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  1. Havant & W second season

    Oh forgot to mention patch 11.30
  2. I'm Havant and waterlooville second season just about to start season in blue square prem wondered if anyone had any ideas on really good players to get etc and how I should play it? Looking preferably for consecutive promotions so I want to defy the odds!
  3. I have a good windows xp computer but fm2011 sometimes runs really slowly how can I improve my computer performance but atm it's half a star only
  4. Ok here's my dilemma I'm still on fm 2011 demo the thing I need to know is if I buy the proper game and try and switch my saved game from the demo onto the real game can I add leagues because obviously when you start a demo you only load one nation soo will I be able to add other nations to my game when I convert it from demo to proper game?
  5. okk starting a new game in fm 2011 who should i be i want to be in the english lower leagues no higher than league 1 any suggestions?
  6. Right my last fm2010 game before i buy 2011 starting with liverpool jus wondering any tips on who to get first season with them im using update 10.3 cheers (Y)
  7. FM10 : What Team Should I Be Thread

    right sarting a new game and thiis will be my last one before fm2011 soo who to start with :/
  8. Losing interest

    Yeah but not the sane being able to relate to actual players nowadays
  9. Losing interest

    Yeah but not the sane being able to relate to actual players nowadays
  10. Losing interest

    Link to the time machine forum....
  11. As I'm in 2018 although I'm doing well I'm bored via it's not players I know u feel like this :/
  12. Start a fresh ....

    Yeah I think it's time I realised to go through this bad patch with Newcastle and focus on trying to improve them just gotta hope the finances improve with European football cheers guys
  13. After 6 wonderful seasons with Newcastle including one premiership crown I've decided due to a very small transfer budget normally 13mill every season to start a new game but who should I be I'm looking for a team that have potential a fairly good financial backing and are monikers than one league below their top league in their respective countries.
  14. right ive had the stelko skin before one day logged on it wouldnt load up soo tell me good skins and where to download them from because not all downloadable skins can be used in the game.
  15. how do i get the german national team to be seen in my game :/ ???