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  1. Sorry, been busy this weekend, will play again later. The issue I’m having is that when I play against The 4-2-3-1, especially Klopps side, I end up with 1 striker being marshalled by 2 very good centre halves and pretty much every other player on in line with my 28 yard box. Noe I want someone to sit in between the half way line and my 18 yard box but I was struggling to do it with various roles and instructions. Cheers for the replies, when I get on the game later I will have a go at trying some of the suggestions out.
  2. IWB defend. 442 normally but been trying 4411 to try and get someone to stay in the hole but it’s not really working.
  3. its a quite basic 4-4-2. Gk LB inverted wing back CB NNCB RB fb attack /WB(s) LW s/att BBM ( has comes deep to get ball) CM(d)/ DpM (d) WM ( is a left footed playmaker (Carlos Alena) but hasn’t got he physical stats for me to play CM so I have him cutting in from the right. Similar instructions to the wide playmaker. AF/PFA on the left/centre depending on where I play my No10. Against Spurs I played with a deep defensive line, lower line of engagement, more urgent pressing, pass into space, quick disrubution. Thats it really, nothing too fancy as I’m Sunderland in my second in the Prem. The problem is in open play against certain teams that play 4-2-3-1 the opposition send everyone forward, which is what I want as I want to hit them in the break but I can’t utilise the space that’s being created. Spurs left 2centre backs with my 1 or 2 strikers and everyone else is on the edge of my box leaving a massive amount of space, I just can’t get anyone to sit in it! DLF(a) just stays in line with the AF, DLF(s) comes all the way back as does APM/Treq/Att mid/Enganche. I’ve tried close down less, hold position If I could get someone to sit in between the half way line and my 18 yard box i would be able to counter but when the 2 strikers stay in line the ball doesn’t get to them and when the no10 comes all the way back I can’t get out of my half.
  4. Nope, he comes back too. Time to get the kids, sometimes this game stresses me out more than my actual job 😬
  5. Just playing a game against Jurgen Klopps Spurs side and I’ve noticed that no matter what I do I can’t utilise the space they are giving up when they come forward. If I go to a 4-4-2 (AF/DLFa) the 2 forwards stay in line and the 2 defenders pick them up easily and the DLFs comes all the way back. Every other Tottenham player is on the edge of my penalty area so there is a huge amount of space that just needs a player to actually sit in it. Common sense would say a APM, but no,he comes back, as does everyone else in the No10 position. During a corner routine my 2 strikers will stay forward and Tottenham will have 3/4 players taking care of them but the minute Tottenham have the ball in open play my DLF sprints back along with Spurs covering players. The way They are playing should be absolutely perfect for hitting them on the counter but I’m failing hopelessly. Has anyone else noticed this? Anyone have any tips on what they do.
  6. I have noticed recently that no matter which top team I play and no matter what formation they seem to be using the AI teams average position heat map shows all their attacking players playing in pretty much the same spot. What I find strange is that I have Scott Sinclair playing on the left of a 4 man midfield, a HB behind them and a DLF. He has instructions of get further forward and cut inside with ball yet he still shows on the heat map that he is wide left. His position , even when I add sits narrower doesn't really change much at all yet I see the AI wingers from both sides playing as if they are in the no10 position. Oh, and he also has cuts inside as a ppm and some of the AI wingers don't, so it's not that. Any ideas as to what I'm missing here ?
  7. and that blows out of the water the nonsense that the player can do exactly the same as the AI.
  8. I've just watched my dlf come deep for the ball , hold the ball up then play a lovely little ball for my inside forward who had got half a yard on his man . Lovely stuff .
  9. Already defenders are a lot more pro active when faced with long balls . Runners forward and through balls seem to look much better , players looking to pass to a player in a better position rather than try the impossible . Ffs si , you have just ruined my weekend plans .... :-)
  10. 20 minutes in and I have to say , very impressed . My team feels like its doing what I ask and it's like football porn . Good stuff Si!!!
  11. I don't understand how this ME has gone so far downhill. Even after the last patch for fm2013 ME there were still issues yet SI said there would be no patches as they are working on fm2014. So, from now on is it going to be like this every year? I'm sticking with 2014 at the minute as I'm doing ok with Shef utd but I'm not really enjoying it as much as I could be doing. Watching the matches is infuriating. Oh well, guess we've just got to keep our fingers crossed that Si manage to sort the bugs
  12. How do I put it on here? I've just watched it again and it is exactly how I called it , ridiculous.
  13. The match engine is truly awful . First touch after first touch goes astray, cross after cross comes to nothing, offsides given for fouls in various positions around the pitch and just now my player was fouled 5 yards in the penalty area, ref gives a free kick 5 yards outside of the area which nearly resulted in my laptop being launched at the TV, as a final flip you, the free kick came to my attacker in space in the area ,he stood there as if he was in shock and then was challenged by a sliding tackle that actually missed. I love FM, I've been hooked for years but this ME is really testing my patience.
  14. I was just thinking the same thing. Currently in season 2 , 14 games in with Shef utd and I'm clinging to the top of the league, just, so not doing too bad. But I'm getting bored of watching the matches. Imo this ME feels like we have gone backwards instead of improving on what they already had.
  15. This sums up my bug bears quite well. The walking with the ball scenario drives me insane. My winger will get the ball on the counter and will have half a pitch to run in too yet he ambles around until the opposition have got everybody in place and had a quick fag . I watched in bewilderment as the opposition centre half played a long ball down the right channel , upon bouncing it curled towards my goal, my goal keeper under no immediate pressure dives at the ball with his feet diverting the ball to the on coming attacker leaving him with a empty net. I honestly don't remember this kind of stupidity in fm12
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