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  1. If someone watched the game Finland vs Kosovo, I guess they would agree that Finland were very lucky to escape with a 1-1 draw. For a team that made its first competitive match, it was a really solid game, playing attacking and beautiful football. Considering the overall young age of the team, it has great potential, they just need a more experienced manager. I think it will a be a good challenge in FM17 to manage a club in Kosovo, since they start with 0 coefficient, and try to take them to CHL glory
  2. That has nothing to do with SI, it's the italian league rules.
  3. Awesome career, awesome writing!! Keep going mate.
  4. I just read the entire thread, one word: AWESOME!! These kind of careers just inspire me to start a new game on FM! Good job dude, keep it up!
  5. I also got my key from OnePlay for 25.88 euro's using 10% off using "bmoose". I think this is the best deal right know!
  6. Try restarting Steam, and if you have the Pre-Order, you cannot download it (you don't need it , obviously)
  7. Thanks SI!!! Epic work making through difficulties, read all of it on twitter. Downloading now!
  8. I would recommend the i5 3210. It's the latest generation, and comes with the HD 4000 graphics, which GREATLY improves over hd 3000 intel graphics. Also, 6 gb of RAM is ineffective, 4gb is enough, and if you need more, you can add another 4 gigs later on.
  9. I don't know if this has been discussed before, but I would like a feature to see new Stadiums currently being built (their capacity, cost, whose stadium etc...). And when you advance in the game, then you can see the new stadiums that had been built since the start of the game. This wouldn't improve the game, but I don't think it's hard to do either, a neat feature for some who play a lot of seasons, it would be interesting to see who has built new stadiums...
  10. I know this is old now, but I had a screenshot where it can be seen how devastating this tactic is. For me, this was one of the best tactics I have ever used. Take a look at my main striker killing every team:
  11. Great to see that you're back. I have a question, how can I make the player screen go straight to Attributes, not Profile page?
  12. Any news on this? Have you managed to recover the steam account?
  13. There is no way that you can lose your username. Try signing in with your browser on Steam page. And check if you have forgotten the password, you can retrieve it.
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