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  1. No sorry - when you create a club you can choose affiliations, with a tick box for "Is Main Club" - but it isn't clear whether the tick box refers to the club you are creating, or the club you are connecting it to.
  2. When creating a team, it isn't clear if "Is Main Club" refers to the club you have selected, or the club you are creating. For example if I select "Feeder Club" it isn't entirely clear who is the feeder and who is the Main Club. Anyone know for sure?
  3. That entirely depends on the manager - some managers barely have anything to do with training, leaving it to the coaches.
  4. Doesn't apply nowadays, but i still have notebooks full of scores from playing the original Football Manager on the speccy through to ...well whenever results started being recorded for longer than the results screen of the match you just played
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