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  1. [suggestion] stadiums

    Big support for this idea. Would be great for lower leagues/smaller countries, to have more realistic stadia.
  2. Supposedly it did, but I haven't noticed any difference using that program, tbh. If you are referring to Cheat Engine, of course. Also, OP, try deleting some of your graphics, like face packs -- you won't need those since you're in 2051, when most players are either old staff members or retired. I've noticed quite a performance increase when playing without graphic add-ons.
  3. Try reducing the detail level of certain leagues if you haven't already.
  4. As far as I know, there is no way of preventing this, but it would be great if you could have some influence on it (talk about it with the board, for example).
  5. In-Game Editor

    What you want is best done via the pre-game editor: select a player, then contract and then future transfer. There you can select the transfer date, club, fee, wage, etc.
  6. In-Game Editor

    Go to preferences, interface, and check in the bottom right corner if the bracket "Show in-game editor in the menu bar" is ticked.
  7. Yeah, that used to be the case in previous FMs. Have you verified that yourself in FM14?
  8. Up to 2021. Checked almost every season, to no avail.
  9. Tried this, doesn't work for FM14. I've created up to 10 people with the same name/surname and it did not appear ingame even once. Been trying really hard to broaden my country's name pool, but it just seems impossible.
  10. Editor - Naming Issue

    I doubt they will patch it. Hopefully, like someone already suggested, they'll fix this for FM15.
  11. Fantastic additions. Love the option to mass-edit regional divisions.
  12. Desktop upgrade advice

    To run more leagues with a larger player database, you should upgrade your CPU. However, I have the same CPU as you (Core2 Duo @2.93 GHz) and what I did was simply overclock it to 3.10GHz. The game processes faster, and I've had no problems with overheating - meaning you could overclock it higher. As far as RAM is concerned, 4GB is quite enough, my game never exceeds 3GB regardless of how many leagues I add. And for the graphics - no need to upgrade, unless you want to view the 3D matches in higher quality, it does not effect the processing speed as far as I know.
  13. I've done this for this year's version too – I just add two players with the same (sur)name, aged around 40-42. Works quite well.
  14. Used it twice in my save and it increased my player pool dramatically. Never used it after and I don't intend to, unfortunately.
  15. New FM Scoreboard by <FMKOREA>

    Good work. Enjoying this.