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  1. I put here my five latest games with Werder Bremen. Season three has just begun. Last season we won Bundesliga and German cup. First round of German cup: Borussia Neunkirchen-Werder Bremen 0-4 13" Victor Moses 0-1 18" Mesut Özil 0-2 49" Miroslav Klose 0-3 79" Tim Borowski 0-4 First round of Bundesliga: Werder Bremen-Stuttgart 3-0 pen 22" Mesut Özil 1-0 62" Ruben De La Red 2-0 71" Miroslav Klose 3-0 Second round of Bundesliga: Bayer Leverkusen-Werder Bremen 1-3 2" Miroslav Klose 0-1 14" Per Mertesacker 0-2 40" Miroslav Klose 0-3 65" Vagner Love 1-3 Third round of Bundesliga: Werder Bremen-Borussia Dortmund 1-0 35" Marko Marin 1-0 Fourth round of Bundesliga: Hoffenheim-Werder Bremen 0-1 45" Marko Marin 0-1 So, season has started well, but last two matches have been more difficult. We have had problems to create enough scoring chances. Still, currently we are unbeaten.
  2. Your First 11 [spoilers]

    Season 2010/2011 (second) with Werder Bremen. I am currently in December 2010. GK - Tim Wiese RB - Grygoriy Yarmash or Gonzalo Castro CB - Per Mertesacker CB - Naldo LB - Gonzalo Castro or Vegard Forren DM - Ruben De La Red or Torsten Frings CM - Tim Borowski or Ruben De La Red AMC - Mesut Özil AMC - Marko Marin ST - Hugo Almeida or Ronaldo:D ST - Claudio Pizarro Maybe I change it to this (though I lead Bundesliga): GK, RB, CB, CB, LB, DM, CM, AMR, AMC, AML, ST. Maybe I buy Piotr Trochowski (AML) from HSV:cool:. Yes I know, it is strange formation, but it has worked pretty well. First season I was second in Bundesliga. Now I lead Bundesliga after 17 rounds (I am unbeaten) and in UCL I face Manchester City in first qualification round (I won my easy group).
  3. FIFA World Cup 2010 final: Germany-France 3-2 I was Germany;).
  4. I was so close to do it with Liverpool, but I lose my two last Premier League matches (I played these matches with reserves and youths:D). The season was 09-10 (first). I also win in same season League Cup and FA Cup. Real Madrid won UCL and I was second:(. So I did´t play unfeaten season, but I was so close. I did this in FM2010.
  5. Yes, I think same. When I play with Liverpool, I usually give him sweeper keeper role.
  6. Touchline Instructions

    http://www.fm-britain.co.uk/2009/11/04/what-do-the-touchline-instructions-or-shouts-actually-do/ Here you find what touchline instructions means. I use sometimes these insructions, but not always. When I lead after 80 min, I always tick "play even safer" and sometimes "clear ball to blanks". When my opponent lead after 80 min (my opponet has one goal more than I), I switch to overload style and tick "take more risks" and "get ball forward" options. Sometimes I tick also "pass into space". Before "final moments", I do not usually use touchline insructions. Sometimes I tick "work ball into box" or "pump ball into box". Sometimes I tick something else. It depends of my tactic. edit: Now link works.
  7. What's Your Best Match!?

    I play with Werder Bremen against Nurnberg. After 25 minutes Nurnbeg lead 0-2. I did two changes and in 28 minutes I scores. After first half Nurnberg lead 1-2. 54. min I score and 56 minutes again. Now I leaded 3-2. I did my final substition and change tactic, which have five defenders. But Nurnberg scores when time was 81 min. I change my normal formation and overload style (take more risks etc). After 93 minutes Ruben De La Red (I have signed him) scores beatiful longshot and I win 4-3:). (sorry my bad English)
  8. D. Forbes and Chris22 joint db

    Liverpool´s David Amoo has signed new contract that will take him up until June 30, 2012. http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/latest-news/starlet-signs-new-deal