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  1. got sacked just by norwich in october after surviving just a year with them (so much for taking them to europe) but then a week later everton come calling they're expected to win the league but are struggling just above the relegation zone so now in february and i've taken everton into the playoff places with only 1 loss in my 20 games in charge of everton
  2. got to the end of the seson with norwich after having my budget slashed and having to sell all my top earners i then had to get young players to join me during the summer transfer window but even with my best players being sold off to save us from administration the board think that i should be able to get to at least the play-offs so if i keep the job until next year i'll be very surprised. Anyway on the finance side of things we currently have 4 bank loans, yes that's right 4! what the hell did the guy before me do just put average players on high wages for fun, as norwich is my hometown though i'm going to stay with them until i make them a force in europe with no debt (one of the loans runs out in 2033 and i'm in 2019) so it's going to be a very long term project.
  3. yeah i apologise for not putting in much punctuation i think you'll see why i've failed at english so many times :L
  4. After having a decent start in the championship with my bradford team when all of a sudden both middlesbrough and norwich sack their managers i'm the favourite for both but decline to comment on both jobs in the end they both offer me a job and with me being a norwich city fan it was a no brainer even though they had a huge amount of debt but i leave bradford on good terms with there still being quite a bit of room for more players to come in for the new manager and no player on stupidly high wages, whih leads me nicely on to my hometown norwich and what a state they were left in 5 players on more than £40,000 but nothing that i can do as we in november anyways fast forward to january and i suddenly get my transfer budget down to £0 and my wage budget slashed by £100,000 so im looking to get rid of all the players on £40,000 but unfortunately teams only want those players on loan and if we keep spending like we are currently then we could become the portsmouth but ive already said to myself that im not leaving norwich until i make them a force in europe no matter how long it takes. My old clubs aren't doing to badly either Bromly got promoted straight back from league 2 and are just above the relegation zone still with most of the team that i built up from blue squre south days when they were only team of youngsters with no-one older than 21 yo. Bradford are also doing quite well still around mid table where i left them. apologies if some bits don't make any sense i have failed my english gcse twice and just done my third attempt
  5. I've just won the league (with 95 points) and jpt (after 3 seasons of getting to the final)with bradford city after hitting top spot after week 20 i never gave it up even when the team decided to start losing to teams inside of the relegation zone. I also rejected an offer from southampton mid season they offered £100,000 more on the wage budget then i got at bradford and also had a 5 million transfer kitty luckily i diddn't accept and in the end they didn't even make the playoffs. On a side note both bolton and portsmouth have been into administration twice, both are now in league 1 and portsmouth even had a season in league 2.
  6. after 2 promotions in 4 years with bromly, bradford came calling and i couldn't turn down a league 1 team with a £54,000 wage budget compared to bromly's £7,000 still left them in a solid mid-table position
  7. started a new career with bromly missed out on the playoffs in the first season by 1 point, second season anyone of 5 teams could still win the title it was us in 2nd against 1st and we ran out 3-0 winners to win automatic promotion to the blue squre premier and so far we are struggling just above the relegation zone with 15 games gone on one of the smallest budgets
  8. got a youth acadamy and average youth facilities but i still get absoloutly rubbish youth coming through. on the european front after becoming the 90th best team in europe its starting to go wrong i haven't made the champions league for the last 2 years but at least the league is getting noticed more it's now rated at 2 stars and we are not far from getting slightly better european qualification places
  9. currently building a youth acadamy for my n.irelandso should be able to start getting much better youth team players than what i already have also should help out the national team in the long run.
  10. oh i thought that anybody playing fm could post updates about their careers and not just people who have career threads going on. please inform me if im allowed to post updates about my career
  11. My save in N. Ireland just keeps getting better and better made the knockout stages of the champions league and although we don't have a chance of reaching the knockout stages but still the prize money has done us good. the league is now rated at 1 1/2 stars after i took it from 1/2 a star unfortunately for me though alot of my first team players now want to move to bigger clubs so i may have to do some rebuilding in the summer. On the youth front there hasn't ever been anyone good enough for my team but looking to upgrade the facilities for them. Also i have finally made the clubs icon list and i'm recognised on the continent things are looking up in N. Irish football
  12. Currently trying to get Northern Ireland to the best league in the world (i know its going to take alot commitment) currently rated a 1 1/2 stars but now getting noticed by better players and one of my players who i bought for just 60k is almost 1m so happy days. Anyway on the European front we have started getting to the last qualifying stage for the champions league group stages but so far we've only ever got into the Europa league group stages. oh and by the way im the mighty Linfield
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