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  1. NTFC4Ever

    FM Team of Legends!

    No mention of Anastasios Skalidis, or Justin Georcelin, goalscoring greats 01/02? Skalidis always a freebie in the second season or for a small fee
  2. NTFC4Ever

    My FM13 Concern

    900 'improvements' mmmm an added FM Lite, as I have no audio, would 1 of the 900 be 64bit optimisation?
  3. oh dear, looks like a console management game
  4. Makes me feel a little better, although something more concrete than 'Yes we've looked at it' would be better It really did kill my Truro game, being dominant, 2 Champions league titles, and only £4 million a year shirt deal, and a 25 year stadium deal after 10 years in the prem
  5. Im hoping MORE money becomes available, having taken Truro to Premier and Champions League Glory (4 Prem League titles, 2 Champ League titles, not to mention a couple of League Cup, FA Cups, charity SHields, Euro super cups, Europa cup, and World CLub Cup) over 15 years of premier league life, surely my board can get more than £4million shirt sponsorship!! Lost interest as The Uniteds, BArcelonas have deals rating around £40 million, plus umpteen OTHER sponsor deals, and I stuck with one 25 year stadium deal and a yearly shirt deal (Most annoying when I get £30-40 million to spend, and teams want quadruple for a £15 million striker, and Barca can pay £86 million for them!!)
  6. Are you sure? For the first time last night, in my game in 2029, I had a message in my newsfeedd stating 'The PFA have had to step in to pay West Hams player bill, and imposed transfer restrictions' or words to that effect. I cant wait to see what happens the following month, could be down to what news you subscribe to? (My Truro team are chasing a quadruple at present)
  7. Out of curiosity, checking the 'big' clubs in 2028, the stand out figures are.... Manchester United (Amongst their 22 sponsors) They have other income, unless their should be a decimal point, I would love the £391,548,873 (Although that expires in 2028, so will be interesting come end of season) and no outstanding loans Real Madrid have a £250,000,000 tv deal & Barcelona have a near £700,000,000+ deal All the 'big' clubs seem to have a £30million+ kit sponsorship I just wish my Truro team would get a proper Kit Sponsorship deal, only been getting single year deals and it currently sits at £3,829,815 Having won the Europe League back in 2021, then qualified for the Champions league for the next 5 years, winning the Prem twice in 2023 and 2025 and the Champions league in 2027, as well as the Super Cup in 2022 and 2027, 2 FA Cups and 2 League Cups, surely I must be due some decent money (Maybe now we have a brand new stadium people will take note) If it isnt looked into, I hope the UEFA 'Living within your means' ruling isnt implemented
  8. NTFC4Ever

    The tycoon takeover thread

    In my current Truro save, in 2027 Derry City got taken over by a tycoon, claimed to pump money in, he has been upgrading their facilities for a while now, same with Leyton Orient in League 2, not seen a massive amount in player purchases yet for either
  9. So you cant get all the added extras from sponsorship that arent pre programmed? Getting a tad depressed then, was Hoping my Truro team may get some better finances instead of the measly shirt sponsors, and the new ground sponsors, was hoping to do like Barcelona in my game and spank £89million (My £24million budget wouldnt cut it) on one player, without having to penny pinch, especially as won the Prem three times in 7 years, and every other league and trophy in England (Apart from the championship winners medal, damn second place) And that measly £2.4 million 1 year kit sponsorship which may hit £5million is denting my ambitions
  10. Check the bugs forum, it was mentioned there, its most annoying as I had been poaching young talent (Under 18s) for my Truro side, and it wouldnt register http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/257303-Home-grown-newgens-glitch If it helps, the AI teams also suffer from it!!!
  11. All sounds promising, but would of preferred hearing 'Will optimize Quad Core Processors and that 8 gig of Ram you hae'