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  1. Awesome, great help. I'll implement this soon, I've got some pretty good amc and dm regens perfect for the formation.
  2. I've never done DFs or DWs, do they still do attacking as normal? With 4 players on support duty I'd not know what to expect in terms of attacking play, getting goals. I think you're right about Ajax's work rate giving RBS a huge help. Thanks
  3. I'll try the high up wingers, never knew about that, can they still be inside forwards? Salzburg didn't seem to do much out wide? Or will I just go for wingers but get them to cut inside? What about the cms, any ideas? I didn't really pay much attention to what they were doing. I've not got a clue about the mentalities either, always gets me stuck. I'll just play around and see what works, maybe fluid but with "Stick to Positions" shout. Thank you very much, great help
  4. You're right about the high wingers, I seen that was the case for the whole game. And yes, I think any team who is willing to play long ball could easily destroy them on the counter. About the pressing I think they were very aggressive until they went 3-0 up, then they seemed to drop back a little and focus on preventing Ajax from having to much space. Did you see Liverpool vs Everton? Or against Arsenal (5-1)? Salzburg were a little like that- go out all guns blazing for the first half hour, get a good lead, then focus on simply keeping that score, not over committing or leaving too much space.
  5. Okay, thanks. Good suggestion about the Austrian section. I've set a reminder on my phone to watch the second leg! Hope it's as good as tonight's game.
  6. About the shape and full backs- I agree, so would a more rigid mentality be better. Also lots of fancy flicks, tricks and risky one-twos so maybe use "More Expressive" shout? Thanks for your help.
  7. I didn't actually read the post, sorry. Just assumed from the title that it was another whinge as there have been a few lately.
  8. People need to stop complaining about the challenge, of you want an easy managing game go and play career mode on FIFA. If you truly want "Realistic" then keep playing FM, find what you're doing wrong and correct it. Just like managers do in real life, being a manager is not a walk in the park. At first I struggled to get striker ps to score, was always wingers. Fixed that by experimenting. Then defence hardly ever kept clean sheets, managed to adapt tactic and correct that. That's the whole fun of the game.
  9. Okay, so "Wow!" That's my reaction to the first 35 minutes of Salzburg against Ajax in tonight's Europa League match. They have been fantastic so far. To those who are also watching tonight, or have watched them recently, how would you go about getting your team to play like them? Here is my thoughts, please add, or alter. They don't seem to be too fussed about possession, fast and direct, so probably Attacking mentality. This creates the longer passing, higher tempo, higher defensive line. Absolutely everyone defends, attackers constantly closing down defenders- Fluid or V. Fluid. "Play Narrower" and "Exploit Middle" since they always look to work it into the central players instead of crossing the ball. Their pressing game has been fantastic, surely the "Hassle Opponents" shout would be used. They are aggressive in defence, constantly sliding in to tackles' "Get Stuck In" What else do you think?
  10. Good idea with the notes, I'll start using that to keep track of the players.
  11. Okay, so there is no upper limit to how much I should use young players, but what is the minimum I should look to use them each season to help growth?
  12. Woah, I guess I don't need to be so worried about them tiring quickly. I'll just keep an eye on fitness and form etc. thanks!
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