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  1. I’d like to have a go at managing a save in the style of Sir Alex in his later days at United, when he picked different teams to win different games. My biggest problem is how do you best replicate being so pragmatic? Do you have base formations with generic roles, CM, WM, FB etc then pick the players with the attributes and preferred moves you require from game to game and let them play the roll the most natural way for them. Or do you give your players their best roll for each position in the players section of the tactic screen, DLP, IW, CWB etc and pick the right combination
  2. I have done ok adapting something that i saw on training from the main game, i just cant remember where, and using it on touch. I just leave squad training on balanced but take over the Individual training. In the main game he has success putting every player on train position, not the the roll, and then selecting additional focus and player traits. So far i have seen my players like training and seen some attributes increase. The only time i have used player roll as a training focus is if the position given as player position isn’t the one i want to train. I have found once they become good i
  3. Great thread, if only the real Arsene Wenger was so flexible, looks much more the Alex Ferguson approach. Using the best players for each game to get a result, using different formations and strategy game to game
  4. Hunt3r that makes sense, may have a chance now as I don’t have the budget to replace the back 4. Eventually i would like to play with a higher block but i first need the players and then the tactical know how to pull it off. I’m Preston North End and I’m currently reading a book about Sir Tom Finney’s last season, they got relegated the next season never to return to the top flight. It sounds as though they were were the Arsenal of a few years ago back in the day, playing attractive passing football but never quite winning the league, consistently top 4, runners up on a few occasion
  5. As a big fan of Sir Alex for example i find it a paradox that he is considered an attacking manager when his usual defensive set up was a lower organised block and many goals were scored on the counter. Obviously they would dominate many games at home against poor opponents but as a rule were conservative in big matches and deadly on the counter
  6. I feel i could play possession football comfortably with a lower block and create more chances than the opposition but was wondering if this would count as attacking football as i make chances, or if I’m expected to be closing down high up the pitch and playing with a more creative direct approach
  7. Sorry sarcasm doesn’t come across well, i was meaning just my luck, squad does not suit expected style of play. Out of interest how often does it roughly expect you to play this way? Away from home, tough games for example, would you be expected to play this way? Or would goals and over achieving make up for it?
  8. When the board asks for play attacking football what exactly does this mean? Playing in attacking mentality? Having lots of shots per game? Dominating possession? My club culture is Play possession football, Play attacking football. I normally like to set up in a low block, would this be considered non attacking?
  9. Rashidi you have probably said this before, i just cant remember where, but how would you label each mentality so it made sense to people that are getting it wrong? To me this is one of the biggest problems people have in the game so how would you rewrite it? For example what does defensive alter under the hood? Does it mean just a safety first style of play mentality, looking for the easy pass not the risky? Or does it also alter width, defensive line etc as well? If so what else does it change?
  10. Any news on this as it hasn’t improved at all.
  11. My manager profile has a really low Media Handling rating, is this just to be expected as we cant interact with the media on this version or am i missing a way i can improve this?
  12. How do people use mentality? I'm struggling to get it right, is it easier to stick with one mentality and change things up with shouts? If so how do you pick the starting mentality? Or if you are someone that changes it to match different oppositions and match situations how do you decide on that? I'm struggling to put together consistent results, I have read many posts and I feel I have a food combination of roles and duty's for my formation, I feel I just don't fully understand how the get the team as a whole on the right mentality per game. Any feedback is welcome, I just want to understa
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