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  1. I holiday through every game. It allows me to be a director of football rather than a coach. Guess what, I've still won the CL many times over the course of my career.
  2. yup. I never use it because I don't like to lose all my progress. Once you've scouted everyone in the game, its pretty easy to keep up scouting with all the new players.
  3. Maybe Dover. I always take someone in the lowest to the top first because thats the easiest way to unlock everything. My team tho, is Arsenal. But I only play with them after I've taken a team to the top.
  4. Another thing I would like to be able to do is to modify the colors for player attributes. I really liked FM12 how the 20's were a different green than 15-19. I was sad to see that go. I think everyone would be happy if we could just modify that ourselves and it shouldn't take up much memory space. OH yeah, and figure out how to use newgens instead of regens BTW I don't care if my game gets a little unbalanced since it's capped at 30 seasons. I like making monster teams and when the best fullback you can ever sign has 174 PA it sort of defeats the purpose.
  5. I played on iphones until this last iteration of the game. OMG the galaxy note 2 has so much screen space I can never go back to the iPhone, it's waaay too small.
  6. samsung galaxy note 2. Awesome real estate on that guy.
  7. I know, hence why you guys should find a way to lengthen it
  8. yeah, ur bwm are for possession only, but will score 5-10 a season if they are good enough. My poacher gets 40+ a season if they stay healthy. That's more than enough for me.
  9. Those can work and I sometimes switch to that actually when I'm losing a big game or tied. The key is the BWM tho, those guys keep the ball in your hands and on the opponents side of the field.
  10. ----------GK--------- ---WB--CB--CB---WB-- --------------------- ---BWM---BWM---- -IF-------AP------IF- ----------P--------- Attacking, mixed, normal tackling, pressing yes, offside yes I've won everything imaginable with Dover Athletic with this
  11. You guys should find a way to lengthen the game. That would be sweet.
  12. The problem is is the best players are regens 10 years into the game. If you don't get the regens someone else will.
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