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  1. make the kits mate lol it kills me seeing the dud kits with this db..how you get fc uniteds mate,did you make them ?but cheers
  2. you missed mark robins scunthorpe manager, and russ wilcox york manager, but thank you mate
  3. cheers dude but cant seem to find ingame editor bugs forum ,
  4. same goes for hartlepool i appoint murray ,but they just appont kenny cunningham few days later,, edit just looked at contract after i do it and it had no end date so maybe that was why ???NO robins just left for third time and i gave him contract until 2017,, and now lehmans in charge lol
  5. i move staff to club with in game editor, example robins to scunthorpe but just a day later he leaves foe another manager to come in always bloody peter scheimchel, so i terminated his contract put robins back in charge ,but same happened and they appointed megson, its done it with rowett at birmingham aswell for me, no matter how many times i try they just leave next day for impending managers?? glitch
  6. its like sayin i bought messi for my ut four years ago so will i have to buy him again
  7. yeah man fair point sorry pro if im bitching just im a ***** wrexham supporter and i was hoping thats all
  8. still no skrill prem team touched etc chester fc not there loads of staff and transfers missed ,,
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