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  1. oh cmon are you serious u know exactly what the bug does and of course it has been reported in the bugs forum by allot of people asking me that question just proves SI are down **** creek without a paddle absolutely pathetic
  2. that's right because the mods don't shut down threads when people say things they don't agree with do they,(that's sarcasm BTW)
  3. why have a forum for you to give your opinions then when some gives an opinion they dont like, they lock the thread, yeah think i will need to go back
  4. i started a save a few month ago and now i have came to the point where i have taken Ross County to the highs of Europe and a couple of cup wins and now the Celtic job has came up and i want to go for it but because of the the bug where you cant get a job i now have to just stop playing my save. Does anyone know exactly when this will be fixed, now i am not one of those people who complain about every little bug in fact bugs in the game don't bother me i know that there are bugs in every game but when a bug crops up that stops you getting a football managers job in football manager then i h
  5. looks brilliant m8 always use your skins they are by far the best around and they always make my playing experience that much better as i hate the standard skin SI give you
  6. i dont think it is of being fired because in my save wimbledon doesnt have a manager but there is an odd of 12-1 but the odds are of what then if there is no manager
  7. It may be just me but my strikers score very little is there anything i can do, my midfielders are my main scorers
  8. i have found if you are unemployed that if you apply for jobs whilst on holiday more teams come to you that wouldnt normally like on my save i started i applyed for the agovv job and didnt get it then after a few months without a job i decided to start again but just put it on holiday and wait for a team to offer me a job i put on holiday and it returns from holiday on day 1 with a job offer from..... Agovv
  9. Used this tactic with AGOVV in Holland prediction was 15th and i came 9th(didn't qualify for the playoffs because of weird rules i guess) but i revamped the whole team as my oldest player is 20 i can see some good play with my team, really encouraging
  10. just read this and thought check mate totally agree would be a good little addition
  11. is there not any continent logos in this style? love the club and competition ones really nice
  12. have never noticed it an option before mate maybe in the future tho would be a good little addition actually
  13. i would love to test i am about to start a journeyman so if you would like to see how it does in the lower leagues
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