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  1. From dead last to promotion (Thanks Knap) With the Tactic 451 PreachinBluesVol2 (2.4 version)
  2. The highlighted section is Beta Wulf 4132 and the other Fixtures are NorthernSoul so far:
  3. Should i accept the above? Fred's worth $57mil, backup for the DM position
  4. End of Season 1 report Transfers: Comps:
  5. Been offered by PSG 105m for Pogba (71m upfront, the rest in installments (2) over 12months) Should i do it?
  6. got this guy for free: what training should i put him on, already had Rooney tutoring him but only learnt a little of him.
  7. Ok, sofar i've only played 5 games with the new tatic for 1win, 3draws and 1lost (Fulham 2-3) with Man Utd (2015-2016 season, a continued saved game from 10.2 with 10.3 loaded).
  8. The way I've set it up is, 1st choice = players who will play in the first team squad barring injures 24-29. Developing = players who will step up to play in a couple of years 19-23.
  9. Currently using the classic version moved the 2MC's to ML & MR(Man Utd Dec2014 v10.2), Played:7 (4 Prem, 2 CWC & 1 Champ L) Won:6 Draw:1 GS:27 GC:10, AssMan takes OI
  10. since i'm using your tactic FuSS, could you tell me how to attack the goalkeeper, when defenders backpass to him.
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