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  1. The Great Zall of China take the title...
  2. Great idea, have started myself as the manager of Leca in the Portuguese Second Division - North, currently in my 2nd season but am going to hold off posting until I have a few seasons under my belt to ensure it doesn't come to a abrupt end.
  3. Probably my 1st and 3rd favorite United players ever.
  4. Missed Giggs on the bench, I predict we'll be winning. It's Bolton.
  5. Well Scholes is almost certainly not playing 90 mins today so if when he comes off if it's Park that comes on I'd be pretty annoyed if I was Pogba.
  6. Have you got teamsheet? Only heard about Scholes on Radio.
  7. Yea, to only have to pay Everton £1.5m to take him off our hands is a steal.
  8. Blackberry messagers, an inter blackberry IM thing. I think Zieler might count.
  9. Does anyone thin they could name the 21 at other clubs? Richardson Bardsley Cathcart Neville Welbeck Rossi Pique Spector Campbell Cleverley Shawcross Ebanks Blake Pugh Rachubka Wilson Higganbottom Are a few.
  10. Scratch that about Le Havre, found the article we were third behind Madrid and Barca with 33. http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2011/aug/30/youth-crucial-european-success
  11. I think Jonathon Wilson wrote an article similar to what O is after, but in the top 5 euro leagues. I think we were second to Le Havre. Pogba's old club.
  12. No but the buzz word around the criticism of referees is consistency, the problem may stem from the fact that referees should not follow set of a rules per se but more a framework on how to referee a football match where by they were afforded a greater level of discretion and more accountable for failure to referee satisfactorily, I think we all agree the overall reffing performance was below par and the ref seems to have had a few poor games recently but was given the biggest game and will probably be given another Premier League game next week.