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  1. Great idea, have started myself as the manager of Leca in the Portuguese Second Division - North, currently in my 2nd season but am going to hold off posting until I have a few seasons under my belt to ensure it doesn't come to a abrupt end.
  2. Just a few screen caps, Iraola and Iraizoz retired, both had lost their places to academy regens. They made 450 and 269 appearances respectively. Llorente became the all time leading league appearance maker for the club. This is probably my greatest moments yet, I came into the year seriously considering finally winning the league after coming second twice in the last 4 years. The season however was my most disappointing as I finished outside of CL places for the first time in 6 years. This almost made up for it. Toquero then decided to call it a day after 226 league apps for the club.
  3. Still just the one trophy to my name, but Llorente just became all time top league goal scorer on 26th March '17.
  4. Central Midfielder - Support for me, has 207 apps with avg rating of 7.14 which isn't bad. Been offered Spain job after semi final defeat at Euro 2016. Probably gonna reject, can't envisage the FA offering national team job to a club manager who's whole team barring Amorebieta is eligible. Amorebieta is now captain of Venezuala and has 50 caps with 7 goals btw.
  5. Nice going, approaching the end of 15/16 and Llorente has just scored his 300th goal for Athletic, yet he still has only a solitary cup winners medal to show for it. EDIT - He doesn't even have that as he didn't play in the final.
  6. Opted to keep him, he finished the season with an 8.03 in the league as I finally broke into the top 4. First league game at the new stadium I record my biggest win as a manager with an 8-1 over Sporting.
  7. 2nd July 2013 - Real Madrid offer 35m (30 upfront 5m after 10 goals) what to do?
  8. Thanks mate, started my save last night. Will try and get some screenies up later.
  9. Could someone please re-upload the file from the 2nd post, link seems to be dead.
  10. Very nice! Champions League '30 winner? Hopefully 2030 rather than 2130 tho'.
  11. Have you tried putting a ridiculously high asking price on your players, has dissuaded the AI from approaching my players in the past. AI may have wised up though but I guess it's worth a try.
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