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  1. Fun fact about Unione Venezia: Their stadium is the only stadium in Italian professional leagues that must be reached by boat.
  2. In Belarusian second tier you must register no more than 0 foreign players
  3. I have to say that KFK logo looks stupid
  4. You have beaten Juventus 4-0?!?!?!
  5. Indian league and Uruguayan second tier have short seasons too
  6. Still no Poland at WC
  7. Yeah, a move to bigger club! That means my player will get less playing time and will score less goals!
  8. Congrats on getting Sweden U19 NT job! Will you make a squad full of players from Tord youth academy?
  9. I've lost 3 matches in a row in FM10 playing as Brazil and didn't get sacked. (got sacked after next match though, which I won 1-0 :confused:) and also, I KNOW MOURINHO! (in FM only )
  10. Good luck to all, especially to me
  11. and 10 goals, from which 2 were own goals and also 5 missed penalties :O I must try the Turkish league
  12. 2021 and still no Polish club in Champions League
  13. Name: Thomas Thomas DOB: 19.09.1991 Hair Colour: red Postition: ST Height/Weight: 181 cm/74 kg Nationality: Welsh, second nationality: Polish Stats at 17: speed, dribbling Stats at 15: finishing, acceleration, composure Favoured Club: Cardiff City
  14. haha Tonga good luck!
  15. Yeaaaah my club mentioned in an update It seems they're playing good, hopefully a promotion to Superleague next season By the way, why so many Brazilians in this league?