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  1. MERTHYR TOWN FC - VANARAMA NATIONAL LEAGUE NORTH - 2020/2021 Ranking | Squad | Transfers | Finances First year and first time giving a go at the youth challenge. I picked up Merthyr Town because I found it really cool to play a Welsh club in an English setup, even if that means I will probably have weaker regens. That should not be a problem at lower levels, that could be one after, as the Welsh regen ratings is quite low. I was really surprised by the starting squad, as it seems the AI signed a lot of young players the previous season, so my squad is complete and made mostly of U21
  2. 4 points for a win, 2 for a draw, 1 for a loss. Those are the rules in French 4th division.
  3. Yes I played two seasons with my world top 1 team in 442. Its an incredibly good tactic attacking but more opened defending. I used it mainly for games where I would be dominating. It was an high intensive pressing, very vertical tactic, which aimed to exploit at maximum the creativity of my players.
  4. This. I failed to brought some of my youth to max potential by not playing them enough. I started a new save and I plan to drop the usual two squad rotating each game. It seems to me that this is blocking my youth development because they dont play enough. I will now limit myself to a 19 man squad, and will pick players from U19 in case of injury crisis.
  5. Ok so in 10 years at the head of my team, I had two players complain about playtime. I play all competitions (League, two domestic cups, Champions league, Club world cup, supercups). I play in a 433. I have 25 players usually: 11 first teams / key players. This is the main 11. It is always fixed at the start of the season and rarely move during the season (though it can, nothing is set in stone). They start all important games, and other games when they are fit. They are simply the best players. 11 first team / rotation players, and 3 players (one by line). This is the second eleve
  6. Few people around recommend to relieve pressure against lesser side in order to open space. I think its quite a risky tactic. It only gives the ball more to a side that does not want to use it, so they will only have more occasions to waste time. And if they decide to use the ball, relieving pressure will only gave them more occasion to bring the ball forward, and will force you to defend lower, which could be a real problem depending on how you built your team. My defense for exemple is made mostly of fast players that are not that great in the air, so it could be a risk. I do much better usi
  7. You think the Dell Inspiron 13 700 for example is not enough to satisfy my requirements? (i5-8250U, 8Go Ram, SSD, Integrated graphics) Do you think I should either pay more to get a good 13" or that I should push to 15" laptop?
  8. Hi, Any recommendations for a 13.3" laptop to run FM18? I would like a good battery and decent performance (I dont run big databases). My budget is 900€. Thanks
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