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  1. Which of the forward schedules are best to use for small fast Villa-esque strikers? Thanks
  2. Absolutely fantastic. You really are a credit to this community.
  3. Do I have to have 5* coaches to get a 5* rating or will multiple 4* have the same effect?
  4. On my way to a first seaspn treble with Man City, only bought Bale, Mario, Gourcouff and Lloris. Started slow but once my team gelled started thrashing out the results. Thanks guys great tactic. Scratch that, just lost to spurs in FA Cup semi. solid tactic none-the-less.
  5. Quick question, can Regen coaches training stats improve, I have a bunch of 4 star coaches around age 31, will these ever improve?
  6. The corner set-up on this is immense, JT got hatrick for me last game, and is on course for Golden Boot.
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