is mentioned before but, I would love to see: Manager Contracts negotiations and managerial career progress Able to choose your own agents When starting your new save as a new manager of a specific club there are certain occurrences you have to take part in, such as meeting the staff, talking with the your chairman and getting the squad report by your assistant manager. Before meeting the board and finding the team to manage I would really love to have the ability to choose your agent from a list of real and generated agents (or at least that it will be assigned automatically if agents are not revived - see section above). Revive Manager Contract negotiations Manager contract is very basic in Football Manager 2013. Apart from being able to request your own Football Manager football philosophy, I would love if you could set some minimum request or demands for accepting a new contract, just like in real life with reference to the Jose Mourinho saga, which is going on these days. Be able to setup a shopping list of possible transfer targets which you demands that the club approaches to sign before agreeing to a new contract or signing for a new club. Request that the board upgrades youth facilities or other important assets to the facilities for agreeing to a new contract Request that the board makes room for a specific favorite backroom staff of yours. This backroom staff member could exceed the limit set by the board. You can see more of my personal wishlist for new features at my blog dedicated to the Passion for Football Manager.
  2. If you just love to buy, scout and develop Football Talents, I can recommend to take a look on my Football Manager website My Passion for Football Manager where I share both basic guides for FM and share from my football knowledge and FM experience. Hope you enjoy my website
  3. BUMP! Great initiative, but wished it was an official Sigames feature, as I want it to be updated through steam
  4. I have made a short but in-depth article about board expectations and the different football philosophies. You can read how I define the football philosophy Develop players using the clubs youth system in this article
  5. I have played with short passes system the last versions. In FM13 I used the same tactic as for FM12. The tactic worked very well with a possession of above 58%. Lionel Messi was absolute amazing! I also play with crossing at rarely, but after the 13.1.3 update the players misplaces a lot of passes by launching long balls a lot of crosses and Lionel Messi has an average of below 7....(player role trequartista) .
  6. I have some questions; How can you set so the match training so the Tactical familiarity levels reaches 100% as quick as possible? I have done some test myself regarding this. I set up an save with Man Utd. Imported my own custom made tactic for Barcelona (Barcelona Domination 4-3-2-1). Then I went on holiday for 30 days + 30 days + 20 days = my goal was to come as close to 100% for all levels in a period of 80 days. I found out that it was small differences between 50% and 40% (some saves gave my higher progress when using 40% than 50%) But general the 50% gave better results when you look on the average scores of all tests. when assigning to Tactics only 50% and Tactics - VERY high The result was 100, 68, 100, 100, 96, 100, 94, 95 Average gaining: 23,66 I also found out that using Teamwork and Team Cohesion at VERY HIGH and 50% gave very good results. Results: 92, 88, 92, 100, 86, 100, 100, 100 Average gaining: 22,9 BUT the very best results where when I chose: General Training: Team Cohesion - Very heavy Match Training: Tactics only - 50% Results: 98, 100, 95, 100, 97, 100, 100, 100 average gaining per 30 days: 24,02 Why? Anybody who can answer on why Teamwork and Team cohesion gives so much progress? I thought TACTICS and TACTICAL Only would give the best progress as it works on the tactics, or have I misunderstood something?? You can download my test file (excel) here My Passion for Football Manager 2013 - A FM-blog
  7. I tried to upload some match highlights to my youtube account After some time I get this error message; "Failed. Unable to convert video file". When I previously have uploaded videos they have noted that the video format is not ideal, but that it will be converted. Anybody with the same problems as me? Is this something SI could improve in FM13? Maybe do so the uploading runs in the background.
  8. I'm looking forward to play with Dortmund. I have never tried them on FM the last couple of years. I will also try a game with Wolverhampton (as Ståle Solbakken is the current manager), but maybe I try to manage them in a FMC mode. No matter what, I will try out the FMC mode, so I can make up my own mind about that version.
  9. One major part of football Sigames have forgotten is the ability to send training staff to school or seminars or other ways to improve one or two of the coaches skills. For Example: Carles Puyol is a coach in your team. He has 13 in defending. You like him to improve his attributes when it comes to the skills: defending and tactical knowledge. Then you can ask the board and the coach (Puyol) to send him out for a small/medium/large course/seminar/education. (He will then be unavailable for some days/weeks) but with high determination maybe his stats will raize one or two points if the education has been successfull and the coach is motivated to learn. With this ability you can then train up your own world class staff member. hope to see this in FM13!
  10. For FM12 I would hope we had the opportunity to disable the regens for a choice of 1, 2 or 3 seasons. My idea is that you choose this when starting a new game. Maybe one managers wants the regens from start-up (after season break season 1) - he choose from start up, another manager wants the regens to come after 2 seasons, he choose this option, and maybe a third manager wants them to come out after 3 seasons, as he is Barcelona and have many youth players to choose from, and want to develop these "real" footballers instead of unreal regens. Bigger clubs with many youth players and good economy dont need the regens that come after the first season, If you are a international big club and wants better youth players than the club have from start-up; buy youth players from another club instead of getting regens for free. But if this idea should be a success, I think the game should have a better youth system. More players under age of 17 - full youth squads of every big clubs in the 3-7 biggest leagues in world (Italy, Spain, England, Brazil, Holland, German f.ex) Si should try to get the approval to have real life players in the age of 14 anf 15yo in the game also The game should have more accurate U16 teams/leagues/cups and U17 national teams. Player attributes, PA and CA for youth players should also be more accurate to RL. This way, we dont need regens the 2-3 first seasons, as you have a bunch of 15, 16 and 17yo to choose from!
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