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  1. Still playing 2019. Patch 19.3.6. Second season (not using this tactic in the first season). First tactic with great stability and results. Instant results only with last 5 games. Training, press AM. Teamtalks myself.
  2. But thats what makes me enjoying the game. I like to analyse the strenghts and weaknesses of players and help them perform better with the right choice.
  3. The reason is that one of them doesnt have stats high enough to be fuly green and the second one has the best role as cover. And for the def winger. His best position is left mid. But I dont have any suitable right winger right now. He is doing quite good. I had to give him some special PI. The one I would notice is to stick to the position because he was opening the right side of the field too often (when pressing players with the ball)
  4. This one is the most succesfull now: I also use 4411 but its maybe more offensive and leaking more goals.
  5. Hi, I really like your template and all the ideas behind. Just started new save, trying to understand all of them When I go to PI there are some which are not the same for both wingers for example. Should I leave them as they are or should I change them somehow? Thanks
  6. Hi, did you use the tactic with the small tweak(post 548) or regular 105tac? Thanks
  7. Hi Knap, is this tactic going to work in 11.3 patch as it is marked as 11.2 tactic? And one more question. In posts 208 and 209 you suggest two slightly different posibilities. Is it better to stick with just one tactic or change them in the way you wrote in post 208? Thanks a lot for your reply.
  8. I am using WoIfsongs teamtalk guide. Helped me to win CCL 2 with Dag & Red in season one (around 20 points ahead of the second one) and to win CCL 1 in second season. Using AVD mod with two small tweaks. Middle striker creativity set the same like side forwards. Right FB passing and through balls set the same like left FB.
  9. You can find a lot of info in OP. But I can say that my best strikers are loaned ones. First I concantrate on defense especially on fullbacks. Then DC, then DMC. Midfielders must be able to tackle, wide forwards fast, center forward creativ and technical. For attack concentrate on center FW. Hope it helps.
  10. It's hard in lower leagues. I am playing Aldershot in CCL 2. 2 games before the end of the season sitting on the 2nd place (only on goal diffrence). Predicted to be 18th. But the biggets help were my loans. Because this tactis needs good technical players I don't worry to loan players only for 3 months because they help a lot (using filters from OP).
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